Apr 24, 2008

Emotional Hang-ups ^_^

Old Maids' Top Ten Emotional Hang-ups

When asked "Why do you think you're still single?," more than half of the 316 still-single, female thirty-somethings interviewed ventured that it was probably because they had not yet been able to track down their soul mates. Some 20 percent of the respondents said that they were not ready for marriage, while 11 percent blamed their "lack of good looks" as the reason behind their solitude. If you too are a thirty-something, still single, and are under some of the same delusions, banish these thoughts from your life post haste!, says 35 year-old, former old maid Choi Jae-kyong.
As a founding member of the Freechal Old Maid community, Choi herself finally succeeded in walking down the aisle a year ago as a result of her tireless efforts to communicate with members of the community, and published the book titled "Women at Age Thirty, Be Confident in Love and Marriage" (Design House).
In the book, she gives a list of ten false impressions old maids tend to create for themselves, based on her long experience as a single who has now triumphed over loneliness and sorrow.
① My perfect man is out there somewhere. - This is nothing more than a fantasy. There is no perfect man.
② If I only just keep waiting for him, one day my soul mate will come - Keep waiting and you will only get older.
③ Women who lack in the looks department have to be good-natured - What a nice girl complex! Good looks are not as important as you think. (huh? so it's ok to be a bitch?)
④ Pride is who I am. I bend for no man. - The epitome of a "princess syndrome" sufferer. Go ahead, hold onto those thoughts…You'll die single.
⑤ Shouldn't I be getting married about now? - Snap out of it! The single days are the heyday of your life. Enjoy it while it lasts. (I am! ^_^)
⑥ Isn't love something you can feel at first glance? - Attraction does not necessarily mean love. Be weary of confusing a first attraction with love. (Sigh! Wish some genius would invent love detector and love measurement device)
⑦ A somewhat cold man with a little charisma would be alright? - It's romanticism misunderstood, when smart women chase after the brooding bad boy.
⑧ Is this your 101st go-around with unrequited love? - If you've been rejected, resolutely walk out the door and start looking for someone else.
⑨ Was sweeter the love of days of yore? - Do not cling to the past. Reminiscing is, at its core, an exercise in futility.
⑩ In love, is it ok to melt into the relationship like a salt statue dissolves in the rain? - This is the "loss of self." One cannot love, if one no longer exists.

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