Apr 7, 2009

Going beserk! %$@#$^!

I don't know whats wrong with me today... Every little thing makes me mouthed (silently) fudge, stupid buffalo, arghhhh! etc... etc... Maybe its the hormones acting up or just everyone just getting under my skin more today. Sigh! I need to finished up my work so that I can accompany my mother to her hospital appointment on Thursday feeling light-hearted. I thought I could finished it or maybe at least done 75% of it by today, but it took me the whole morning replying to email, and then flipping through some files to find some supporting documents that should have been pre-attached in the beginning. And then, there was this meeting that doesn't really need me to contribute much, but I had to attend it nonetheless twiddling-my-thumb the whole afternoon. Arghhh!!!! Wish I could stop time or maybe multiple myself for a limited time so that I could be at more than 1 places at the same time.

Then, there was last night. If I didn't love my knuckle the way it was and hate any kind of pain, I would've hit the wall (just kidding!) I'm not that physically-reactive. I thought about it, but never acted on it. You see I was watching the last episode of the last disc of East of Eden. 30 minutes more of the episodes, I thought to myself, this could not be the last episode... so many things still left unravel/untied. 10 minutes more, Dong Chul was fighting more than a dozen guys in a cave his father died, though he was superhuman enough already fighting them off, but he was losing the fight. No! that cannot be the ending, he simply just die! I inspect the dvd box again, yes it said 5 dvds but this could not be it! Maybe the dvd shop ripped me off!!!!! Padan muka, beli lagi arah termurah! Arghhh! my brother was still using my pc. So I had to make do going online with my handphone checking how many episodes East of Eden have. Fudge! Fudge! Fudge! It has 56 episodes while mine was only up to 20 episodes... so there must be a Vol. 2 then... Today, while driving home I was debating with myself whether to stop by my favourite dvd shop to check or not. In the end, I went straight home... lets sleep early tonight. But here I am, restraining myself again not to go out and check if the dvd is available and buy it! I hate unfinished story!!!!

From, the relationship chart you can see how complicated this drama is. The story start off in a mining town. The mining general manager Shin Tae Hwan is an ambitious power hungry man. While Lee Ki Chul was just another ordinary miner, but he was the leader of the labour union fighting for the welfare of the miners. Shin Tae Hwan wants to prove himself to his father-in-law who's the real owner, decided that to get rid off Ki Chul would made the mining problem go away.

Shin Tae Hwan's and Lee Ki Chul's wives both gave birth to baby boy on the same day at the same hospital. And the delivery midwife was none other than the nurse that Shin Tae Hwan had seduced and then discarded. Not only he had abandoned the nurse, but when the nurse refused to abort their baby, he had kidnapped and forced the abortion on her. So in retribution, she swapped the babies, not knowing the later bad-blood between the families when STH staged a mining blow-up that killed LKC.

So STH made LKC's families lives a living hell and several times nearly played a hand in the torture that nearly end his biological son's life. I wanna know how will Lee Dong Chul's feels when the brother he raised, protect and love had his sworn enemy's blood running through him. How about Myung Hyun, the man he called father is the monster who killed his real father and the harsh treatment he had given to his real mother and brother in the past, would it haunt him? If my mother asked me to buy something now, I would detour and dropped by the nearest dvd shop!
I love Kim Bum! He's so cute. Wonder why in dramas that showed the characters in their younger years I always sympathize more with the younger casts. Maybe it's because the pain and suffering they endure then, while when they grow up, the mature casts only showed desire and angst more. Though I don't think Song Seung Hun can act to save his life ^_^ no matter how good looking and dashing he looks!

Oh yeah, last night I also watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I snorted many times. Not only was it boring story-telling of Wolverine history but the special-effects is still visible to the naked eye! You do not have to squint your eyes and concentrate, you can still notice the hanging rope, the computer generated scene etc. Well, since the movie was supposed to be out by May, maybe the dvd my brother bought was the yet to be touched-up again edition, somebody who's in the production of the movie, pilfered the unfinished product.

Watching the X-men cartoon and then reading the comics before it was made into a movie, my favourite characters are Wolverine, Rogue and Gambit. So it's kinda dissapointing the cast for Gambit is not as I imagine him to be. And where was Gambit's cajun accent???? I know the movie was about Wolverine but when you cast noted famous actors like Ryan Reynolds and Daniel Henney (well, maybe he was known only to kdrama-addicts) maybe they should gave them more scenes in the movie right?

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