Feb 21, 2008

Que Sera Sera (4)

This is the story of two interlocking couples... love rectangle/square lah kali ah....
Han Eun Soo (Jung Yoo Mi) just arrived to Seoul and live next door to Kan Tae Joo. Though he appears to be a playboy- a selfish and rude - she can't help but fall in love with him. She ask him to date her eventhough he told her already that she's not his type - as in fast, un-naive, beautiful heiress. Anyway, they dated for awhile until an heiress proposition him to be her 'boyfriend'. So he dumped Eun Soo.
Now, the heiress, Cha Hye Lin (Yoon Ji Hye) was trying to get her adopted brother to be jealous - as well as getting back at her parents. She offers Tae Joo a year contract to be her boyfriend, life of luxury and a managerial job at her father's department store.
While. the adopted brother, Shin Joon Hyuk (Lee Kyu Han) who work in close contact with Eun Soo in the department store began to develop tender feelings for Eun Soo. Eun Soo try to appease her bruised heart by accepting Joon Hyuk.
Tae Joo (Eric Moon) realise that all that luxury doesnt make him happy, when he was so jealous seeing Eun Soo with Joon Hyuk. So on a work trip, he finally decided to forgo the contract and be with Eun Soo again.
Hye Lin initiate the contract to get Joon Hyuk's love back, but instead she falls in love with Tae Joo, so she beg him to come back and promised a chairman postion if he marry her. And the cycle begins again...
I didn't find Eric Moon handsome, that is why I was reluctant to watch this drama. (Hey! Liking the casting would make the watching more enjoyable). After watching this drama, it was an ok, though it didn't make me forgo sleep. Sometimes, feel like bashing in Tae Joo'e head when he's being a jerk or Eun Soo for being so darn stupid. I didn't understand though Tae Joo's motives for dumping Eun Soo the second time, is it really because he finds living without much money is tough or because he wants to help Eun Soo.
^_^ Lee Kyu Han is so cute and charismatic here...different from his personality in Love Needs a Miracle... Sigh! Me and the underdogs..................

Feb 9, 2008

The Story of the First King's Four Gods aka Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi (4)

A long long long long...time ago, a tribe that respected the tiger and controlled fire called the Ho-jok (Tiger Tribe), ruled the world. They eliminated and assimilated all tribes except the tribe that respected the bear, called the Ung-jok (Bear Tribe). The Tiger Tribe and the Bear Tribe fought, and Hwanung (The God's son) could not bear to see so many people getting killed. He brought the three gods of nature; Baek-Ho (White Tiger), Cheong-Ryong (Blue Dragon), and Hyeon-Mu (Black Turtle-Snake).

He removed the power of fire from the leader of the Tiger Tribe, Gajin, sealed the power into an artifact called the Heart of Ju-Jak (Red Phoenix), and gave it to the woman he loved; Sae-O. However, Gajin who was once mortally wounded while attacking another tribe, then healed by Hwanung, also fall in love with him. When her tribe wanted to take back the power of fire, attack the Bear Tribe and kill Hwanung, Gajin slays her tribe's council with her own blade, and escapes from her own tribe and headed towards the Bear Tribe, deciding to become Hwanung's woman. Alas, the god's son only had Sae-O in mind and declared his love for her.
Unfortunately, Gajin was watching them secretly when this took place,she was infuriated by this and began regrouping the Tiger Tribe to attack the Bear Tribe. She planned the attack to coincides with the time Sae-O giving birth. Gajin kidnapped the baby and told Sae-O to bring Hwanung and Heart of Ju-Jak in return for the baby. When Sae-O confronts Gajin without Hwanung, Gajin dropped the baby from the edge of the cliff, thus making SeoJini out of control and releasing the Heuk-Jujak (Dark Phoenix) - and even though Hwanung had saved the baby, she can't stop herself. Hwanung release the other three Gods, the White Tiger, the Blue Dragon and the Black Turtle-Snake to fought the Dark Phoenix, but were no match for it. Left with no choice, Hwanung had to used his Heavenly Bow and killed the women he love; the source of the power of the Dark Phoenix, and managed to seal it once again in the heart of Red Phoenix.
When its all over, Gajin jumped off the cliff because she "had no reason to live in this world any more". Hwanung sealed the powers of the 'Four Gods' (The Red Phoenix, White Tiger, Blue Dragon, and the Black Turtle-Snake) in certain artifacts and left them in the cares of certain people, telling them that they will wake when the King of Jushin is born, and the star of Jushin will be bright.
However, when the star of Jushin was shining, two baby boys were born, both the King's nephew, but one was born in the palace (Yeon Hogae) and the other (DamDeok) in the woods. Along with the births the artifacts shines brightly, thus putting the guardians in danger from the power hungry Fire Tribe.
During the raids, one of the guardians had two daughters, before they were slayed, the mother gave the JuJak pendant to her eldest daughter and told her to protect her baby sister no matter what. She hid the baby in a rice box, therefore when the Fire Tribe found her- wearing the pendant- laying unconcious because of the smoke, they only took her and leaving the baby behind. The baby was later found by the guardian of the Black Turtle-Snake and named her SeoJini

