Jun 3, 2008


I realised that I'm always fascinated with stories that revolves around vampires (eternal life), reincarnation (past lives) and time travel. I didnt want to buy this drama at first, because its only 5 episodes - so I think the story will be too thin- but then I read the guy is a vampire...the rest you can say, is history ^_^
It all started hundreds (or is it thousands years ago) when a strange woman come to a secluded village in rural Korea. Mysterious things started to happen. The villagers knowing the woman was the culprit tried to burn her at a stake, but Baek Jung Won (Lee Seo Jin) save her. During their escape, he fell off the cliff and was dying. I-Wha (Son Tae Young) the woman he saved gave him her blood and thus cursed him to the same fate as her, eternal life.
In the modern day Seoul, they operated a high-class winebar. One day Baek Jung Won received a letter from his former love who was dying and entrusted him to look after her daughter Jang Ji Woo (Park Han Byul). Baek Jung Won cared for this woman some 20 yrs ago but broke up without telling her the truth about himself. The daughter estranged with the father ended up staying at his place. Staying in the same house, they started to fall in love and I-Wha fearing that Jung Woo would leave her had difficulty dealing with that. At the same time a serial killer who sucks the blood of the victims was on the loose, thus they faced difficulty in getting blood as their supplier flee from police investigation. I-Wha tried to get supply from a new supplier but ended up killing him in anger. The police investigation led to them when they sheltered the serial killer.
Meanwhile, Jung Woo finally confessed to Ji Woo who he really was, Ji Woo was horrified and flee. Heartbroken, Jung Woo consent to follow I-Wha to flee from Seoul, but then they ended up to the place where he died...
This vampire is different from the western vampires in that they really cant be killed; not by stake to the heart, rays of sunshine nor holy water. Jung Woo and that serial killer was tired of living and tired many ways to end their lives before. Is it really tiring to live forever? Yeah, what would be the point? It as if to walk in search of the end of the earth and ending back to where you started, or swim and endless sea. So eternal life is not a gift but a curse. Actually, I-Wha knows how to end their life, but she didnt tell fearing she be left alone...

Name: 이서진 / Lee Seo Jin (Lee Suh Jin)
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1973-Jan-30
Height: 178cm
Weight: 65kg
Star sign: Aquarius
Blood type: A

This ajushi is not handsome per se but it's just 'something' about his rough masculine features. Adore him in Phoenix, love him in Damo and dying to see Yi San. How about Lovers? Hmmm...I'm hesitant to buy n watch it because I hate the heroine; Kim Jeong Eun, I hate her eyes and mouth, she look so mousy (if there is such a word)- haha I thought Richard Gere and Sarah Michelle Geller (Buffy) have mousy eyes too....look picture below, wont you agree with me?
After Lovers her and Lee Seo Jin are currently dating :( "When celebrities start dating or fall in love, they usually take pains to hide their relationships from the public eye. It's hard enough having a relationship, but it's even harder when the media is following your every move. With rumors abound on the Internet, celebrities are using their personal homepages to directly address the facts and announce their romantic relationships. Actress Kim Jeong-eun and actor Lee Seo-jin are the latest star couple to go public with their romance by posting messages on their individual homepages. In a message posted on her homepage last Sunday, Kim said she is now 'standing in the middle of happiness' and described Lee as her best friend. She also said she was hurt by the various rumors surrounding their relationship. In the past few months, the couple have been spotted going on dates, but they kept mum on their relationship. Lee, in his homepage, said he feels that Kim is 'a part of his life'. "
Name: Park Han Byul (Bak Han Byeol)
Profession: Actress and model
Birthdate: 1984-Nov-17
Height: 168cm
Weight: 45kg
Star sign: Scorpio
She was in Fantastic Couple, the gal who dump Oh Ji Ho because he have too much baggage in his life (3 nephews to take care of). I thought she was beautiful then, didnt realise it was her in this drama till I check at Wiki :) becuase in Fantastic Couple she act as mature woman, but here she's more like a rebellious stubborn teenager. But the 10+ years difference between her and Lee Seo Jin...is it the trend nowadays to cast an ajushi with a-barely-out-of-the-schoolroom-girls or am I just getting older that every heroine now seems so 'kanak-kanak' still?

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