Jun 21, 2008

Three Dads One Mom - Final Episode

It was aired last Thursday night. Although there will be rerun at 3am in the morning - I could get up to watch it then- but I rather watch the 9pm show, because I simply cant wait to see the ending! I do have a guess of how's its gonna end, but 'guessing' was not enuff, I want confirmation! So, I cheerfully foregone going to the cinema with my siblings and fruitbabies to catch "Get Smart" and haha...one of my fruitbabies did the same too, she stay back to wait for the episode!
I know Dramabeans didnt find the show worthy enough to continue watching and reviewing. But it was a good entertaining drama for me. Cant wait to buy the boxset once its available, so that I can rewatch it again. ^_^ Maybe I'm biased because of Jo Hyun Jae. Another reason to watch it was for the cute adorable Haseon - I'm baby-crazy! Babies are so cute, the innocent look of their eyes, their small delicate fingers, their sweet smell...sigh! When will I see my newest niece again?
Anyway, Na Young is a bit dense not to realised that four guys are attracted to her. She either lives in her own 'world' or just blinded herself to the truth. Will she go to Dubai with her boss and spent 5 years in a foreign country with Haseon in tow?
Or will she choose the responsible and sweet Gwang Tae, who she proclaimed any woman who marry him, will be the luckiest?

or Kwang Hui, who as sweet as can be, both to Haseon and Na Young? Thouhh simply put, Eugene and Jae Hae simply dont have the on-screen chemistry, he looks like an adorable younger brother to her or her best friend.
Then, there is Su Hyun....who at the start was the guy she cant get along with the most, with his stingyness and distant attitude. But then, there is something 'undercurrent' going on with them - well at least that what I think the director, writers and actors were trying to potray....
Who is amongst the three of them is Haseon biological father? Will that play a part in determining who Na Young end up with?
As it turned out, none of them is the father!!! The biological father is Sung Min (as predicted!). And as predicted also, the ending is open-ended with NaYoung changed her mind at the last minute and not going to Dubai. She continued to live with the 3 guys, but then Haseon commentaries describing her three dads gives you a hint on who Na Young should/would be with. Haseon sez, her mom always smile when she look at one of the guys - who was it? Hehe...not gonna tell.

The ending was satisfactory, if she made a definite choice, it's gonna be sad-ending for the two remaining guys. Now, hopefully with this ending, it gives room for a sequel....but then, Hyun Jae ssi will be entering the army by the end of July or early Aug :( so it's not gonna be soon.


Cece said...

so which guy did she like?

bleuelle said...

well, thats for me - and the rest who had watched it- to know and for you to find out by watching ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hi. I've watched all 16 episodes and I was wondering, who's the dad Haseon is referring? The one that she thought would end up with Nayoung. Is it Soohyun? Ah, I don't knowㅠㅠㅠㅠ probably because I'm rather dense and ignorant?ㅠㅠㅠㅠ mind helping me by answering this? I don't know if you would read this or not though. (P.S I'm a Soohyun stan since scratch LOLOLOL)