Jul 5, 2008

Shopping Spree at KL

Because of our last family trip last Mac didnt have much chance to do shopping, my sister and I, along with my niece went to KL again to do some de-stressing shopping. What do I buy? Haha...lots and lots of Kdrama and some novels. Seriously- (this's my nieces favourite word), thats all I bought (well apart from some face cream, bags, hp decorations, hmm... external hard drive for my laptop)...and to think that our last KL trip I bought more things in the limited time we managed to steal here and there. Most of the time, I just window shopped and sit around because to tired to walk aimlessly anymore...
Well here is the kdrama that I bought at Times Square (what a find, Original for RM 19.90! That would be like BND 8.35!)

Forbidden Love

(Dont care even if I already watch ot on mysoju, was so elated to have found this drama with subtitles!)

Crazy For You

Rude Woman

Catch A Kangnam Mother

Merry Daegu

I am Sam

Kid Gang

This 2 dramas bought at Sungai Weng Plaza are a bit expensive because its the newest drama. I remembered last time, I saw the drama Lobbyist at the same shop, didnt buy it cause I thought I will find it at the local shop soon enough at a cheaper price, but til now still didnt found its way here. And now when I ask about it, its already out of stock :( So now, I just close my eyes, and bought this dramas...sekali sekala...

New Heart (RM 57.00)

Last Scandal (RM51.00)

While the three drama below, bought at Miri. Been wanting to watch it, since its the last stop before going back and I have spare RM left, just bought it lah...

My Love Patzzi (RM 30.00)

Oh! Feel Young (RM 48.00)

Behind the White Tower (RM 10.00)

This 2 dramas, my niece lend it to me.......

Hello! My Lady
My 19 Years-Old Sister In Law
Now with this many dramas available at my fingertip -a week (more or less) left of my mandatory leave and with so many chores to do -I cant decide which one to watch first!!!!!

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