Apr 26, 2008

Ayat-Ayat Cinta

The novel was in my possesion for more than a month, but because of my addiction to kdrama it was collecting dusts on the shelves. I lend it to my collegue, I lend it to my sister and after it was returned, back to collecting dusts again. Am not sure why I'm hesitant to start reading it, maybe because of the glowing review (I dont want to be dissapointed) or because it was in Malay... (Ahem, dont get me wrong, I am proud to be Malay but in written form its easier to understand and simple to use English - but might not be gramatically correct hehehe...)
So yesterday, finally dedicate myself to read this novel before I start on the new kdrama I just bought. Its about a 27-year-old Indonesian-Muslim guy, Fahri who was doing his MA in Cairo. He rented a flat with his fellow countryman, and above their flat lived a nice and caring Christian family. They have a beautiful daughter named Maria. She was silently in love with Fahri for the past 2-3 years he had been living there. Fahri was a religious man who dictate much of his waking hours to Islam, his studies and earning some incomes from translation work. He was intrigued by her because she's a Christian but was fascinated by the holy Quran to the point that she memorize two of the surahs, but thats just it. To him, Maria is just a neighbour and a friend.
A chance encounter, brought Fahri to meet Aisha, a turkish girl wearing pudrah, and within months of their acquaintance, they had gotten married. You would have thought that Fahri never thought of girls, but there was this Indonesian girl that he was attracted to but didnt do anything about it, because he thought she was above his status. Not forgetting his "daily-weekly-monthly-yearly; ten years plan", he was planning to be married by the time he was writing his thesis.
Anyway, on the day he was to be married to Aisha, he found out that the indonesian girl was in love with him and wished that he would marry her. He admitted that if he had known this sooner, then he wouldnt have agreed to marry Aisha. Would he stick to his promise to marry Aisha if he didnt have gotten a look on what Aisha look like underneath her pudrah? Would he still marry Aisha if she wasnt a beauty? I wonder...
Then there was this time when he was in deep trouble and the only person who could save him was Maria who was in a coma. I wish the writer would be more insistent, that Fahri was willing to marry Maria, more for her sake rather than for his sake. Hehe...maybe i'm overly critical of this novel because the writer is a guy. To have 4 women to be so enamoredly in love with the oh-so-perfect-hero...it was like every guy fantasy isnt it? ^_^
My friend was so 'semangatz' to go to Egypt even more after reading this novel, but it has the opposite effects on me. I'm scared to go there! With the corrupt government, temperamental people, and high temperature??? The only place I consider to go in the Middle East are Mecca and Medina...
There's two quotation that I really like in this novel
1. By Thomas Carlyle: (after surfing - he got so many nice Quotes!)
"Seseorang dengan tujuan yang jelas akan membuat kemajuan walaupun melalui jalan yang sulit. Seseorang yang tanpa tujuan, tidak akan membuat kemajuan walaupun berada di jalan yang lurus!"
2. Victor Hugo:
"Tempos edax, bome edacier!"
"Waktu kejam, tapi manusia lebih kejam lagi!"

Apr 24, 2008

Suluhkan Sinar

Sung by: Arists Bersatu

SULUHKAN SINAR (KRU Publishing Sdn Bhd)

Bayangkan hanya berbumbung langit, berdinding sekadar angin, kerana syurga mereka telah dimamah bencana, satu harta yang tinggal hanya nyawa...

Bayangkan semua insan tercinta, dirampas sekelip mata, hilang entah ke mana, nisan pun tiada tempatnya, warisan keluarga hanya pada nama...

Oh Tuhan, beri ketabahan hati mereka, menempuhi dugaan yang melanda, kita sesama manusia turut mendoakan, agar Kau suluhkan sinar dan harapan...

