May 28, 2011

People are just weird....

They don't want to hand out something to those who wants it, but rather choose to give the oppurtunity to those who hate it. Helloooo... do you think I'm faking it???? I don't like to travel overseas if its work-related (maybe with the exception of South Korea), I'm not good at marketing and I do not intend to improve on that. I'm anti-social (not to the extreme though) and I don't intend to change myself.

So yeah, I'm nominated to be the team leader for the Japan trip next Sept; what would you said if your boss asked you; would it be alright for you to go on this Japan trip? I wanna reply, "HELL NO! I AM NOT ALRIGHT WITH THAT". That one I have to fake a smile, "Oh, there's no one else available? Oh, okay....sure"

Then my other colleague who's on maternity-leave sms-ed me last week, whats my plan this June... I know what she have in mind, really wanna reply I already applied for leave, but I know that lie can be uncovered easily and surely. So I just reply, let me be the last resort, nominate OTHER PEOPLE first. But hell no, she don't want to bring the people who really likes to travel, who really wants to go... Now, I'm gonna be the one to be jeling and given cold treatment again. Maybe, I should just show an attitude, and not be a yes-ma'am companion then maybe I won't get stressed when my name is put down for overseas. or maybe just fake how iski I am to be travelling...

well, now I feel lighter after I vent out my frustration for people in general and my office-mate in particular

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