Oct 3, 2010

I had a dream

I dreamt last night that I received a love letter cum proposal from the first guy I had a 'crush' on when I was in primary school. The content was not wishy-washy-yucky romantic, it was just sweet and... sweet (hehe but his handwriting could be patented to be a hallmark font) I don't remember all the content, but what lil' bits I could remember "In 19XX, we happened. When two stubborn prideful children collide..." and thats quote per quote that I remember only, the others....thats for me to know and for you to wonder ^_^ ( I know only one of my niece read my blog- if she still does - and the others are strangers; thats why I wrote it here, not much publicity compare to other options)

My crushes tends to be shortlived; with him it ended when I realised height does matter to me - he was more on the midget side (Oh, before Harry Potter the movie came out, before Harry Potter is synonym with Daniel Radcliffe, I always imagine HP was more like him only with green eyes hehe... but that image was now shattered). Sometimes I think that I had a crush on him because in the small village primary school we were both the shining stars; effortlessly getting the best grade, always competing to get the first place. So among the numerous boys, he stands out. But then when I entered the overcrowded secondary school, I realised I'm only just the average street lamps, shining but not enough bright to shine afar. Him, I heard his grade were even worse than mine... Even after hearing so, after finishing secondary school I was still anticipating to see him again in the only college at that time in the country...but no, he was not enrolled.

They say what you dreamt of is what is on your mind before you sleep. But he had not been in my thoughts for ages... The only time he ever pass in my mind was when something or someone reminds me of him; then I wonder where he was now and how he was doing. That's it. I wonder too ever since we split school, I've never met him anywhere whereas I seldom met my other classmates. Is he still alive or did he change so much that I might have not recognize him?

Hmmm... now I'm off to continue watching Syungkyunkwan Scandal. Does this drama set off the dream?

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