Jan 10, 2009

Resolution for Life

Know kinda left behind with the resolution thing...haha...its been years, decade maybe since I made resolutions for new years. Quit making resolution when feeling dejected every end of the year when my resolution was not reaached or only lasted for a few moments in time. This one I'm gonna make a resolution that has no time limit; that if I stumbled - I'll pick myself up, dust it off, and discipline myself not to stumble again... yeah, lets see if people can change - starting with myself!
One of my resolution for life (the simplest one), is stop being sarcastic! Haha... I notice how frequent people saying "Atu..pedas" or "Merah telinga ku" or just direct "atu sarkastik!" after I said something that I meant only as a joke... hmmm, wonder what would people reaction be when I really meant to be sarcastics??? So this resolution is easy (I hope!), I'll just shut my mouth and keep my opinion to myself. (or maybe write-something-here-but-never-published-it to let out all my sarcastics thoughts, hehe...don't wanna end up in the psychiatric ward somewhere with all the bottled-up-negative-brain-activities).
So peeps, here's a toast for the NEW me... let me budak baik and hidup baik-baik.
^_^ Now, I'm considered as the quiet one (though not in the family circle!), hehe...maybe if I do my resolution right, I'll be the 'dead' one among the living...
Excerpt from Robbie Williams's Better man:
Give me endless summer
Lord I fear the cold
Feel Im getting old
Before my time
As my soul heals the shame
I will grow through this pain
Lord I'm doin all I can
To be a better man

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