Mar 31, 2009

Hua Mulan

Mulan is my favorite Disney's princess. I could watch this cartoon over and over again and still manage to crack a smile here and there. It was then when I watch this cartoon 2 weeks ago along with my 5-years-old and 17-years-old nephews that the eldest one made a comment that makes me laugh. He said, " Did you notice how "gay" this cartoon is? Look at how protective Captain Li Shang is of Mulan? and how dissapointed and angry he is when he found out Mulan is really a she?"

Well, I think its the case of 'Coffee Prince' again, its not so much that he's angry over the fact that he is a female but more on the deceits and lies he had been given. So yeah, I still love Mulan! Like Mulan's grandma say. "Sign me up for the next war"... Haha... No, I don't wish for a senseless war really!

The funny Mulan's war camaraderie...

Then there's the soundtrack... simply fall in love with Reflection at first hearing!

or smile and sing along to these two ^_^

A Girl Worth Fighting For

I'll Make A Man Out of You

Oh yeah they are filming the movie Mulan and Zhao Wei (picture below) is casted to play Hua Mulan (hurray! I like her). Other actress who was considered for the role I read were Zhang Ziyi, Michelle Yeoh (tuha kali ah!) and Liu Yifei....

Mar 30, 2009

Shopping Expedition!

I have high expectation for this trip; expectation that I will get many korean dramas! But day one I already had a severe disappointment. Yes I do find many korean dramas but it didn't have any english/malay subtitles!!!! Especially when I find all 3 boxset for The King and I on 30% discount....arghhhh!!!! what a let down... This is when I wish I could understand Korean Language, should I enroll again for another costly lesson? Nah.....

So I only bought Bittersweet Life at Bukit Bintang. All the other new dramas, are also available at the local stores here, so better buy here lah....

In the end I splurge on books. Lots of books. I think its the fault of ngalih berjalan, so most of the time I rest my tired legs sitting in bookstores, Kinokuniyas and Borders - reading what caught my fancy. And most of them, I end up buying! I would have bought more if I didn't think of my luggage 20kgs limit! Among the first I bought are...

after The Last Templar, I was hoping to find another can't-let-go-thriller!

finally in paperback! A next to read after I watch East of Eden hehehe....

and Jude Devereux's Secrets. Can't remember the sinopsis, but must be interesting or else I would skip this also like her many recent novels.

Then in KL, after going up and down Pavillion; left, right and centre, a short look-around at Lot 10 and Bukit Bintang/Sungai Weng Plaza, we took and MRT to Times Square. I can't walk feet are aching! So went to Borders to sit and read again, there I found..

I was so wanna watch the movie, but there aint clear dvd copy yet in stores, so I started to read to learn whats its all about...and end up buying it! And learn its a trilogy so after that I started hunting for the other 2 books.

Found Inkspell at Singapore's Borders.

and Inkdeath at Singapore's Kinokuniya. And the all 3-in-1 at Times at The Centrepoint for half the price I bought for the 3 novels separately!!! To comfort my heart, I tell myself, it's ok. The 3-in-1 is soooo darn thick that the binding will easily come off... Long term, the separate book is better... Right?

I bought this at Singapore's Borders as well. Not a fan of Nora Roberts much, but this novel make me wants to flip to the last page...

Then there's Anne of Green Gables Co;lection. I can't remember exactly when I first watch Anne of Green Gables mini series, maybe my age was around 10-12 years old then. But me and my sisters was glued to the tv (if I remember correctly). It was a wonderful story full of drama and laughter. It was a story of a strong-headed, intelligent but romantic orphan girl, Anne Shirley who was finally got adopted by a couple of siblings. At first, you'll hate Marilla but you kinda grow fond of her in the end - behind her stern nature hides a kind heart. Anne quest to find a "bosom friend" was something all little girls could identify with and she always drag her bosom friend that she finally found into mischief. Then there's Gilbert Blythe... Hey! We got only local tv station then and two neighbouring country tv stations, so limited exposure, therefore Gilbert is already cute then with his curly black hair and pink cheeks ^_^ Gonna scour the cd stores for the tv-series now... hehe...