So the story start to repeat itself with a slight alterations here and there. At the end of this drama, I keep on thinking if only their Gods didn't interfere, if only they hadn't given hint of the fututre...maybe their life wouldnt be such a mess and misery. Cousins who could become the very of best friends, become sworn enemy , sisters torn apart and met as strangers, lovers turn to bitter competitors and all because of the prophecy....

To me the young actors/tress stole the show from the adults. Shim Eun Kyung who potrays the young SeoJini was so adorable while Yoo Seung Hoo as young Damdeok really tugs at your heart with his sad eyes as if the burdens of the whole worlds was thrusts upon him. The nickname Little So Ji Sup was so fitting... ^_^
Anyway, overall Ballads of Seo Dong still my no.1 choice of historical drama, follow by Dae Jang Geum, Lord of The Sea and Jumong. Still dont like the lead hero Bae Yong Jun though no matter what.......
A little bit of history lesson:
Who was Dam-deok (Gwang Gae Toh Dae Wang): He was the 19th king of Goguryeo (lasted from 37 B.C. to 668 A.D.). During the time of Dam-deok, Goguryeo was the most powerful nation in East Asia (yes, even the Chinese dynasty couldn’t defeat Goguryeo). At age 11, he was made the Crown Prince and became King when he was 16. In 396, he attacked Baekje (a nation Southwest of Goguryeo) and took over the northern area above the Han River. He defeated the many invasions made by the Yeon Dynasty (China) after 400 A.D. During his reign, the number of castles he took over numbered in the hundreds and villages numbered in the thousands. However, he died at an untimely age of 39.

Fallacy of Free

Yesterday, I spent nearly 6 hours flat-bottomed-back-aching-neck-straining in a saloon’s chair; getting my top hair rebonded and the lower part digital permed. The hair stylist, seeing me yawning and adjusting my seat every few minutes made a comment, “It’s hard to be beautiful, huh?” That made me thinking, hmm…am I doing this to be beautiful? Maybe subconsciously; yes – though there is nothing I can do with my hair could improve my looks, make it worse more likely! But when I decide to do this, I was thinking along the lines of 1. I can afford this (at least once a year only!), 2. It will be a change from my thick- frizzy-unruly hair or the latest, straight rebonded hair, 3. I won’t look like amah or ghost at home hehehe…I’m that lazy! and 4. Once in a while indulging and pampering yourself is permitted right? (Hey! Who else is there to pamper me except for me??)

