Jun 24, 2008

Star's Echo / Byelui Sori / Anata ni Aitakute

Its the story of how life goes on and we have to let go sometimes. Sung Jae (Jo Hyun Jae) was a music producer who fall on hard times when his father was imprisoned due to unpaid debts. To top it off, his rich and beautiful girlfriend, Ji Young (Lee Da Hae) dump him. Misaki (Nakagoshi Noriko) just living day-by-day, immersing herself with work trying to forget her deceased boyfriend. He died in a car accident, which happened just as she was saying she want to break up with him-calling him inflexible, incompetent and useless man. Was she holding on to his memory because she still love him or feeling guilty for their last moment together?
Fate, brought this two souls together eventhough they come from different countries. They healed each other but then Ji Young tries to come back to Sung Jae. Will there be a second chance for her? Huh...why bother giving someone who leave us when we needed them the most a second chance, if you asked me. What is there to prove? People dont change.
I wont bother to watch this drama if it wasn't for Jo Hyun Jae, its only 2 episodes - so we dont get to know each character better. Lee Da Hae is simply beautiful here, then if I'm not mistaken its Lee Joon Ki playing as Sung-Jae's bestfriend- he looks chubby ^_^ This drama gives me hope that there's possibilities for me to meet Jo Hyun Jae someday, although we live oceans apart in different countries.....wakakaka! I'll have to learn my Korean language more diligently now!

Star's Echo is the third collaboration by South Korean and Japanese television companies, after Friends in 2001 and Passing Rain in 2002.

Jun 21, 2008

Three Dads One Mom - Final Episode

It was aired last Thursday night. Although there will be rerun at 3am in the morning - I could get up to watch it then- but I rather watch the 9pm show, because I simply cant wait to see the ending! I do have a guess of how's its gonna end, but 'guessing' was not enuff, I want confirmation! So, I cheerfully foregone going to the cinema with my siblings and fruitbabies to catch "Get Smart" and haha...one of my fruitbabies did the same too, she stay back to wait for the episode!
I know Dramabeans didnt find the show worthy enough to continue watching and reviewing. But it was a good entertaining drama for me. Cant wait to buy the boxset once its available, so that I can rewatch it again. ^_^ Maybe I'm biased because of Jo Hyun Jae. Another reason to watch it was for the cute adorable Haseon - I'm baby-crazy! Babies are so cute, the innocent look of their eyes, their small delicate fingers, their sweet smell...sigh! When will I see my newest niece again?
Anyway, Na Young is a bit dense not to realised that four guys are attracted to her. She either lives in her own 'world' or just blinded herself to the truth. Will she go to Dubai with her boss and spent 5 years in a foreign country with Haseon in tow?
Or will she choose the responsible and sweet Gwang Tae, who she proclaimed any woman who marry him, will be the luckiest?

or Kwang Hui, who as sweet as can be, both to Haseon and Na Young? Thouhh simply put, Eugene and Jae Hae simply dont have the on-screen chemistry, he looks like an adorable younger brother to her or her best friend.
Then, there is Su Hyun....who at the start was the guy she cant get along with the most, with his stingyness and distant attitude. But then, there is something 'undercurrent' going on with them - well at least that what I think the director, writers and actors were trying to potray....
Who is amongst the three of them is Haseon biological father? Will that play a part in determining who Na Young end up with?
As it turned out, none of them is the father!!! The biological father is Sung Min (as predicted!). And as predicted also, the ending is open-ended with NaYoung changed her mind at the last minute and not going to Dubai. She continued to live with the 3 guys, but then Haseon commentaries describing her three dads gives you a hint on who Na Young should/would be with. Haseon sez, her mom always smile when she look at one of the guys - who was it? Hehe...not gonna tell.

The ending was satisfactory, if she made a definite choice, it's gonna be sad-ending for the two remaining guys. Now, hopefully with this ending, it gives room for a sequel....but then, Hyun Jae ssi will be entering the army by the end of July or early Aug :( so it's not gonna be soon.

Jun 19, 2008

Who Are You? (4.5)

A second drama I finished watching from mysoju. Its another story of spiritual possession, but this one much more interesting!

