Nov 15, 2009


My sister lends this book to me about a wk ago, but i have not got the time nor the interest to read it then, but then last night heavy rainfall accompanied by kilat and guruh so nda boleh online or watch tv, so i grab the novel that i toss under the bed. Thought i’ll just read til i feel sleepy….but by the time i feel sleepy i’m already hook on the storyline, curious to knw the ending.

The novel is about this average girl who fall in love with a man beyond her means, in looks and also social circle. But she knw herself, she dont dream to be anythng to him, just adore him frm afar - he dislike her. However, circumstances change when a black heart forced them to get married, the guy hates her more - thought she had engineered it so that she can live in a lap of luxury, so he makes life as his wife hell and goes to all means to take away her dignity… I dont want to go into details but basically somthng bad happens to him and he turns a new leaf and realise what a gem he has for a wife. I get it that she forgive him, but to return back to him???!!! And then he doesnt 100%ly change, he still the arrogant, egoistical hot -tempered jerk when he wins back her heart - so he hurts her again; still she loves him???!!! Argh!!!! I get it that when you love someone you accept their good and their bad, but if their bad was sooooo bad - hw cud you love them in the first place???

But I sure cry a tumbler over this novel, waking up with swollen eyes…

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