Aug 3, 2011

Finding Mr. Destiny

Was interested to watch this movie because it was Gong Yoo first work after his stint in the army. That's it. Never thought I would connect with the heroine Ji Woo in her fear of commitment and getting hurt. But I was not as bad as her though... if I like the cookies I'll eat it to the last crumb nor can I stand not knowing the end of a story be it movie, novels or anything (I hate it when somebody said to you, they got something to tell but in the end they said never mind, forget it. arghhh!) Yeah, the end might not be what I expected but I still want to know how it'll end.

Anyway, the movie is about a stubborn and meticulous Han Gi Joon who started his own business of "Finding Your First Love" after he was fired from being a travel agent. His first client is Seo Ji Woo, messy-appearance stage director who was still hung up on her first love. She met him while she was vacationing in India ten years ago. In her naivety, although he had given her something to find him and sort of a time and place to meet when they were back to Korea, she tempts fate and said she believe in destiny, 'if they're meant to be, they will meet again'.

Well, actually she has no interest in finding her first love, Kim Jong Wook, it was rather a front to get her father off her back; stop arranging blind-dates for her and pushing her to get married. She was not cooperating at first but the persistent Gi Joon who's gonna track every Kim Jong Wook in Korea, got her curious and participate in the search. Spending a lot times together, make Gi Joon starts to fall for her... then he got a call from a prospective client who wants to find his first love on his trip to India....

The movie, make me feels good inside - make me forget that I have an interview tomorrow!.And I love dorky Gong Yoo as the bumbling Gi Joon as much as the dashing Gong Yoo as the 'supposed to be stranger' in India. and the girl, apart from being too skinny, she's extremely likeable as the girl next door. And after watching City Hunter, I like Chun Ho Jin (Ji Woo's father), I think he'll be forever branded in my head as a good father-figure. Can't believe that I watched so many dramas where he was casted also and never really had his character stuck in my head.

Anyway, the part where I think that really hit my bull-eyes (twice) was during Ji Woo conversation with her dad, when he asked her whether she's going to go meet Kim Jong Wook now that she know where to find him.

Ji Woo: I'm not sure. I don't know if he's the one
Dad: There you go, all scared again. You won't find out unless you give it a try.
Ji Woo: What if he i
sn't? Then it'll just hurt.
Dad: So you're not even going to try?

Ji Woo: But what about fate and destiny? If it's meant to be, I wouldn't have to try so hard....
Dad: That's why you still have so much to learn. When fate gives you a chance yo have to grab it

Haha... It was almost similar to my repetitive conversation (or argument) with my friend Yanti. She's always getting frustrated by my point of why wasting energy and time, in the end it'll just hurt and if it's meant to be, then you wouldn't have to try so hard. Yes, I do get her point, but I'm just stubborn and maybe whimsical as Ji Woo?

Ohooo... now that I mentioned my friend, I think I got another similarity with Ji Woo. Just like her using Kim Jong Wook to ward off every man interested in her; Yanti accused me of using HIM as an excuse to ward off every guy she wants me go out with.