In a Korean tradition mixing Buddhism and Confucianism, the soul of a dead person is left on earth for 49 days before going to the afterlife. In this drama, it tells about those 49 days that a father has to make things right for his daughter, it tells about how we take for granted those loved ones around us and only known their values once they are gone, it tells about how we need to open our heart to find happiness and reason to live eventhough by opening it we might allow pain and suffering to get in also and how ill-gotten wealth would not guarantee the satisfaction that we wished for.

Cha Seung Hyo (Yoon Kye Sang) is a cold hearted corporate raider, he was sent to an orphanage when his father was sent to prison. Later on, he was adopted and lived in the States. Maybe because of his troubled chilhood he had this obsessive tendency to keep things neat, tidy, clean and perfect. He had an accident the same day as Son Il Gun (Kam Nam Gil) and was in a coma. After begging to the 'Reaper' to give him more time for the sake of his daughter, the 'Reaper' allowed Son Il Gun to inhibit Cha Seung Hyo body for 3 hours a day for the next 49 days. Son Young In (Go Ah Ra) was left all alone in the world after her father dies. The only person left to care for her were her two best friend the wheel-chaired-bound Yang Ji Suk (Lee Min Jung) and Kwon Yong Duk (Lee Un). Then there is her seems-to-be-knight-in-shining-armour Shin Jae Ha (Jin Yi Han, who comes to her rescue on her father's burial day.

I started to enjoy this drama when Cha Seung Hyo was being possessed by the spirit of Sun Il Gun. Yoon Kye Sang really is a good actor; I didn’t really think he was all that good-looking but he was so adorable, especially when he was performing the dance on the street, from then on that he started to get more handsomer and handsomer. Hmmm...It could be the amusement at seeing Yoon Kye Sang regularly transition from hard, snobbish stubborn businessman into kinda-dorky, good-natured old man character. It was so 'real' the way he can 'inhibit' both characters so well - both the smug man and the happy-go-lucky father. Go Ah Ra is okay, but I feel like the drama would be more umpph! playing by a better, stronger lead actress.
There are so many dialogues that I like in this drama such as when Sung Hyo confronts Jae Ha who took Young In to live with him, he asked "Are you always so helpful, or is it calculative?"
Jae Ha answered, "If you must have my answer, than I'm both. I am helpful but I am also calculative at the same time"
Seung Hyo : "You're pretty ambitious, arent you?"
Jae Ha: "We're human after all. I'm at least better than those who are solely calculative, am I not?"
Seung Hyo: "If being helpful is part of being calculative, that'll be a different issue. If you're intending to be calculative all the way then I hope you will also continue to be helpful till the end"

*It brings to mind the saying "Cruel to be Kind", would you rather being treated kindly by a person who wishes to benefitted something from you? When they get what they want, where will you be? or would you rather dace the hard-cruel-reality face on?*

Young In: “Why do you raise turtles? You could have dogs, or cats.”

Seung Hyo: “They’re quiet, and not bothersome. And they’ll live longer than me. If they try to run away, they walk slower than I do, so I’d never lose them. Even if they left, they’d go to the sea, and I’ll know where to look and wait.”
then in another scene...
Young In said to him : “I want to be by your side, instead of your turtles. I’ll live longer than your turtles. I’m eleven years younger than you, so I can live longer. I won’t leave you to be alone.”

Seung Hyo: “I’m someone who can’t hide things well, so I’ll talk frankly. You occupy my thoughts too. Yes, I keep thinking of you. But this is what I don’t like — it’s uncomfortable and annoying, to have someone appear and interfere with my space and my order of things. I’m really awkward at meeting and separating, leaving someone or sending them away. If I confused you, I apologize. Plus I’m eleven years older than you.”

Young In: “What difference does age make?”

Seung Hyo: “It makes a difference. Age is always an issue. I can’t handle you, and you can’t handle me. You should stop thinking of me, and find someone who suits you. Because I don’t think I’m right for you.”

*yup, AGE is ALWAYS an ISSUE, eventhough its just a number*

then, there is this scene when thay arrive at the orphanage when they are looking on at the children playing soccer (football), Young In said: “I feel better because they don’t look lonely.” But Seung Hyo told her not to judge so quickly : “You don’t know, they could be chasing that soccer ball trying hard not to be lonely.”

Young In: “Would you like me to be your soccer ball?”