Ketika kita bersyukur dilindung, ada mereka diselubung pilu, mengharungi hidup bergantung pada simpati, 'Masa depan' hanya sejauh esok hari...

download lagu :http://www.geocities.com/aziziabdullah/FKRU01.mp3

I dont know why suddenly I remembered this song...maybe because I just received email containing pictures of those that didnt survive the Tsunami in 2004. It was gruesome. I dont know how the people who survived could cope with this disaster. I could remember the days after the tsunami I was fascinated with the power of the earth, I do think about the suffering people there, but its just seems surreal. Then I heard this song, it just simply 'right-on', put yourself in their shoes...if it were me, I dont know if I could go on

Emotional Hang-ups ^_^

Old Maids' Top Ten Emotional Hang-ups

When asked "Why do you think you're still single?," more than half of the 316 still-single, female thirty-somethings interviewed ventured that it was probably because they had not yet been able to track down their soul mates. Some 20 percent of the respondents said that they were not ready for marriage, while 11 percent blamed their "lack of good looks" as the reason behind their solitude. If you too are a thirty-something, still single, and are under some of the same delusions, banish these thoughts from your life post haste!, says 35 year-old, former old maid Choi Jae-kyong.
As a founding member of the Freechal Old Maid community, Choi herself finally succeeded in walking down the aisle a year ago as a result of her tireless efforts to communicate with members of the community, and published the book titled "Women at Age Thirty, Be Confident in Love and Marriage" (Design House).
In the book, she gives a list of ten false impressions old maids tend to create for themselves, based on her long experience as a single who has now triumphed over loneliness and sorrow.
① My perfect man is out there somewhere. - This is nothing more than a fantasy. There is no perfect man.
② If I only just keep waiting for him, one day my soul mate will come - Keep waiting and you will only get older.
③ Women who lack in the looks department have to be good-natured - What a nice girl complex! Good looks are not as important as you think. (huh? so it's ok to be a bitch?)
④ Pride is who I am. I bend for no man. - The epitome of a "princess syndrome" sufferer. Go ahead, hold onto those thoughts…You'll die single.
⑤ Shouldn't I be getting married about now? - Snap out of it! The single days are the heyday of your life. Enjoy it while it lasts. (I am! ^_^)
⑥ Isn't love something you can feel at first glance? - Attraction does not necessarily mean love. Be weary of confusing a first attraction with love. (Sigh! Wish some genius would invent love detector and love measurement device)
⑦ A somewhat cold man with a little charisma would be alright? - It's romanticism misunderstood, when smart women chase after the brooding bad boy.
⑧ Is this your 101st go-around with unrequited love? - If you've been rejected, resolutely walk out the door and start looking for someone else.
⑨ Was sweeter the love of days of yore? - Do not cling to the past. Reminiscing is, at its core, an exercise in futility.
⑩ In love, is it ok to melt into the relationship like a salt statue dissolves in the rain? - This is the "loss of self." One cannot love, if one no longer exists.

Source: www.igoo.com/Lounge/showthread.php?t=43117

Capital Scandal (3.5)

The drama was set during the time Korea was under the rule of the Japanese empire. Na Yeo Kyung (Han Ji Min), old-fashioned, own a bookstore, part-time teacher and a nationalist at heart. Her father died in the revolution, so she also want to dedicate her life to liberate Korea. Through a mistaken identity she first met Seon Woo Wan (Kang Ji Hwan), comes from a rich family, the playboy of Seoul, a gossip reporter and someone who hate the thought of 'revolution' because his brother was murdered in the name of the revolution and he lost his bestfriend at the same time. Because of a bet, he need to win Yeo Kyung's heart and turn her into a modern woman. So because of that they get to know each other better and before they realised it, truly fall in love.

Cha Song Joo (Han Go Eun) was a famous 'gisaeng', she was sold into prostitution by her father at the age of 15. She would have committed suicide then, if the idealistic Lee Soo Hyeon (Ryu Jin) hadnt told to "live on" thats the best revenge she could do to those who wronged her; live on to fight another day. But Soo Hyeon coming home from study in Japan to be working for the Japanese's Security Branch.

I read from many blogs that this is a good drama, but I find it a bit boring :( hmmm...maybe the bad subtitles ruin the drama for me. I was excited when I came back from Miri with 3 new Kdrama boxset, 2 out of 3 of the drama that I already watched only have good subtitles the first halves, the other halves...direct translation! It boggles the mind trying to decipher what they are truly saying. Heo Jung Min, one of Woo Wan's friends was cute also. Like Woo Wan his colour shirt (complete with matching hat!) was so colourful from pink to purple, but nothing beats Woo Wan yellow shirts! It was so.....whats the word...I can only think of malay word "silau"

^_^ I hate Ryu Jin in Ballads of Seo Dong, but here....sigh! he was so dashing and charismatic here....