Megan Follows as Anne and Jonathan Crombie as Gilbert

Then I read the entire Anne series during my years at MD (coz the library collection was so limited!), I didn't expect to shed tears when I read the books, but found myself crying then... that's why I wanna read it again, to see if I still finds the story sweet and sad as I did back then or did i became jaded already, only korean dramas can make me cry....wakakaka! (and of course when I yawns!)

as an aftertought i bought the Emily's series also.... (have to take a long walk back to the hotel with heavy loads then)

I also remember the tv-series Road to Avonlea, based on stories by L.M. Montgomery also... I think I got some novels of the series stored somewhere... gonna dig my cupboard and boxes when I have the time (wonder when will that be?)

Now from these all 3 series, the prominent character are the girls; strong, stubborn, optimistic, smart and kind hearted girls who grew into such a fine womens. So its kinda a surprising when I found out before, that this wonderful author Mrs. Montgomery committed suicide suffering from depression....

Mar 19, 2009

I am Sam (3)

This is one of the kdrama boxsets that I bought on my last shopping trip to KL. Hmmm...was that on June, July last year? :) I just had the oppurtunity to watch it last week after I really really told myself not to buy any new boxset. Gosh! I saw yesterday that East of Eden boxset are available now in stores here, haha if I had enough money then I would have bought it then and there and after my visit to the bank I told myself not to go to any cds shop, cause I don't have time to watch it flight is tomorrow!

Sinopsis of the drama - its about this timid and 'weird' teacher, Jang Ee San (Yang Dong Geun) (I'm not sure how to describe his character in a nutshell, it's like a 'nerdish' but inappropriate for a teacher) chance encounter with a spoiled mobster's daughter in the street. Since she seems lost and desperate he asks her if she needs any help. He let her stay in his small apartment for the night since she says she can't go home because her father was abusive and come morning before he went to teach, left her his phone number if she got into any trouble. She did come into trouble and end up in police station, he come to bail her out. Then she said something unbecoming for a girl (huh! its alright for a male to curse is it?) and get a slap from him.

Yoo Eun Byul (Park Min Young) being the spoiled daughter of a highly dangerous mob leader, though her father was so temperamental and scary to others, he never raised a hand to Eun Byul. So she was rather shocked to get this treatment, it was a whole new experience! When she did come home, she get a tongue lashing from her father which stop when she said she wants to study again, but not a private tutor at home. She wants to study in the school where Ee San was teaching.

The father then brought Ee San to his mansion and informed him of Eun Byul's decision. At first, Ee San decline no matter how much money was offered, he don't want to associate himself with the mob but then his life was threatened, so he had to accept to teach Eun Byul. What I don't understand is why he forced Ee San to live in the same house as Eun Byul? It's not as if after school hours he gave her another private lesson...

Eun Byul ends up in Ee San class then with her father's influence. It turns out his class was the 'most problematic' class in the school. Being the new student she was harassed but she stood up on her own. Her alterations with the school badboy, Chae Moo Shin (TOP from Big Bang), just when she entered the school's ground was also of not help.

Then there is some kind pulling thing between Eun Byul and Shin So Yi (Son Tae Young), the art teacher. His romantic relationship between him and So Yi was just started, then Eun Byul came into the picture and he had to rearrange their date to fit Eun Byul's schedule and he can't tell the truth to So Yi.

So Yi always confiding in Sun Ho about her problems with Ee San…

and her worries over the closeness of Ee San and Eun Byul came into fruitition. They have taken a liking to each other as time passes.

I was laughing my side off when So Yi came to visit Ee San at their house and that time Eun Byul's father and Mr. Kim (his right-hand man) was also checking up on him. So to cover up, he introduce the father as his father and Mr.Kim as his younger brother. He really took the oppurtunity to bully back Mr.Kim who can't do anything since he's pretending to be the younger brother.

All of the class members were really adorable. The class's monitor who sprouts out latins with almost every line he speaks, the 2nd place nerd, the Bin's trio, Sa Kang, Moo Shin, etc!

