Mar 31, 2009

Hua Mulan

Mulan is my favorite Disney's princess. I could watch this cartoon over and over again and still manage to crack a smile here and there. It was then when I watch this cartoon 2 weeks ago along with my 5-years-old and 17-years-old nephews that the eldest one made a comment that makes me laugh. He said, " Did you notice how "gay" this cartoon is? Look at how protective Captain Li Shang is of Mulan? and how dissapointed and angry he is when he found out Mulan is really a she?"

Well, I think its the case of 'Coffee Prince' again, its not so much that he's angry over the fact that he is a female but more on the deceits and lies he had been given. So yeah, I still love Mulan! Like Mulan's grandma say. "Sign me up for the next war"... Haha... No, I don't wish for a senseless war really!

The funny Mulan's war camaraderie...

Then there's the soundtrack... simply fall in love with Reflection at first hearing!

or smile and sing along to these two ^_^

A Girl Worth Fighting For

I'll Make A Man Out of You

Oh yeah they are filming the movie Mulan and Zhao Wei (picture below) is casted to play Hua Mulan (hurray! I like her). Other actress who was considered for the role I read were Zhang Ziyi, Michelle Yeoh (tuha kali ah!) and Liu Yifei....

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