Apr 20, 2008

Bad Couple OST

“사랑한단 말이야” (I’m saying I love you) (Dang Ja said) - Singer Kan Mi Yun

torabojima nal saranghajima

nae-ga chongmal chalmotha-esso

nado moruge nae mamdo moruge

kunyang noyegero wasso

nomu / chul gotomnun na

modun kol chunun no-yege

sulpumul konene

noye kudae-ro naye ttotdae-ro

kuman paraboge dwae-sso

noye ma-uman tto naye sarangman

yogi kunyang duge dwae-sso

ijen morun cho-khae-ya hae

chaga-un misuro

norul bo-nael su issulka


ttonakado nol saranghandan mariya

heyojyodo nol monitketdan mariya

saeng-ga-kham-yon saeng-gak halsurok

nae gasume ttwigo innun nonun

naye kong-gichorom nul kamssachugo-hae

ttonakado nol saranghandan mariya

heyojyodo nol monitketdan mariya

saranghamyon saranghalsurok

kuri-ume chichin nae mosubun

chongmal norul


ttonakado nol saranghandan mariya

heyojyodo nol monitketdan mariya

saranghamyon saranghalsurok

kuri-ume chichin nae mosubun

chongmal norul





Don’t turn to look at me,
don’t love me
I truly did you wrong
Without knowing,
without my heart knowing,
I fell for you
I have so little to give you
and to you who gives everything
I give you sadness

Of my own will,
I’ve stopped looking at you
Your feelings and my love,
I’ve just left them here
Now I have to act like I don’t feel it
Can I send you away with a cold smile?

However…Even though you go,
I’m saying I’ll love you
Even though we separate,
I’m saying I can’t forget you
The more I think about it
You, racing toward me,
always protected me,
like the air around me

Even though you go,
I’ll love you
Even though we separate,
I can’t forget you
The more I love you
Seeing myself,
worn out from longing
I must…really have loved you

Though you go,
I’m saying I’m holding onto you
Though we separate,
I’m saying I’m waiting for you
The farther you go away,
You, racing to me,
Like my future,
I wonder if you’ll come near again

Even though you go,
I’m saying I’ll love you
Even though we separate,
I’m saying I can’t forget you
The more I love you
Seeing myself,
worn out from longing
I must…really have loved you
I must really love you

“사랑한단 말이야” (I’m saying I love you) (Gi Chan said) - Singer: Sweet Sorrow

an gurae-do nol saranghandan mariya

an gurae-do nol monit-ket-dan mariya

saeng-gakhanmyon saeng-gakhal surok

nae gasume piyo-nha-nun nonun

naye hwabonchorom / nul sumul shwigo-nhae

ttonakado nol saranghandan mariya

heyojyodo nol monitketdan mariya

molligamyon molli kal surok

kuri-ume chojun nae mosubun


norul saranghanabwa

ijen niga opsumyon

sesa-ngi omnun got kata

(wae irohke) nuchossulkka

ni chinshiri bo-inun kojinmarulwae mollassulkka


noye haru haruhe

nae sara-ngi kadu-khae-ssum hae

(onjedunji) kidae-yo chul su in-nunde

haeng-bo-kha-nolgurul tto

sangsang-hamyonso chohwa


onjerado nol saranghandan mariya

onjerado nol kidarindan mariya
saeng-gakhamyon saeng-gak halsurok
nae gasume piyo-nha-nun nonun
naye hae-ssal-chorom tto dallyo-ogon hae

ttonakado nol saranghandan mariya
heyojyodo nol monitketdan mariya
molligamyon molli kal surok
kuri-ume chojun nae mosubun
chongmal norul saranghanabwa

an gurae-do nol saranghandan mariya
an gurae-do nol monit-ket-dan mariya
saranghamyon sarang halsurok
nae gasume piyonanun norul chongmal
(chongmal)nanun saranghanabwa

Credit: http://kreah-craze.com/list-of-korean-romanized-lyrics/

Even so I’m saying I love you,
even so I’m saying I can’t forget you
The more I think about it,
you’ve caused my heart to bloom
like my flowerpot,
always drawing in breaths

Even though you go,
I’m saying I’ll love you
Even though we separate,
I’m saying I can’t forget you
The farther you go away,
seeing myself swept up in longing,
I must… really love you

Now if you’re gone,
it feels like the world is gone
Is it too late?
Why didn’t I see the truth behind your lies?