So back to what we human endure just to be beautiful…what’s your limit? Mine as long as it’s not painful and pulling my healthy teeth is already considered painful. So just forget those plastic surgery, liposuction and whatever there is out there…but there is one thing I do consider to undergo- not to be beautiful, but for ease of living- Lasik Surgery. Imagine life without spectacles, cleaning them and wiping them every time you went out of air-conditioned place, the blur when it’s raining, pushing them up your nose…or contact lenses, no more foreign objects that feels itchy and dry in your eyes. Thinking back I spent only around 9 years of my life without visual aids. But is it worth it? Not only in monetary costs, but what if there is side effects? All those small irritating things you have to endure will be blissful then compare to the pain you will be stuck with. I know so far large percentage of the patients have no complaints, but what if I’m one of the unlucky few? Yeah…I don’t need to read horoscope to know that I’m the type of people who like status quo, dislikes changes and taking risks…does that makes me a coward?

I digress…actually it’s not so grueling really sitting on a chair, but it’s just soooooo boring and thinking of the opportunity costs - other stuff I could in those 6 hours like watching Kdrama or sleeping! And the book I brought yesterday didn’t help at all to elevate my boredom -I read only 3 chapters I think in those long hours- and I’m a fairly fast-reading-bookworm! The book titled Atonement by Ian McEwan….somewhere in those boring hours, I decided to forego the book and watch the movie instead…….I don’t know how my nieces like those long-winded-overly descriptive-psychologically-indepth kinda of books. I like something light, heroine meets hero, fights, fall in love, overcome obstacles and live happily ever after. I know its typical and becoming mundane if you read it one after another, but its something to takes your mind of reality….like my Kdrama!.

Feb 4, 2008

Life is a Journey, Not a Destination

Am I ambitious? Or am I a coward? Am I weird, or just one among the crowds?

I like life to be moderate; not rich but no so poor either, not successful and not a total failure; not at the top of the ladder of a corporation but not the one to sweep the floors either. But everyone around me seems to be in a race; to be better, to be faster, to be on the top...that's sometimes I had to think that I'm really a coward, to scared to take chances. I don't like to be a coward. Courages is a way to life live, isn't it? Things worth living are worth dying for. But are money, status and success fall in that 'thing' category?
Why suddenly this was running around in my mind? Because I was told to apply for higher posts, or I should continue with my study and get my Master. But I just dont have the courage to take the risks that it'll be too much for me... Haha I'm a Taurus so yeah I like to maintain status quo, stability, and hate the 'unknown'...
For now, I like to take a day at a time, no BIG picture, no long term planning, face whatever comes my way as it comes...but I heard people who live life this way, wont get anywhere far? Do I want to go far? Maybe for my self-esteem I would like to, but I want to rise higher and reach self-actualization needs...hehe...needs for "happiness", so maybe its ok if I didnt go far, as long as I'm happy

Some Moderation quotes : { I didnt even understand some of them...hahaha}

Half the vices which the world condemns most loudly have seeds of good in them and require moderate use rather than total abstinence. * Samuel Butler

Moderation is the silken string running through the pearl chain of all virtues. * Joseph Hall

Moderation is a virtue only in those who are thought to have an alternative. * Henry Kissinger
That moderation which nature prescribes, which limits our desires by resources restricted to our needs, has abandoned the field; it has now come to this--that to want only what is enough is a sign both of boorishness and of utter destitution. * Seneca

The heart is great which shows moderation in the midst of prosperity. * Seneca
Moderation is a fatal thing... Nothing succeeds like excess. * Oscar Wilde

Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice.* Thomas Paine

Whatever you do, do it in moderation. *Proverb

Throw moderation to the winds, and the greatest pleasures bring the greatest pains.*
Democritus (Greek philosopher, 460-370bc)

Moderation, which consists in an indifference about little things, and in a prudent and well-proportioned zeal about things of importance, can proceed from nothing but true knowledge, which has its foundation in self-acquaintance.* Plato(Ancient Greek Philosopher, 428-348 BC)

Never go to excess, but let moderation be your guide. * Marcus Tullius Cicero

Only actions give life strength; only moderation gives it charm. *Jean Paul Richter

Moderation is commonly firm, and firmness is commonly successful. * Samuel Johnson

Moderation is a virtue only in those who are thought to have an alternative. *Henry Kissinger

I know that many have been taught to think that moderation, in a case like this, is a sort of treason. *Edmund Burke