Feb 28, 2010

Grey's Anatomy

Just finished season 5 of this darn series - though I think I borrowed the dvds from my niece like eons ago - and I can't sleep. My brain are full of thoughts and can't switch off. I decided before to quit this series because I got sick of all the on-and-off, to-and-fro and the changing-partners relationship of this series. Then my niece wrote in her blog of how they killed off George O'Malley character... what???!!! Of all the residents, all the interns, why do they killed off O'Malley?! That got me curious enough to borrow the dvds but not curious enough apparently to watch it immediately.
I have 3 favourite doctors in this series and then I have to bump Izzie Stevens off because she also is a scatterheart in which she skipped from Alex to Danny to George then back to the dead Danny and Alex. Arghhh!!! Enough already... I understand that life happens, people move on but still how could people be superficial like that? So one moment in life you're gaga over this person than the next moment you broke off brokenheartedly, then the next moment you're gaga over another person and completely oblivious to the fact that before you're so in love with another person. And that person is also okay seeing you going gaga with another person. Doesn't a remnants of that strong feelings remain, to make you at least uncomfortable being so in love with another person infront of the other person you used to love?
Now that George is no more, I might be put off watching this series entirely... might be. Apart from T.R. Knight (I was disappointed when I learn he was gay; not because that zeroed my chances with him!, it was already zero anyway, but more like owh! there is something wrong with the wiring) what I like about this show is that loyalty among friends, how they were there for each other when they are needed the most. And they were not even blood-related so its a conscious choice, not duty-bound. They might not like each other most of the time, but they are someone you can depend on. And it constantly remind you how short life is, how precious one moment is.
And how I like Bailey strong character, her husband gives her an ultimatum - her career or her marriage - and she give a decision to him; a divorce!
Btw, I got this idea to start a new blog that no one would know about, so I can go rambling about whats going on in my head without editing much, but I don't know.... nobody read my blog anyway except for my friend and my 'eccentric' niece (eccentric because she read my blog)


diyanna said...

if u do make a new one, tell me, tell me! :)

bleuelle said...

that would beat the purpose of making a new blog! haha no comment on the 'eccentric' part ah?

Anonymous said...

Well, actually, whoever you are, I really enjoyed reading your blog.
I found this blog of yours when I searched for more articles about Painter of The Wind. I was about to write an article about the fiction and the fact about Hyewon aka Shin Yoon Bok, a task I found a bit dificult since I'm not a Korean, I dont read Korean and very hard to find even one literature about SYB in english.
I watched the series myself and I was fascinated how the story maker played his/her imagination about someone who onced lived in real world and became one of great painter in Korean history, but never mind what I think, it's how you observed in a part of the series I fully enjoyed. I found myself giggling when I read it. Keep writing!

bleuelle said...

Anonymous, whoever you are also, thank you so much for reading my disjointed thoughts. For you to stumbled on my blog and reading it, I felt appreciated and for you to continue reading my other posts I felt flattered. I hope I can continue holding your interest to keep visiting. ^_^ Aja-Aja Fighting!