Seung Hyo: “Why, so I’d kick you away? I already did that. Do I need to do it some more? Fine, whenever I see you each day I’ll kick you away.”
Instead of feeling insulted Young In recounter brightly, “So you’ll meet me every day?”

Seung Hyo : “What kind of woman has no pride like that?”

Young In : "I have a lot of pride but rather than protecting myself, isn’t real pride when I protect what’s valuable to me?”

*chehehee..so sweet, it makes me realised being prideful isnt just for oneself*

What disturbed me about this drama is when exactly Young In starts to 'fall' for Seung Hyo, when he's being kind to her (for which he was inhabited by her father) or when he's being rude and a jerk (the real him)? If at the time when he's being kind and caring, it means she falls for her father (ewww!!) and if at the time he's being a jerk - hell, how cud she fall in love with that kinda person? Is she into self-punishment??? Only, when she get to know him better then she could see that underneath the rough exterior hid a person who closed himself up to avoid pain.

I mentioned about Young In’s friends before, they are so adorable also. There is this scene when Sooki teases Yong Duk about still having lingering feelings for his first love (Young In) from way back. She mentions her own first love, an “unperceptive, thick-headed idiot,” which prompted Yong Duk to ask whether he knows the idiot in question. Sooki answers, “You know him well” and mutters softly, “Idiot.” Does that mean her first love was Yong Duk? They should have make a little more story about this sweet couple :(

Yoon Kye Sang (Yun Kyae Sang) as Cha Seung Hyo
Profession: Actor and singer
Birthdate: 1978-Dec-20
Height: 182cm
Weight: 62kg

TV Series
Crazy For You (SBS, 2007) - will watch on mysoju someday
She Is Nineteen (SBS, 2004) - yeay! my niece just bought the boxset

Go Ah Ra as Son Young In
Profession: Actress
Birthdate: 1990-Feb-11
Birthplace: Jinju, South Korea
Height: 169cm
Weight: 45kg

Jin Yi Han (Jin Lee Han) as Shim Jae Ha
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1980-Oct-10
Height: 180cm
Weight: 68kg

Jun 16, 2008

Forbidden Love / Nine Tailed Fox / Gumiho (5)

I've been looking high and low for the boxset of this drama ever since I 'fall in love' with Jo Hyun Jae, but the only one I could find is the one without the eng subs. :) My love was so strong that I was tempted to buy it nonetheless, but my karit-saving-rational part kicks in.
Finally, from mysoju I found the drama with subs! Gosh, I'm sleep deprived this 2-3 days and in a diet too (since I didn't go out for lunch, just to have one hour to watch it on my collegue's pc :( my pc's was blocked by the IT administrator) - Oh! I was also watching 'Who are you?' simultaneously ^_^
This drama tells the tale of another human-like race called 'Gumiho' or 'Nine-Tailed-Fox'. They were so much like the human that the only difference is that to survive they need to consume human liver every full moon. This race have elderly council that led them and surrounding them is the 'warriors'...

Jun Jin (Jeon Jin) as Shin Moo Young #
Real name: Park Choong Jae #
Profession: Actor, singer (Shinhwa) and model #
Birthdate: 1980-Aug-19 #
Height: 182cm #
Weight: 63kg

Uhm Tae Woong as Sa Joon #
Birthdate: 1975-Apr-05 #
Height: 181cm #
Weight: 70kg

Kim Tae Hee (Kim Tae Hui) as Yoon Shi Yeon #
Nickname: Angel #
Birthdate: 1980-Mar-29 #
Height: 165cm #
Weight: 45kg

Han Ye Seul (Han Hye Seul) as Chae Yi #
Real name: Leslie Kim #
Birthdate: 1982-Sept-18 #
Height: 166cm #
Weight: 46kg #

Park Jun Suk (Park Joon Seok) as Rang #
Birthdate: 1979-Jan-30

So Rang like Chae Yi knowing she was totally hung up on Moo Young whose heart belong only to Shi Yeon. Shi Yeon couldn't get over her first love, Kang Min Woo, who she believed was murdered along with the rest of their families when they celebrated their 12th birthday.