I also like Eun Byul's classmate So Kang, she was aloof at first but slowly opens up to Eun Byul cheery attitude and I think she likes Moo Shin who at first like Eun Byul. What I like about her character is that she doesnt try to force her affection on Moo Shin but let their relationship evolves on their own.

It’s a pretty light-hearted and funny drama to watch. He was such a incompetent teacher before Eun Byul came into the picture, but afterwards he started getting close and personal with each of his students and started to understand the meaning of a real teacher (not just standing infront of the class, dribbling with facts). Yang Dong Geun is really perfect as this kind of 'quirky' teacher. Now I'm interested to watch his other drama such as Dr. Gang, i was curious if the "quirkiness" is truly him or he is just get into the character. Yeah, it was a put off before cause he's not that good looking ^_^

Park Min Young (Eun Byul) is so cute and adorable, her acting was not over, the sweetness not nauseating, also looking forward to her newest drama with that skinny actress (cant remember her name).

Lee Min Ho!!! Even before BBF I still believe I would find him cute ^_^
The 3 men for Eun Byul. Park Jae Jung is the hottest... though I hate his weak character in YAMD

Yang Dong Geun as Jang Yi San
Park Min Young as Yoo Eun Byul
T.O.P as Chae Moo Shin
Son Tae Young as Shin So Yi (the art teacher- Kwon Sang Woon's wife!)

Extended Cast
Ryan as Ji Seon Hoo (the doctor, in Hello! Miss)
Park Jae Jung as Kim Woo Jin ;Mr. Yoo's right hand man (Hosae in You Are My Destiny)
Park Chae Kyung as Min Sa Kang (the female fren)
Lee Min Ho as Heo Mo Se ( Boys Before Flower...need I say more? He's so adorable)
Park Chul Ho as Kim In Seol (the monitor, the brother who get stabbed in The Devil)
Yoo Tae Woong as Go Dong Sool
Kim Hong Sik as Park Nam Kyu
Choi Joo Bong as Heo Duk Bae (principal / Mo Se's father)

Mar 15, 2009


I'm not sure how to describe Stardust, on one hand it has some fantasy elements, but I don't think it's for the younger audience like Narnias or Harry Potter are. But whatever, it didn't bore me as Harry Potter movies adaptation were - it has part fantasy, part comedy, part drama. It suitable for ones who wishes for something lighthearted.

There's one small village in England that border a magical world and one evening a young Durnstan Thorn sneak past the guard of the hole in the wall to see the other side and met a witch's slave girl. This-around-5-feet-high-stone wall is what separate the two worlds! Anyone could just climb over the wall, not just slip through the hole. Anyway, I'm not sure if they fall instantly in love or what, but they spent the night together and 9 months later Durnstan was visited by the wall's guard, somebody had left a gift for him by the wall - a baby boy in a basket named Tristan.
18 years later, we met the young Tristan (Charlie Cox) who was enamored to the town's beauty Victoria (Sienna Miller); who in turn prefers Humphrey, who seems to be wealthy and dashing.
One night, Tristan convinces Victoria to come out to a night picnic to look at the stars. He found out that Victoria plans to accept Humphrey's proposal on her birthday; in 2 weeks time. He proclaimed some romantic gestures to prove his love is greater than Humphrey when a falling star come into view. He said he will present that star to her on her birthday if she promise to marry him.

The star was actually struck down by the necklace that the current king of the magical kingdom called Stormhold has enchanted on his deathbed. He declares that "he of royal blood" (hmmph! is 'royal' blood any different from non-royal blood?) who first find the ruby pendant and turns it back to its original red colour will become the next ruler of Stormhold. Then just as his surviving sons tries to grab the necklace, it shoots up towards the sky, struck a star, and the necklace and the star comes stumbling back to earth. Could NASA invent a rocket as fast as that, to the far horizon and back all in one night? ^_^
The king has 7 sons - Primus, Secundus, Tertius, Quartus, Quintus, Sextus and Septimus (yeah, very imaginative names and easy to remember their order) and 1 daughter, Una (the daughter was missing for years, and no one make an effort to search for her?!). So since Secundus, Tertius, Sextus and of the Q was already dead by their own sibling's hand, only left for the remaining sons to search for the ruby. Another, story tangent was 3 ugly old witches (led by Michelle Pfeifer) who wants to become young and beautiful again by the sacrificing) the fallen star.

