Apr 30, 2009

Greater Purpose

I was watching House latest season ep.19 whereby this superstitious nursing home nurse fake her own illness so that House would treat her. The nursery home got a famous cat that can predict who's gonna die soon by sitting very close to that person and since this cat sat by her as she fall asleep on the couch she believed she was gonna die next, but she don't know why since she is healthy as a horse thus she went to Dr. House. (Try reading that sentence without pausing for breath).
Anyway, she said something along the line of "bad things happen for a reason; a greater purpose. If there's no such thing as a greater purpose then it's not a world she want to live in". (I think I have heard the same line before, but I can't remember which tv shows...) I was like arghhh! It was not as if we have a better alternative is it? and since we don't know what this 'greater purpose' is, how do we know if its worth all this struggling and suffering?
AND I'm not saying that lets all go mass suicide now (argh! I hate how they kill of the cheery Kutner with suicide). Suicide is such a cowardly and selfish act. I'm just saying that 'that dialogue' really got under my skin...

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