Jo Hyun Jae as Kang Min Woo #
Birthdate: 1980-May-09 #
Height: 181cm #
Weight: 65kg

Unbeknownst to her, he and his sister was saved and to protect them was adopted and their history erased. He become a cop and later was selected to joined the elite team SICS that was hunting the 'Foxes'. So began the tale of forbidden love when they met again. The legend of 'Thousand-Year-Old-Fox" didnt help matter much, when it tells that this fox will be the saviour of their race; by sacrifing her, the race will transform into totally human, by consuming her liver, that fox will become immortal. Shi Yeon turns out to be that legendary-fox. Moo Young's mother who was the council's chief leader's ambition was for the latter.

Another tale of 'hell hath no fury like a woman scorned' (Since Rang was fine being just friend with Chae Yi). Its not just in korean drama, but its common in other genre also, when the one you love doesnt love you back, then you are capable of doing heinous things whether to get the one you love; to get back to the one you love or that no one will have the one you love. But does it really happen in real life? Are there a person who's so selfish and vindictive? Or are we just trying to make the human life so dramatic on tv?

It was funny when Chae Yi accused Moo Young as being stupid, to longed for Shi Yeon who he knows was in love with someone else. And he said to her to stop being stupid too. To me its ridiculous to force someone to love you. If they dont love you, then that's their loss ^_^ Go on with your life, they are not your everything...haha thats translating Peterpan's song 'Menghapus Jejakmu'

"Engkau bukan lah segalaku, Bukan tempat tuk hentikan langkah ku
Usai sudah semua berlalu, Biar hujan menghapuskan jejakmu"

Talking about song, there's another song that fits perfectly for a love triangle. [Sorry! Couldnt find the song in youtube or dailymotion, so I'll just paste the lyrics]

Sung By Lutricia McNeal

The Greatest Love You'll Never Know

I'm living in a fantasy #
Something that could never be #
Coz all the love you have to give was never... #
Never meant for me #
I saw the way you look at her #
She's everything you're looking for #
And love is such a miracle #
When it comes knocking at your door #

But I don't know know what to do #
I'm in love too #
Can't see where I'm supposed to go from here... #
There's no way in #
There's no way out #
You are the one I'm living for #
You are the one I have to live without #
I can't hold on #
I can't let go #
Coz I found the greatest love #
The greatest love you'll never know#

I'd love to make you cross the line #
But I know you're not the hurting kind #
You wouldn't be the man you are #
If you broke her heart #
Broke her heart for mine #
So until I found my way #
Tomorrow's just another day #
And you are just a lonely dream #
That never ever seems to fade... #

Someone hears my prayers
Someone, somewhere #
Coz I know I can't go on this way forever... #

I never laughed #
I never cried #
Our love can't live #
But my love will never die... #

Somebody hear my prayers #
Somebody hear me!

I'm living for a fantasy,something that could never be... #

I know...I know it such a sad song...but it just...umph! Higlighted in yellow were the verses I specially like. To me that verse means that you wouldnt fall in love with a person who callously hurt another. I find it puzzling for one person to love someone who isn't a good person. I know love is blind, but does love disintegrate your brain too??? I'm not saying you should fall in love with the perfect embodiement of the male species...or female (haha then falling love would truly be a miracle) - but just someone who's kind and decent.

Spoiler Alert!!!!

I digress...the ending of this drama...so sad!!!! Moo Young was forced to kill the woman he loves for the sake of his race. Everyone (xcpt Kang Min Woo) dies protecting the person they loved (xcpt the dutiful Sa Joon, who wasnt in love with anbody). I would rather Min Woo died too, so it will be fair and square, that he don't have to suffer living alone. And what would become of the fox race after Moo Young sacrifice his love- do they really turn into human???
I would like at least a happy ending for Rang and Min Woo's sister.... If I wasnt so gung-ho over JHJ, would i empathize with him? Like in 'Love Letter' I was rooting for Ji Jin Hee all the way because I didn't know JHJ then. ^-^ but now, I wasnt totally 100% rooting for JHJ- since to me Moo Young has more character. (Oh! Jun Jin only looks hot with this long hair-otherwise I wont consider him good looking)
Wow! this turn out to be a long post lah.................

Jun 14, 2008

Come Back Soon Ae (2.8)

Be careful what you wish for, coz it might come true

Dreams come true, but not for free...

