Mar 1, 2010

Percy Jackson

Watched the movie Percy Jackson - The Lightening Thief with my nieces and nephew. Never notice about Percy Jackson before. I noticed Pendragon, Artemis Fowl, Darren Shan etc etc on the teens bookshelf before but never PJ. So not surprisingly, I was not really enthusiastic about watching this movie, than my friend (who 'mostly' I can trust her taste hehehe) published in FB on how she love the movie. So there I was at the weekend can't wait to see the movie, but since my cute baby nieces were at home I did not have the heart to leave them. So I asked my grown-up furitbabies who wants to join me the next day but they had to arrange their own transport to the cineplex since I'll be going straight from the office. (And argh! an officemate also have the same idea, but we pretended not to see each other at the cineplex... haha how funny!).

Anyway, I love the movie also (it was not a bore as Avatar), and I can't wait to know how the stories end... want to wait for the next 5 years for the movies adaptation? No way! So the next day at lunch time, zoom I went to the bookstore that I had previously called to confirm that they do have the books in store. Lunch? Karipap and Pepsi from the bakery next door is enough. But I refrain from buying all the available 4 books at once, what if I found the narration of the book boring? I just bought 2. Hmmm... Maybe I should do something to discipline my 'curiousity', its draining my wallet and takes so much of my time that I should spend being a better person... but how????

I finished 2 books in 3 nights and rushed off the next day to buy the next 2 books which I also finished just before I went for my trip to KK. Thank god, I had a trip planned, or else my nails will be my victims for my impatience. First shop I frequented at KK (of course after breakfast at McD) was Harris, but arghhhh!!!!! they didn't have any stock left of The Last Olympian. So hehe.. I convinced my friend to take the free shuttle bus to Warisan, lets shop at 1Borneo later. But double arghhhh!!!! Times @ Warisan also don't have stock, but they do have stock at Suria Sabah. It takes RM 20+ to-fro Suria Sabah and Warisan, and I heard the shops are still limited there, so its kinda hard to convince my friend now to go then and there. My mood was turning sour on my first-away-day just because I couldn't get my hand on the book. So just as I was just following my friend as we flit from shops to shops at Centrepoint, I remember another bookstore at the top Popular! So I told my friend to wait for me while I run upstairs and check the bookstore. I was so happy, they have The Last Olympian and at around only BND 11!!! Shesh! If I waited to buy all the previous 4 PJ books at Popular I would save around BND 20!

So what do I find intriguing about PJ? I don't know... its not in the same level as Harry Potter but I still find it enjoyable. I know tidbits here and there about Greek Gods Mythology from movies and tv series (Hercules, Xena).

The Ligtning Thief

We are introduced to Percy Jackson, a normal kid only that he always get into trouble and that has dyslexia (a learning disorder that manifests itself as difficulty in reading and spelling) and ADHD (Attention- Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder). As it turned out he was one of the demigods half human, half god. Life is dangerous for the demigods for the monsters (who got good tracking senses on demigods) purpose of life is to killed them. So the 'responsible' gods set up a camp, Camp Half-Blood to train their offsprings to better defend themselves.

There are 3 super-powerful gods above all gods, the leader Zeus of course, Poseidon and Hades. Whereas there are other powerful gods and there are minor gods. Minor gods' offspring are not so powerful so mostly they don't have a place at camp (the monsters also seldom go after them anyway). So when Percy got to camp and befriended Annabeth (daughter of Athena, goddess of wisdom etc) and Luke (son of Hermes, god of thieves (what a give-away!), traveller, messenger etc etc).

Because the offspring of the Big 3 are always so powerful so the Big 3 each take an oath not to produce anymore, but ironically Zeus and Poseidon broke their promise, only Hades keep his words. Since Zeus's daughter died and he turned her into a tree to guard the camp, so Zeus deduce that Poseidon planned to overthrow him by having his son to steal his lightning spear. So in this adventure Percy along with Annabeth, and his best friend Grover the satyr tries to prove Poseidon's innocence and save his mother from Hades' cluthches.

I don't like Hades movie version but I like Hades book version ^_^ and oh! the guy playing Poseidon is Kevn McKidd the guy who played Dr. Owen in Grey's Anatomy or the fiance I think in Made of Honour, he's not handsome per se but he's so 'manly' plus he has like sad eyes. Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson is okay (though his eyes kinda remind of that Lost/Vampire Diaries guy, Ian Somerhalder) but can't Alexandra Daddario dye her hair blonde to fit the image of Annabeth in the books? Apart from the colour of her hair and eyes she fits my mental imagination of Annabeth udah :(

Don't ask me how Uma Thurman's Medusa is, I closed my eyes when she take off her turban!

Sea of Monsters

Someone poison Thalia-the-tree that protects the magical border of the camp that keep the monsters and mortal alike from entering. The only thing that can cure the tree is The Golden Fleece which thanks to Grover they found out was in the safekeeping of a dangerous cyclops. And oh yeah, Percy also found out he has a half-brother, only that he's not half-human.

Titan's Curse

Annabeth is missing! but Percy believes she's still alive. There's a prophecy that the offspring of one of the Big 3 is gonna make a decision that could destroy and protect The Olympian. And it does not help that Thalia has now returned to life, so now the prophecy is either her or Percy. They also encounters Bianca and Nico, a powerful-unclaimed-demigods... whose offspring are they? And why there are many blank pages in their memories?

Battle of The Labyrinth

They suspect the enemy tries to find another entry into the camp, one that does not have to go through the magical protection. So Percy has to go underground to get ahead of the enemy and getting navigation know-how of this 'entry'.

The Last Olympian

Finally, the full prophecy is revealed. I don't want to spoil the ending so that's all I'm gonna write

As an adult, you smile with the thought of the fate of the world rest on 16-years old and his friend. But hey, this is a story where there is many gods and they are all bickering and have many faults. So it's not a something to be taken oh so seriously (not that I taken Harry Potter seriously), just do not disect is so much. I don't know what make me can't really wait to know the ends of the story, maybe its to know the meaning of the prophecy (which I don't 100%ly understand) or maybe its just Percy and Annabeth non-expressed- feeling that got me going ^_^ these two are so cute, that it makes me almost wish that the author would give them an ending like Harry Potter where they are grown up and have their own kids... almost.

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there is another serise out called the lost hero. its about the next grate prophcy. its a 2nd searise to pj. it has all the charitors as pj pluse more.check it out if u like