Jun 14, 2008

Come Back Soon Ae (2.8)

Be careful what you wish for, coz it might come true

Dreams come true, but not for free...

That were some of the famous quotes on what you desire might not be as desirable as you envisioned it to be. And - wake up!- this is real life, there's no such thing as free lunch, you have to pay for everything you get...and the thing you wish for might not be worth the price you have to pay.
At last, after constantly pressing the fwd button, I finished this drama! I dont know why I found it boring, maybe because you just know what the ending will be and apart from Jin Hee, the main cast are not attractive enough, even Cho Eun's x-bf...
This drama was a bit the K-version of 'Freaky Friday', we are talking about body exchange - or is it soul-exchange? Han Cho Eun (Park Jin Hee) was a beautiful air-hostess who was having an affair with the married pilot Yoon Il Sook (Yoon Da Hoon). She said she dont want anything but him, all she need is him. The affair was found out by the bestfriend of the pilot's wife. She forced him to tell his wife, Huh Soon Ae (Shim Hye Jin) the truth. But Soon Ae decided to stick by her husband side for the sake of her son, Chan eventhough Cho Eun promised her that she would treat Chan as her own son, and raised him well. On the way to the airport, to confront Il Sook to make a choice, they had an accident. When they wake up, they were in the other's body!

They found out that the grass wasn't greener on the other side. They try many venues to 'exchange' back but to no avail. But then you just know the key for them to switched back is for them to really understand and empathize being in the other's shoes.
What I really like in this drama is Park Jin Hee, when she's playing an 'ajumma', it was as if its true that inside the curvy youthful body reside a middle-aged woman, who was brassy and daring because had life experiences to back them up. While surfing, I saw so many of her pictures with sexy daring poses. Hmmm...she is one of those korean actress that seem so nice, conservative and demure onscreen but in real life, bares all she wants.

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iLaB koReA^^ said...

ang ganda ni2... hahaah kakatuwa sya at nakakilig na ewan ko ba.. hahaha ganda tlga ni park jin hee... ah'i forgot 2 say na idol ku siLA ni yoon da hoon, ahahaha thatz oL. tnx for viewing that show..