I wish your days were full of my love
I could be the one you lean on
Imagining your happy face, I’m happy

I’m saying I’ll love you anytime
I’m saying I’ll wait for you anytime
The more I think about it,
you made my heart bloom
I wish you’d run to me,
like my sunlight

Even though you go,
I’m saying I love you,
Even though we separate,
I’m saying I can’t forget you
The farther you go away,
seeing how I’m swept up with longing,
I must really love you

Even so, I’m saying I love you
Even so, I’m saying I can’t forget you
The more I love you,
you who made my heart bloom
I must really love you

(Translation Lyrics Credits to: Javabean (from dramabean website))

Apr 18, 2008

Bad Couple (4)

Kim Dang Ja (Shin Eun Gyung) is an orphan, her father had deserted she and her mother when she was still a kid. Her family is her two bestfriends Na Dol Soon (Byun Jung Soo) and Han Young (Choi Jung Yoon). She suddenly desired to have a kid of her own (with no string attached i.e. marriage) after she had to babysit for Dol Soon's daughter. Who wouldn't? Jo Yeon Doo (Kim Hyang Gi) is so cuuuuute, first notice her in Bad Love (she had big hair then). Anyway, since she couldnt have artificial insemination - the law says a single woman couldnt- she began her search for the perfect male with the perfect genes.
Now Choi Gi Chan (Ryu Soo Young) has it all, the looks, the brain, the manners, the good family breeding = 'perfect genes'. He is a University Botanic Professor who was so engrossed with his plants that even if a woman walks up naked infront of him, he wouldnt notice. So it was very funny the innovative, creative plots Dang Ja come up with, trying to seduce him. When mission accomplished, she then had to devise several stories to 'dump' Gi Chan who had really fall for her. She might consider marrying Gi Chan if his family wasnt so tradisional, that to marry him she had to give up her career. She sez she has dreams she has yet to fulfill. (Hmm...thats make me think, isnt it great that she has ambition and goals, something she could work forward to whereas...)
Gi Chan then consent to his parents wishes and got engaged to his childhood fren. That's when she found out that she had uterus cancer. (Is there no other terminal disease?!!). Doctor advise her to abort the baby and have an operation, but she wouldnt even consider it. (I dont know whats the point of her bringing the baby to the world when she's no longer in it. Wouldnt she worry who would take care of the baby then? But then to kill her baby so that she could live is also unthinkable.) Dang Ja try to win the reponsible-duty-bonded Gi Chan back without having to tell him she's having his baby and probably gonna die soon. Well, you can guess she did win Gi Chan back, but will she survive?
The drama also focus on her bestfriend Han Young's life; her other bestfriend life is less dramatic, with only slight money problems. Han Young's 'perfect' husband was having an affair with a young doctor and ask for a divorce. (Thus another reason for Dang Ja to disbelieve in men & marriage). You could understand why she beg and beg her husband to not leave her and her son; she was a dedicated housewife for 10 years. How could she go out and earn a living now? It was so frightful to be so dependent on another person!
Then Dol Soon & her husband come out with a plan to make her husband come back to her. Taste his own medicine and have an affair of her own. (Btw, she was way more beautiful than her hubby's mistress) She asked Seo Jung Soo (Yoo Gun) to be her faked lover. Yoo Gun is a perfect guy also; handsome, rich & successful and to top it off kind and understanding. He taught her how to live for herself, how to have fun and laugh again, he taught her how to be independent and got her a job. They ended up really falling in love with each other. The bad news is her husband mistress changed her mind, she dont want him anymore, so her husband dont want to divorce her anymore. It wasnt a hard choice for me, bye bye hubby...only thing is he's younger than her (sigh! so many of this in kdrama lately), but still that doesnt matter in this drama. (Haha..maybe I am materialistic, in Dal Ja's Spring I had my reservation because the guy has no job). The ending left me in a puzzle though, is she with her hubby back or Jung Soo? Yoo Gun look much better than in '1% of Anything' that I couldnt believe it was tha same actor at first.
Enjoy watching this drama though the last few episodes was so dragging. Its said that Lee Dong Wok was first cast as Prof Gi Chan but he pulled out. Hah! I dont think he's suitable for this role. Ryu Soo Young maybe not as good looking but he's simply perfect to play the "straitlaced" Gi Chan. In 'Story of a Successful Bright Girl' and 'Save The Last Dance For Me' he plays the bad guy so he doesnt smile and goofy arnd much. But his face really shines when he smiles, he would be perfect for toothpaste ads ^_^ I wish Eun Gyung didnt die her hair, she would look much better and younger with her natural hair colour. (Hmm...wouldnt it be nice to have bestfriends that you can be yourself; dont have to mind your words and acts - knowing that they'll be there for you as you will be there for them?). Oh, and can only come up with 5 of the 'septulates', who did i miss? There is the doctor, direct-marketeer, fortune teller, ahjumma in Gi Chan's house and the noodle deliverer...
No need to say more about the cutey Hyang Gi....Oh yeah, a friend of mine asked why I'm so addicted to Kdrama with its typical recurring theme such as love traingle/square. Hmm... I dunno, its just something...maybe its how the hero is just someone you want to fall in love with (and in love with you!). Like I said before my expectations of 'love' was high because of the novels i read but all this Kdrama notch it even higher! Btw, I was a self-proclaimed bookworm, couldnt stand having a novel unread nearby. But now I have 2 novels collecting dust...

