Oct 29, 2009

Dunia yang melalaikan...

Haha... I know there are so many better things to do with the limited time we are given. I know I should resist temptations but I couldn't help it... Gimme stength, gimme courage -_-

Well, currently I'm watching You're Beautiful at dramaclick.com whenever I have the time... at the moment only til eps.3!!!! whereas now they have uploaded til ep. 7 already! i was also planning to watch Smile, You; Angel Temptations and Iris after I have watched all the uploaded eps of YB (in that order!). Home-viewing time is ltd nowadays, my niece always sleep late so only after 11pm onwards I'll be able to turn on the pc by which me, myself are already tired and sleepy :( Office-viewing? darn, not only workload is piling up, the wireless membuat perangai tia jua... Can't even relax and watch kdrama during lunch hour :( Haha...turns out by the time I finally able to finish all the drama, the boxset will be available at the shop tia karang!

You're Beautiful, although a common theme udah, a girl masquerade as a guy (Coffee Prince!) but the way the story develops, the characters - I can't remember the last time I watched a drama I was really laughing at loud! Thank god, that time at the office- I was watching when one of Mi Nyeo marbles fall off and she and the stylist was putting it back in place- it was during lunch hour and no one stayed back but me... or else kedapatan tia streaming, or my office mate will think I'm losing my 'marbles' LOL! At home, my brother was also commenting how I was giggling every now and then infront of the pc... And this even after reading dramabeans review before I even watched the episodes; spoil jua udah tu but I still found the scenes funny!
I can't decide at the moment who Mi Nyeo should end up with...

Tae-Kyung (who knows she's a she and Mi Nyeo knows that he knows) cause there's a good and caring guy underneath that tough-I-don't-care-exterior

Shin Woo (who also know she's a she but lost the oppurtunity to tell her, so he's just content to be her 'hyung', for now?) cause he's so darn schweet

or even Jeremy (the only one yet who doesn't kow she's a she but feels an attraction to her anyway) ^_^ cause he's just simply Jeremy! cutay!

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