Back to Tristan, he fails to slip past the wall's guard as his father's did, hehe "fooled me once -shame on you, fooled me twice- shamed on me!". So he goes back home dejectedly to his father who then gives him a note and a Babylon candle his mother left to him when he was a baby. (But really! even if he does not love her, he did not even try to see the mother of his child even once???). Anyway, Tristan lights the Babylon candle to go to her, but accidentally thinks about the star, and is magically transported to the star's impact area in the kingdom of Stormhold. The star is not what he expected: The star is actually a beautiful, immortal and spirited young woman named Yvaine (Claire Danes). Haha, he thought at first she was his mother and called her 'mother' when he was corrected by the disgruntled star.

Determined to win Victoria's heart, Tristan chained himself to Yvaine. He promised Yvaine he will use the last of the magic candle to send her back to the sky after he has taken her to Victoria.As we know Tristan is not the only one seeking Yvaine, there are the 3 witches and the sons of the King - for Yvaine now wore the necklace. So their adventure began...
As predicted they fall in love with each other. Yvaine confess first that she fall in love with him, when Tristan was turn into a mouse by a witch- she thought he wont understand her. She said she realise that love is what makes it bearable to look down at our miserable world. Love is unconditional, to love somebody is to want nothing in return, but to be loved in return. Hmphh...that concept is 'romantic' in movies and novels, but in the real world is just plain stupid. I think every action, every decision we made was because we want something in return. We are selfish being. So she wants nothing but to be love in return, what if she didn't get that love in return? what happen to her love? does it turn to hate?
Tristan was still woozy after being turned back to human form again, he called Yvaine -Victoria. She said she prefer "Mother" ^_^
Three questions after I watched this movie:
1. How does Una know, Yvaine is the fallen star and cannot pass over the wall?
2. How does Una recognize Tristan as the son she pack in a basket and send to the father?
3. and lastly, are they trying to depict Captain Shakespear as gay when he winked at Humphrey at the end of the movie?
I like Claire Danes after watching R&J, I think she has fresh and innocent look (like below pics) but in this movie she looks dull and old :(

Mar 12, 2009

The Painter of The Wind (3.2)

This drama took the characters of two real great korean historical artists/ painter; Danwon and Hyewon. However, here Hyewon or his real name Shin Yoon Bok was potrayed as a woman, disguised as man by his/her adoptive father so she can gained admitance to royal painting institute, Dohwaseo. She had vague recollection of her real parents who was murdered right infront of her eyes.

One day, their class had an outing in which they are "free" to paint whatever they wished without having to put their name on their drawing and Yoon Bok painted the above. The seniors of the institute judged the painting as lewd for its hidden meaning; a lady who had just met her lover thus the man's hat she was holding and something abouth the tree. Actually, I think they tried to justify why the Queen Mother asked them to find the painter at all cost or else its their head on the platter!

Why the Queen Mother was meddling in this triflling affair? Because she was the lady that Yoon Bok had paint! You'd think being the Queen Mother, she is old, but actually she was quite young and beautiful to be the current King's Step-Grandmother (picture above). Yes, when Yoon Bok had paint her, she had just met her lover for one last fling while the King was performing some kind of prayer to ask for rain. Though, Yoon Bok had only paint her back, she was afraid she would be found out and set out to find and eliminate the painter. Hmph... if only she did not make such a fuss, no one would notice her distinguishing birthmark under her right ear that Yoon Bok had also paint - she was such a stickler for details!

Anyway, the seniors was at their dead end, none of the student owned up that it was their painting - Yoon Bok made an attempt, but hinder by her adoptive father. As a last resort they had to call back the exiled Kim Hong Do aka Danwon who was such an expert in analysing a painter styles so can identify the painter. He was the one that later who teaches Yoon Bok how to paint and they develop a strong friendship of mentor and disciple.