Apr 14, 2008

The Time Between Dog and Wolf (3.8)

Lee Soo Hyun (Lee Jun Ki) met Suh Ji Woo (Nam Sang Mi) when they were still kids and living in Thailand. His mother, an NIS agent (National Intelligence Service) was murdered infront of his eyes. Thus her collegue, adopt him and brought him back to Korea. Kang Min Ki (Jung Kyung Ho) didnt mind having a brother in the household, he didnt hold a grudge even when Soo Hyun always excel bettter than him, he preferred his careless-worryfree lifestyles. They both grew up to become NIS agents; brothers, and best friends.
Soo Hyun and Ji Woo was brought together again when the beautiful Ji Woo caught the attention of playboy Kang Min Ki. The big hearted Kang Min Ki step back again when Ji Woo chose Soo Hyun over him. A mission made Soo Hyun faced his mother's killer and fueled his need for vengeance. When offered as an undercovered operatives to infiltrate the gang, he didnt hesitate to take up the offer and faked his own death.
When he finally gain the trust and get close to the man who murdered his mother, he found out that the man was Ji Woo's biological father, and Ji Woo was in danger from his gang's rival. For two years, Ji Woo was unable to let go of his memories and just when she was finally accepting Min Ki's sincerity, a man who was twin-ringer for Soo Hyun came and save her life. Soo Hyun's was hurt trying to save Ji Woo and come out with an amnesia. Thus, he truly became the gang leader's second righthand man.

Sigh! So many times Ji Woo was so foolhardy and put Soo Hyun's life in danger. I dont know if that is the reason I dont like the actress so much... she's not really a beauty, she just got the right facial features, and the body to go with it.... ^_^ While watching it, I thought to myself, one of them has to die, Soo Hyun or Min Ki, but kesiannnnnn if Min Ki, but if Soo Hyun, it's not fair jua, him being dealt the worse card throughout his life.... Sigh! and I hate Lee Tae Sung (Sangshik), hate him in '9 ends 2 outs', hate him here... however, the gang leader's first righthand man; 'giraffe' and his second wife; Oh Ming characters seem interesting.
The title of the drama was based on a painting, 'Time Between Dog and Wolf' (a black blob resembles a dog/wolf head on a blood-red background. It sorta tell the story of when its dusk and everything was red, and a man saw a shadow that he couldnt tell if it's his dog come to get him or a wolf. I think the hidden meaning is, it's a time where you can't tell good or evil, there's goodness also in evil, and evil intention in the good; nothing is black n white, there's shade of gray in between...maybe lah.....or maybe it's just simply you cant tell physically whether a 'thing' is good or evil... apperance can be deceiving...

