Jun 24, 2008

Star's Echo / Byelui Sori / Anata ni Aitakute

Its the story of how life goes on and we have to let go sometimes. Sung Jae (Jo Hyun Jae) was a music producer who fall on hard times when his father was imprisoned due to unpaid debts. To top it off, his rich and beautiful girlfriend, Ji Young (Lee Da Hae) dump him. Misaki (Nakagoshi Noriko) just living day-by-day, immersing herself with work trying to forget her deceased boyfriend. He died in a car accident, which happened just as she was saying she want to break up with him-calling him inflexible, incompetent and useless man. Was she holding on to his memory because she still love him or feeling guilty for their last moment together?
Fate, brought this two souls together eventhough they come from different countries. They healed each other but then Ji Young tries to come back to Sung Jae. Will there be a second chance for her? Huh...why bother giving someone who leave us when we needed them the most a second chance, if you asked me. What is there to prove? People dont change.
I wont bother to watch this drama if it wasn't for Jo Hyun Jae, its only 2 episodes - so we dont get to know each character better. Lee Da Hae is simply beautiful here, then if I'm not mistaken its Lee Joon Ki playing as Sung-Jae's bestfriend- he looks chubby ^_^ This drama gives me hope that there's possibilities for me to meet Jo Hyun Jae someday, although we live oceans apart in different countries.....wakakaka! I'll have to learn my Korean language more diligently now!

Star's Echo is the third collaboration by South Korean and Japanese television companies, after Friends in 2001 and Passing Rain in 2002.

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