Feb 28, 2010

Grey's Anatomy

Just finished season 5 of this darn series - though I think I borrowed the dvds from my niece like eons ago - and I can't sleep. My brain are full of thoughts and can't switch off. I decided before to quit this series because I got sick of all the on-and-off, to-and-fro and the changing-partners relationship of this series. Then my niece wrote in her blog of how they killed off George O'Malley character... what???!!! Of all the residents, all the interns, why do they killed off O'Malley?! That got me curious enough to borrow the dvds but not curious enough apparently to watch it immediately.
I have 3 favourite doctors in this series and then I have to bump Izzie Stevens off because she also is a scatterheart in which she skipped from Alex to Danny to George then back to the dead Danny and Alex. Arghhh!!! Enough already... I understand that life happens, people move on but still how could people be superficial like that? So one moment in life you're gaga over this person than the next moment you broke off brokenheartedly, then the next moment you're gaga over another person and completely oblivious to the fact that before you're so in love with another person. And that person is also okay seeing you going gaga with another person. Doesn't a remnants of that strong feelings remain, to make you at least uncomfortable being so in love with another person infront of the other person you used to love?
Now that George is no more, I might be put off watching this series entirely... might be. Apart from T.R. Knight (I was disappointed when I learn he was gay; not because that zeroed my chances with him!, it was already zero anyway, but more like owh! there is something wrong with the wiring) what I like about this show is that loyalty among friends, how they were there for each other when they are needed the most. And they were not even blood-related so its a conscious choice, not duty-bound. They might not like each other most of the time, but they are someone you can depend on. And it constantly remind you how short life is, how precious one moment is.
And how I like Bailey strong character, her husband gives her an ultimatum - her career or her marriage - and she give a decision to him; a divorce!
Btw, I got this idea to start a new blog that no one would know about, so I can go rambling about whats going on in my head without editing much, but I don't know.... nobody read my blog anyway except for my friend and my 'eccentric' niece (eccentric because she read my blog)

Feb 17, 2010

Heroes and Villains

I managed to get through from ep 30-51 of Queen Seon Deok's bad subs. Now Mi Shil is dead and Deok Man becomes the Queen. She acknowledge that the road she had taken was a lonely one, she could not trusted anyone but herself. Everyone is selfish, out for their own gain ... but even Yu Shin??? He pledge he gave all he had to give for her while Bi Dam pledge he would do all to get back what he had lost. Darn! Can somebody remind me of a story, of a legend, of any myth where the strong female lead get the 'career' and the love? Why does women have to choose either one and man can easily get both? For a woman, if you're so successful then most likely you would end up being alone.
And argggggh! I wish Bi Dam does not have to become the 'dark prince' now that the lead 'dark princess' had died... how wish that Mi Shil had lived longer, so that something stronger can develop beween Deok Man and Bi Dam to overcome the dark force of his greed and ambitions.
Nature vs Nurture; the old debates came to mind. Yes, Bi Dam is selfish, who didn't?, and he courgeous and brave enough to fight for what he believes is his. Isn't that a positive character? Everyone is greedy, the only difference is the extent of that greed would govern your action; would that motivate you to strive harder, would you let go of all your principles just to have what others have? or would you just smirk to yourself and chant be grateful with what you have now?

Bi Dam could become a greater man if it wasn't for those evil minions that feeds his greed and ambitions; made him wanted more, made him believes it was rightfully his in the beginning. Yes, maybe DNA plays a part in moulding his character - he is Mi Shil's son after all - but if only he was brought up with proper upbringing, feel love and wanted, maybe he would not turn be this 'disjointed' person. I'm gonna take a break from QSD for now and wait for the dvds with good subs... Right now, I got Percy Jacksons to read (watch the movie and interested to know more about the Greek Gods myth so I bought the book! It was intended for childrens so guaranteed an easy read), other series to watch, and other korean dramas to better spend my time own (compare to wasting my time trying to deciper what exactly the subs trying to translate!)
Talking bout korean drama, there are 2 currently airing Korean Drama that even just reading the recaps make me feel 'bubbly'. The dramas are Wish Upon A Star and The Woman Who Still Want To Marry. This two dramas didn't pique my interest when I read the synopsis but because Javabeans personally doing the recaps, I'm curious enough to read the recaps of the first two episodes and...getting sucked in!
Wish Upon A Star, is a stroy of a flighty 25-years old woman who had not have a care in the world. Her aim in life was to dolled herself to caught the interest of the love her life, the cold hearted prince. But life takes a turn for the worst when she lost both her parents in an accident making her the sole guardian of her 5 adopted siblings and worst still the villains in this drama made them lost their home too. She could have taken the easy way out and turned the kids to foster homes, but she squared her shoulder, cut her hair and bear the burden. I like reading about her growing as a person, and the kids sounds adorable too! Kim Ji Hoon might be dashingly andsome in Flowers For My Life, but in this drama his hairdo seems weird, though that does not mean I'm not itching to see this drama!!! Cause I am, but I just don't have the patience to watching streaming nor the time.

My first impression of reading the synopsis of The Woman Who Still Want to Marry was arghhh... another Dal Ja Spring? What's Up Fox? A much older woman being paired up with a younger man. Really really this drama was not in my list of dramas-to-watch but I didn't know how Javabeans suckered me to read one episode recaps to another, making me even more "in love" with Kim Bum. First saw Kim Bum in the widely known BBF and then love him as Dong Chul in East of Eden but here I think I'm gonna fall deeper into the pit.