Apr 5, 2008

Dalja's Spring (4)

Oh Dalja (Chae Rim) was 32 going 33, had never fall in love or even go out on a date. The later part I found to be over reaching; she's beautiful, had stable career, warm personalities (though a bit of a klutz), how could she never been asked out on a date???!!!
Mrs Go: Lower your standards, then you'll find the right man. Dalja: Its not about standards, its about feelings. Mrs Go: Watever! Feelings will only ruin your life. Men arent that special, they're pretty much alike. Dalja: I cant marry the first man I saw on the street. I waited too long and too hard.
It all started as plot for revenge when her playboy collegue dumped her for another collegue. She hired a young man Kang Tae Bong (Lee Min Ki) to pose as her lover. She said her pride was more important than love (Hmm...I dont know if I agree or disagree with that, they said "pride comes before a fall") . Later, her big heart turned the victims of her vengeance into her bestfriends, confidants and advisors. Then enter Mr.Eom Ki-Jung (Lee Hyun Woo), a successful, stable, handsome, calm and collected as "possible" and Tae Bong become her dating coach. Her bestfren raised a very to-the-point question, "If he's so perfect, he got the look, career, manners, why isnt he married or have gf yet?". You know, the familiar phrase nowadays in single woman lips, '...all the good man are either already taken or gay' - so you better look beneath the suface if a guy is too good to be true, there might be skeletons in the closet that drives other women away.... ^_^
Nearing the end of their contract, Tae Bong confess he was starting to like Dalja too. Dalja who was a confirmed spinster before, was now torn between two men. If you were in her shoes, who would you choose? A man with a stable future and kind, however you are not attracted to him and sometines he bores you with boring nonsense facts or a younger-than-you guy; who you dont have to act coy to, just be yourself; he was fun to be with, sometimes sprout out wisdom; however he had no job to speak of at the moment and were crashing at your house? To me, its the 'younger' part that turns me off; I shudder to think of 1 year younger, but 6 years younger????
Kang Tae Bong called her materialistic. Dalja called herself, realistic. She rather prefer safety rather than adventure. But Dalja's know her own mind (or heart), unlike the previous Kdrama I watch, she didn't juggle the two men, she made her choice and stick with it. That's make me like her character more. Chae Rim is just so cute with her round eyes, pert nose and nice smiles. Though many dont like her big curly hair, but I think she looks better with it rather than with her lanky straight hair. I love her wardrobe from her trenchcoats to her bags, and I really really like her necklace especially when she paired it with her small pearl strings.
Lee Hyun Woo looks good for a 42 year old man, and he's so sweet when he 'accidently' splash some wine to Tae Bong's ex-girlfren to gave TaeBong and Dalja some time. Though Lee Min Ki is soooooo cute, but he looks so much like a teenager that it really look like he was walking with his older sister, standing beside the baby-face Chae Rim. Mi Seon Joo and Shin Sae Do sorta grows on you, ....even the formidable Ms. Kang (their boss), she sang 'I'll Survive' at Dalja's farewell party ^_^
Chae Rim as Oh Dal Ja (1979-Mar-28)
Lee Min Ki as Kang Tae Bong (1985-Jan-16)
Lee Hyun Woo as Eom Gi Joong (1966-Mar-06)
Lee Hye Young as Mi Seon Joo (1971-Dec-22)
Gong Hyeong Jin as Shin Sae Do(1970-Apr-10)

As I watched episode by episode, I thought this script must be written by a woman, and surfing wiki proves my insight was right. I love many of the conversation here, it was simply right on. Anyway, I think Natasha Bedingfield's Soulmate is right for the drama....

Apr 1, 2008

Fall in Love with Nubhan's voice!!!

Konsert 1 - Ruang Rindu

Konsert 2- Tak Bisa Memilihmu (6ixth Sense)

Telah jauh terpisah diriku dan dirimu, dalam ruang dan waktu sendiriku jalani sepiku tanpa dirimu, resahku tanpa hadirmu, sungguh berat hatiku untuk merasakannya.

Salahku mencintai dirinya, saat jauhku terpisah darimu,dan hadirnya menyentuh hatiku,untuk cintainya, hatiku pun inginkannya, hingga runtuh setiaku kepada dirimu. Kusakiti hatimu yang tulus mencintaiku.

*Maaf ku tak bisa memilih dirimu, karena kuterhanyut mencintai dia, inilah salahku yang memberi ruang, didalam hatiku tuk mencintainya.

btw, whenever I see Nubhan, reminds me of my nephew... I dunt knw which facial features, his mom says its in his jaw.....