Feb 9, 2008

Fallacy of Free

Yesterday, I spent nearly 6 hours flat-bottomed-back-aching-neck-straining in a saloon’s chair; getting my top hair rebonded and the lower part digital permed. The hair stylist, seeing me yawning and adjusting my seat every few minutes made a comment, “It’s hard to be beautiful, huh?” That made me thinking, hmm…am I doing this to be beautiful? Maybe subconsciously; yes – though there is nothing I can do with my hair could improve my looks, make it worse more likely! But when I decide to do this, I was thinking along the lines of 1. I can afford this (at least once a year only!), 2. It will be a change from my thick- frizzy-unruly hair or the latest, straight rebonded hair, 3. I won’t look like amah or ghost at home hehehe…I’m that lazy! and 4. Once in a while indulging and pampering yourself is permitted right? (Hey! Who else is there to pamper me except for me??)

So back to what we human endure just to be beautiful…what’s your limit? Mine as long as it’s not painful and pulling my healthy teeth is already considered painful. So just forget those plastic surgery, liposuction and whatever there is out there…but there is one thing I do consider to undergo- not to be beautiful, but for ease of living- Lasik Surgery. Imagine life without spectacles, cleaning them and wiping them every time you went out of air-conditioned place, the blur when it’s raining, pushing them up your nose…or contact lenses, no more foreign objects that feels itchy and dry in your eyes. Thinking back I spent only around 9 years of my life without visual aids. But is it worth it? Not only in monetary costs, but what if there is side effects? All those small irritating things you have to endure will be blissful then compare to the pain you will be stuck with. I know so far large percentage of the patients have no complaints, but what if I’m one of the unlucky few? Yeah…I don’t need to read horoscope to know that I’m the type of people who like status quo, dislikes changes and taking risks…does that makes me a coward?

I digress…actually it’s not so grueling really sitting on a chair, but it’s just soooooo boring and thinking of the opportunity costs - other stuff I could in those 6 hours like watching Kdrama or sleeping! And the book I brought yesterday didn’t help at all to elevate my boredom -I read only 3 chapters I think in those long hours- and I’m a fairly fast-reading-bookworm! The book titled Atonement by Ian McEwan….somewhere in those boring hours, I decided to forego the book and watch the movie instead…….I don’t know how my nieces like those long-winded-overly descriptive-psychologically-indepth kinda of books. I like something light, heroine meets hero, fights, fall in love, overcome obstacles and live happily ever after. I know its typical and becoming mundane if you read it one after another, but its something to takes your mind of reality….like my Kdrama!.

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