That were some of the famous quotes on what you desire might not be as desirable as you envisioned it to be. And - wake up!- this is real life, there's no such thing as free lunch, you have to pay for everything you get...and the thing you wish for might not be worth the price you have to pay.
At last, after constantly pressing the fwd button, I finished this drama! I dont know why I found it boring, maybe because you just know what the ending will be and apart from Jin Hee, the main cast are not attractive enough, even Cho Eun's x-bf...
This drama was a bit the K-version of 'Freaky Friday', we are talking about body exchange - or is it soul-exchange? Han Cho Eun (Park Jin Hee) was a beautiful air-hostess who was having an affair with the married pilot Yoon Il Sook (Yoon Da Hoon). She said she dont want anything but him, all she need is him. The affair was found out by the bestfriend of the pilot's wife. She forced him to tell his wife, Huh Soon Ae (Shim Hye Jin) the truth. But Soon Ae decided to stick by her husband side for the sake of her son, Chan eventhough Cho Eun promised her that she would treat Chan as her own son, and raised him well. On the way to the airport, to confront Il Sook to make a choice, they had an accident. When they wake up, they were in the other's body!

They found out that the grass wasn't greener on the other side. They try many venues to 'exchange' back but to no avail. But then you just know the key for them to switched back is for them to really understand and empathize being in the other's shoes.
What I really like in this drama is Park Jin Hee, when she's playing an 'ajumma', it was as if its true that inside the curvy youthful body reside a middle-aged woman, who was brassy and daring because had life experiences to back them up. While surfing, I saw so many of her pictures with sexy daring poses. Hmmm...she is one of those korean actress that seem so nice, conservative and demure onscreen but in real life, bares all she wants.

Jun 3, 2008


I realised that I'm always fascinated with stories that revolves around vampires (eternal life), reincarnation (past lives) and time travel. I didnt want to buy this drama at first, because its only 5 episodes - so I think the story will be too thin- but then I read the guy is a vampire...the rest you can say, is history ^_^
It all started hundreds (or is it thousands years ago) when a strange woman come to a secluded village in rural Korea. Mysterious things started to happen. The villagers knowing the woman was the culprit tried to burn her at a stake, but Baek Jung Won (Lee Seo Jin) save her. During their escape, he fell off the cliff and was dying. I-Wha (Son Tae Young) the woman he saved gave him her blood and thus cursed him to the same fate as her, eternal life.
In the modern day Seoul, they operated a high-class winebar. One day Baek Jung Won received a letter from his former love who was dying and entrusted him to look after her daughter Jang Ji Woo (Park Han Byul). Baek Jung Won cared for this woman some 20 yrs ago but broke up without telling her the truth about himself. The daughter estranged with the father ended up staying at his place. Staying in the same house, they started to fall in love and I-Wha fearing that Jung Woo would leave her had difficulty dealing with that. At the same time a serial killer who sucks the blood of the victims was on the loose, thus they faced difficulty in getting blood as their supplier flee from police investigation. I-Wha tried to get supply from a new supplier but ended up killing him in anger. The police investigation led to them when they sheltered the serial killer.
Meanwhile, Jung Woo finally confessed to Ji Woo who he really was, Ji Woo was horrified and flee. Heartbroken, Jung Woo consent to follow I-Wha to flee from Seoul, but then they ended up to the place where he died...
This vampire is different from the western vampires in that they really cant be killed; not by stake to the heart, rays of sunshine nor holy water. Jung Woo and that serial killer was tired of living and tired many ways to end their lives before. Is it really tiring to live forever? Yeah, what would be the point? It as if to walk in search of the end of the earth and ending back to where you started, or swim and endless sea. So eternal life is not a gift but a curse. Actually, I-Wha knows how to end their life, but she didnt tell fearing she be left alone...

