Sep 16, 2009

Bae Soo Bin

I have so many 'oppas' not only because they are so good looking but also because they are so good at what they do - acting. They are on my watchlist. Well, my no.1 is still

1. Jo Hyun Jae

2. Yoon Kye Sang

3. Kang Ji Hwan

4. So Ji Sup

5. Oh Man Seok

6. Gong Yoo

7. Ji Jin Hee

Well, now move over So Ji Sup and make room for Bae Soo Bin! He already caught my eye in Jumong, then Emperor of the Sea, after that Painter of The Wind... and now Shining Inheritance aka Brilliant Legacy. Who wouldn't fall for Jun Se Oppa then? His name rise up after this drama, even get noticed by that weird designer Andre Kim. But I was so sad for I know in this drama he won't get his happy ending, the heroine falls for that spoiled brat! Maybe that is why I've been taking my sweet time watching this drama, cause I know his sad moment will come soon :'(

didn't he look good with specs? frankly his eyes are what caught my eyes...
I think most guy with long locks at the front are good looking...
Or some facial hair hehe...

Sep 12, 2009

Boiling Point!!!!!! Soon.....

I was so close to boiling point today, not only have tons to do, it doesn't help that everyone is knocking mengusut they need this and that urgently. Helllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I'm only human, with 1 brain and 2 hands as well as equivalent working hours as YOU! Well, a little bit more in fact if you count that I didn't go home on time or before time!
Exactly 2pm today, when my office-roommate had gone home, I close the door. If terasa why, then terasa..... STOP BOTHERING ME! I DONT CARE BOUT YOUR PROBLEM, I HAVE MY PROBLEM TOO!
I hate it when someone said 'can you please look into this matter'? as if I don't want to do the damn job! If I could I would like to do it from A-Z so that I know it is done, but hell...not only my time is ltd, if I would do that someone will be getting gaji buta. I'm not a perfectionist but pleassssse some people who can easily shrug off their duty make me want to kick their behind! Allah grant me patience, understanding and endurance!
When I was on leave, I promise myself I would take it easy, if it didn't get done by the time office hours end for the day, then continue the next day. Other people do the same. They still get the same salary they supposed to have. The same performance appraissal (maybe even more!). So just let it be... But then I can't help it when every outstanding comes back at me! ARGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Now that I vent my frustration here, I'm going home now....hopefully with a better mood so that I won't blow innocent people's heads off at home

Sep 7, 2009

East of Eden (3.9)

I started watching this drama early in July and just finished it yesterday. So I might not remember all the details frm the early 2 volumes. I remember the story start off in a small mining town. The mining general manager Shin Tae Hwan ias an ambitious power hungry man. While Lee Ki Chul was just another ordinary miner, but he was the leader of the labour union fighting for the welfare of the miners. Shin Tae Hwan wants to prove himself to his father-in-law who's the real owner, he decided that to getting rid off Ki Chul would made the mining problem go away.

Oh yeah, before he got rid of Ki Chul, both their wives gave birth to a son in the same hospital on the same night. A nurse at the hospital, who Shin Tae Hwan had seduced, impregnated, forced to abort her baby and then abandon wants to seek revenge. At first, she wants to murder the innocent baby just like Shin Tae Hwan has stole the lives of her own but then she couldnt bring herself to do it. In a burst of panic, she switched the two babies instead, not knowing the war brewing between the two families.

So even after Ki Chul's death Shin Tae Hwan made his remaining families' live a living hell and several times nearly played a hand in the torture that nearly end his biological son's life. Maybe he would forget about Ki Chul's family if only his widow would led a quiet life and not raised her sons to hate him. That's is just what I don't' understand, how could a mother do that to her sons, to make their purpose of life to seek vengeance on the death of her husband and their father. A mother love would seek that her son would live a happy life, and raised him to be a better man, not to lead a life full of bitter hatred and vendetta.

Myung Hoon was the first to discover about the switch, he was so torn to find out the man call father is the monster who killed his real father and the harsh treatment he had given to his real mother and brother in the past. Then Dong Chul finds out the brother he raised, protect and love had his sworn enemy's blood running through him. He live his live for this brothers of his, was all his sacrifice and preseverance before useless? Can he stop loving Dong Chul now that he know he's the enemy son? I think all will remain intact if only Myung Hoon was satisfied with where he was now as STH's son, but he's not. He disagree with STH's way and longed to have a brother like Dong Chul. Dong Chul tries to push him away at first for the sake of Dong Wook but he can't stand to know that his family is suffering so he lends a hand.

Even from the start I don't like Dong Wook, he was such a self righteous selfish brat. In this last volume I hate him more, if my tv can project a 3D figure out, I would stand up and beat Dong Wook whenever he comes on screen. How could he accuse of Dong Chul to be selfish for his grand love and abandon him and his carreer. He was so hypocrite! What worth saving more, the lives of others (even if she is not someone he love) or your damn career. If not for al Dong Chul's sacrifices in the past, your career will be non-existence in the first place. And to top it off, how dare he say that he never asks for all that from Dong Chul! He and his law and his justice, he only sees what he wants to see, but turns a blindeyes to what won't serve him best. Argghhh! the last few episodes make me so emo to the point of boiling. Haha...maybe I'm also emo because its the time of the month.....

I don't think I can watch other Yun Jung Hoon's work without feeling hatred for his Dong Wook. And Ji Hyun, Myung Hoon's wife...oh how I wish I could strangle her. How could she think it was the same, Dong Chul's hatred for STH for murdering his father and her hatred for his mother for saying harsh words to her. Laughable! How I wish Myung Hoon don't love her so much, therefore can live without her. I can't remember clearly how Myung Hoon look like in Vol 1 & 2, but here how I feel for him. Thats the thing for korean actors (good one that is), you just can feel their emotional state from the look of their eyes.

There are so many characters here that I don't think are necessary, the most obvious the character of Hye Rin, did they get the famous Lee Da Hae to sign in and just casts her wherever they can slot in? If she isn't such a well known name and put on the drama's poster it won't stand out much that her characters lack substance in this drama... I hate how this drama ends, if thats how Rebecca intends her vengeance to end why don't she just do it right from the beginning and save lots of people from heartache...