Feb 21, 2008

Que Sera Sera (4)

This is the story of two interlocking couples... love rectangle/square lah kali ah....
Han Eun Soo (Jung Yoo Mi) just arrived to Seoul and live next door to Kan Tae Joo. Though he appears to be a playboy- a selfish and rude - she can't help but fall in love with him. She ask him to date her eventhough he told her already that she's not his type - as in fast, un-naive, beautiful heiress. Anyway, they dated for awhile until an heiress proposition him to be her 'boyfriend'. So he dumped Eun Soo.
Now, the heiress, Cha Hye Lin (Yoon Ji Hye) was trying to get her adopted brother to be jealous - as well as getting back at her parents. She offers Tae Joo a year contract to be her boyfriend, life of luxury and a managerial job at her father's department store.
While. the adopted brother, Shin Joon Hyuk (Lee Kyu Han) who work in close contact with Eun Soo in the department store began to develop tender feelings for Eun Soo. Eun Soo try to appease her bruised heart by accepting Joon Hyuk.
Tae Joo (Eric Moon) realise that all that luxury doesnt make him happy, when he was so jealous seeing Eun Soo with Joon Hyuk. So on a work trip, he finally decided to forgo the contract and be with Eun Soo again.
Hye Lin initiate the contract to get Joon Hyuk's love back, but instead she falls in love with Tae Joo, so she beg him to come back and promised a chairman postion if he marry her. And the cycle begins again...
I didn't find Eric Moon handsome, that is why I was reluctant to watch this drama. (Hey! Liking the casting would make the watching more enjoyable). After watching this drama, it was an ok, though it didn't make me forgo sleep. Sometimes, feel like bashing in Tae Joo'e head when he's being a jerk or Eun Soo for being so darn stupid. I didn't understand though Tae Joo's motives for dumping Eun Soo the second time, is it really because he finds living without much money is tough or because he wants to help Eun Soo.
^_^ Lee Kyu Han is so cute and charismatic here...different from his personality in Love Needs a Miracle... Sigh! Me and the underdogs..................

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