Dec 20, 2008

Mysterious Island???

Went for a family cum shopping trip to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah in the middle of this month, a three-cars convoyed. Anyway, when we reached KK, my niece was asking me, "Did you see on the way the island that we saw when we were at Muara Beach?" (not exact words lah...). And I was like picturing a map of Borneo in my head, how even from Muara we can't barely see Labuan with our naked eyes (at least my eyesight), so I said to her "Impossible eh, the same island...jauh jua tu" . Thats the end of the story then.
But then another niece of mine saw the pictures above her sister had posted, and make a comment about it. So my 'curiosity' got the better of me and I googled some maps of Sabah. I cant remember exactly the exact location where the island were visible to the naked eyes en route; but if I'm not mistaken it was when we were passing by Sipitang or Papar (most probably!). So after, some 'googling', the island was most probably Pulau Tiga, even farther back from Labuan as seen from Muara. So I still beg to differ with my nieces...its not the same island!

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