Danwon was also a close friend to the King who wishes to avenge the wrongful death of his father under the manupulation of the Queen Mother. (The King is the same king as in Yi San). So when the time came to reveal the identity of the painter... Danwon choose not to reveal! When his hands was going to be crushed because of that, Yoon Bok that he send away earlier came running through the gate (in the nick of time!) and said she was the painter. Then her adoptive brother also came forward and claimed the same thing... chaos ensue!

Isn't that sweet, Young Bok tries to comfort Yoon Bok, saying everything will be alright. He will take the blame cause she's more talented than him. But Yoon Bok won't hear of it, she would not let her brother take the fall....

Then, the king came into their rescue and manage to get the Queen Mother to stand back, and he lighten their punishment.

I enjoyed the early part of this drama, how the King witfully handled the Court who was in cohort with the Queen Mother. But the alterations between Yoon Bok and Jeong Hyang make me go Ewwww!!!!! It was understandable for Jeong Hyang to be attracted to Yoon Bok, since she thought she was a he but for Yoon Bok to like Jeong Hyang???? I tried to tell myself at first that the longing look Yoon Bok casts at Jeong Hyang was not that she yearned for Jeong Hyang, but yearning for the woman she could have been...

I would prefer that they tried to get deeper on her relationship with Danwon, even as old as he was compared to her. We know clearly, Danwon feelings for her had turned romantic (even before he know for sure that he was a she, but he fights it!), but what about Yoon Bok to Danwon? Does she still look at him as a teacher/ mentor?

Or maybe developed more story of her with her adoptive brother, Young Bok. When her painting was being questioned, Yoon Bok asks Young Bok if it’s really so wrong to make a painting of a woman - after all, every time a woman pass by - men start drooling openly, or all they can talked about when they gathered are women. She comments on the hypocrisy of acting that way, and yet being forbidden to add those parts of life into painting. Then Yoon Bok asks Young Bok if he likes any woman himself, and his over-exaggerated reaction makes it obvious that he does have a lady he likes. And his facial expression suggest that woman is ...Yoon-bok! ( I was delighted with this!). And as the story goes on... more and more so. He was so schwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeet.

She was not afraid to make ugly faces on screen.
I do think Korea's Little Sister, Moon Geun Young is cute. (I specially like her when she pretend to be a woman when she was really a woman - so funny! and so believable that she feels awkward being femininely). But the eye-candy in this drama for me are Lee Joon and Bae Soo Bin (the King)! First notice in Jumong, not a major character but still eye-catching. I think it's his eyes that makes me notice him, even when he smiles amusingly, his eyes seem mocking... Then he looks handsome in Emperor of the Sea, but here he looks hot as the king! :D

I won't highly recommend this drama, but I find it an interesting drama nonetheless. It makes me look at a painting/drawing with a new eye. I know I don't have any artistics talents (cant even draw a straight line without a ruler!) but here it shows that to be an artist you need to be observant, know the law of nature etc. Sigh! How I wish I do have the talent. What I would love to paint is the clouds, white thick fluffy clouds with beautiful blue background sky, thin speck of white on a sunny day or even stormy black clouds. I tried to capture it on camera, but my digital camera was not good enough to catch the beauty and grandiose of The Mighty creation.

Moon Geun Young as Shin Yoon Bok

Park Shin Yang as Kim Hong Do
Lee Joon as Shin Young Bok Bae Soo Bin as King Jeong Jo
Park Jin Woo as Jang Hyo Won
Moon Chae Won as Jeong Hyang
Extended Cast
Park Hyuk Kwon as Lee In Moon (Kim Hong Do's friend)
Ahn Suk Hwan as Shin Han Pyeong (Yoon Bok's adopted father)
Ryu Seung Ryong as Kim Jo Nyun
Jung In Gi as Hong Gook Young
Im Ji Eun as Queen Jeong Soon
Kim Eung Soo as Jang Byuk Soo
Lee Mi Young as Mok Kye Wol
Yoon Joo Sang as Kang Soo Hang
Han Jung Soo as Seo Jing
Lee Kyung Hwa as Myeong
Kim Yoo Jung as young Yoon Bok
Lee Byung Joon as young Young Bok