Name: 이서진 / Lee Seo Jin (Lee Suh Jin)
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1973-Jan-30
Height: 178cm
Weight: 65kg
Star sign: Aquarius
Blood type: A

This ajushi is not handsome per se but it's just 'something' about his rough masculine features. Adore him in Phoenix, love him in Damo and dying to see Yi San. How about Lovers? Hmmm...I'm hesitant to buy n watch it because I hate the heroine; Kim Jeong Eun, I hate her eyes and mouth, she look so mousy (if there is such a word)- haha I thought Richard Gere and Sarah Michelle Geller (Buffy) have mousy eyes too....look picture below, wont you agree with me?
After Lovers her and Lee Seo Jin are currently dating :( "When celebrities start dating or fall in love, they usually take pains to hide their relationships from the public eye. It's hard enough having a relationship, but it's even harder when the media is following your every move. With rumors abound on the Internet, celebrities are using their personal homepages to directly address the facts and announce their romantic relationships. Actress Kim Jeong-eun and actor Lee Seo-jin are the latest star couple to go public with their romance by posting messages on their individual homepages. In a message posted on her homepage last Sunday, Kim said she is now 'standing in the middle of happiness' and described Lee as her best friend. She also said she was hurt by the various rumors surrounding their relationship. In the past few months, the couple have been spotted going on dates, but they kept mum on their relationship. Lee, in his homepage, said he feels that Kim is 'a part of his life'. "
Name: Park Han Byul (Bak Han Byeol)
Profession: Actress and model
Birthdate: 1984-Nov-17
Height: 168cm
Weight: 45kg
Star sign: Scorpio
She was in Fantastic Couple, the gal who dump Oh Ji Ho because he have too much baggage in his life (3 nephews to take care of). I thought she was beautiful then, didnt realise it was her in this drama till I check at Wiki :) becuase in Fantastic Couple she act as mature woman, but here she's more like a rebellious stubborn teenager. But the 10+ years difference between her and Lee Seo Jin...is it the trend nowadays to cast an ajushi with a-barely-out-of-the-schoolroom-girls or am I just getting older that every heroine now seems so 'kanak-kanak' still?

Jun 1, 2008

First Love of the Prince (3)

Kim Yu Bin (Sung Yu Ri) who was working temporarily as a sandwich maker cum delivery girl had a crush on her regular customer, the hardworking Cha Sung Hyun(Kim Nam Jin). Evertime she made a delivery she would steal admiring glances at him but being the wall a clear glass and all, he didnt notice her. Her luck changed when she win a lucky dram for a trip to highland resort in Japan. There she met Choi Gun Hee (Cha Tae Hyun), the heir to the worldwide chain hotel resort. He was a lazybum who didnt take his responsibility seriously. Sigh! A typical melodrama regarding a spoil rich guy who finally met a girl that wouldnt succumb to his order and charms.
Upon her return to Seoul Yu Bin found herself with 2 job offers; her dream job to be a tourist guide at Gun Hee's Bali resort and as Sung Hyun's secretary. She would have taken the tour guide job -although at first she would like to be close to the object of her affection-if Gun Hee didnt retract the job offer once he found out. But she was incompetent as a secretary and only lasted a week. Gun Hee's father found out about Gun Hee underhanded-childish act of unhiring Yu Bin, He offers the job back to her and as a punishment send Gun Hee also to Bali as tour guide. Clashes upon clashes with Yu Bin soon blossomed into endearment but Yu Bin only had Sung Hyun at heart.
Fate brought Sung Hyun to shoot a commercial of his company's product at Gun Hee's resort. After all the time Yu Bin gave him adoring glances and treatment, finally the serious Sung Hyun also admitted that he also had feelings for her. But the same night he wanted to introduce her formally to her mother, he found out he shared the same father with Gun Hee. Being the dutiful person he was, he decided to gave up Yu Bin rather than fight with his own younger brother. But no matter how much Gun Hee tried, he couldnt transfer Yu Bin affection from Sung Hyun to himself.
Its funny how Gun Hee tolf Yu Bin to gave up and forget Sung Hyun who drops her without a blink, while he himself couldnt stop himself from chasing after her. He was mad at Sung Hyun for stealing his woman, when actually he was the third wheel here. Who would choose a childish-irresponsible guy over a dependable and kind hearted one? Spoiler Alert!!! Obviouly, Yu Bin!!!!
Argh! After she get the guy she was so hung up on, she realised she's in love with Gun Hee and its not just gulty feeling only...blargh! She asked Gun Hee why he loves her so when she was no beauty (that's a lie!) and always ignore him and treated him badly. He answered her simply because its her. Hahaha....is that possible to love another for no apparent reason? There must be a reason for us to feel affection for another person be it duty-bound like blood relation or something...