I thought Jang Geun Seok is cute, Chun Jung Myung is cute, - who else ah?- but nothing compares to Kim Bum who makes me wish that I was born a little bit more later. (Snort! Like that would make my chances ending up with him greater!) Haha... if I was Shin Young I would jump headfirst with him regardless of the consequences, of society... ( Double snort!)but I'm not Shin Young and Min Jae is not 'real' - only the cute Kim Bum is real - so yeah me jumping would n-e-v-e-r happen.

Okay ready for lots of Kim Bum's pics from the drama (courtesy to dramabeans.com) .... swoons!

Hmm... now that I see back the screen recaps, I realised that its not his physical appearance that I find endearing and cute, though his eyes are really 'feeling'. Its his romantic gestures that pulled the string of my old heart! I think lah... haha I don't like to overanalyse things... makes you see thing you better off not seeing I'm sure. Yawn! I better get some sleep....

Feb 1, 2010

The Legend of The Seeker

I wasn't exactly enthralled by The Legend of The Seeker when I first watched the first 4 episodes, but I continued buying the dvds because 1. because I'm stingy, 1 dvd cost $4 but if I buy 3 its $10, so whats extra $2 for 4 episodes of whatever story right? and 2. because my brother like it. So anyway, I buy the complete first season dvds and didn't watch it until (my brother tired of waiting for me to buy the new second season, bought it himself) I was literally drop on my brother's bed from sheer tiredness and that time he was watching the second season episodes. Wah! They add another permanent character into the series, and the story development become more interesting; more twist. So here I am, after finally finished watching the entire first season, second season up to the 8th episode and now waiting for for the 2 other episodes that I'm currently downloading... haha QSD you have to wait...

The story was taken from the book by Terry Goodkind, The Sword of Truth (gonna search for this book and if the flow of the language seems okay, gonna buy it!!! but if its like Tolkien... think I'll save my money and stick with the tv series). As you could see from the cover of the tv series its more of 'fantasy' story, where the world was separated into 3 provinces: Westland (where normal people live and no magics), the Midlands (lead by a coucil of representatives called Confessors) and D'Hara (ruled by the tyrant Darken Rahl). Westland is separated from Midlands by a magical boundary- to prevent any magic from entering Westlands,but a gate was opened by a Confessors in search of the Seeker to help the Midlands from being overtaken by Darken Rahl.

Richard Cypher led an ordinary life as young wood guides living a town in Westland. It was as much a shock to him to find himself as the prophesied Seeker as the Confessor, Kahlan Amnell to discover he was the seeker. Her role is to protect the seeker with her life in his quest to defeat Darken Rahl and his minions and in their journey, they fall in love with each other. It was the fate of the Confessor not to marry the person they love for their power can magnify their love to totally enslave the person they love; that their only thought will be of the Confessor's well being and benefit. Which Kahlan cannot let happen or else it will diverge Richard's main quest. Hmmm.... maybe I was fascinated with the theme of forbidden love, fighting the longings, resisting the temptation to be selfish, standing firm on what is right and should be...

In the ending of the first season, there's a twist which I did not expect, something that connect Richard and Darken Rahl. The sins of the father...

And becoming a permanent cast in the second season, Cara the Mod-Sith. I once teased my brother that the reason he like watching LOTS is because Bridget Regan (Kahlan) is soooo beautiful.

But he denied it and said he did not find her beautiful. I did not know if he lied or not, but most probably he did! Hello, how can any man called her not beautiful??? But this brother of mine do have weird taste in his previous girlfriends

Anyway this new blood into the series adds more spice, not only she is a beauty also but her beauty is in contrast with Bridget where Bridget is so kind-looking and an open-book, Tabrett Bathell looks so dangerous and mysterious. Bridget in white silk (pure), Tabrett in red leather (seductive). And that pouting lips...

The Producers did not forget feast for the eyes for the female viewers as well, every chance they get they let Craig Horner take off his shirts and shows off the sinewy muscle. Thank god, his muscle are not overly bulging or else I will cringe everytime I watch him not fully dressed. He's good looking enough but so far don't have the 'charms' of Bradley James and Colin Morgan in Merlin me think,.I mean he did not make me wonder what he's like as a real person outside of this series. And his eyes did not 'twinkle' when he smiles, tease or make a joke...

And I don't think his chemistry with Bridget onscreen was 'sizzling' just mediocre... and his smaller stature compare to broad-shouldered Bridget does not help either

Talking about stature, Bruce Spence looks like a giant walking amongst these three. He looks so tall... He's Richard grandfather by the way, his eccentric neighbour when he was growing up, the wizard of the first order who travels with him and Kahlan in his quest to defat Darken Rahl... Now, Zedd sometimes can be funny... I'm not asking for humour like in Hercules or Xena, but a bit more humour to lighten up the 'world is doomed' theme please...

Hopefully, I can resist myself from searching for the books tomorrow or the day after or in these few months, I stll got my nieces' novels to read, dvds to watch. How I wish I could stop time...

By the way, you might think my life is so lame, so boring, zero social life but I kinda like it that way. Though I'm not anti-social as my sister called me, I just like my quiet, simple, calm, organized life