Oct 26, 2008

Oh! Pil Seung and Bong Soon Young (3)

Before I start on Pil Seung...Yeay! Yi San Vol.2 is here! I wasn't planning on buying any new drama, I was window-shopping for a birthday present for my friend when I saw Yi San Vol.2 on the shelf. I was debating with myself, should I buy or should I not? You only have 5 days left before going off to Taiwan, when would you have time to watch it? The warranty for exchange is only for two weeks, what if its something wrong with your copy? I could bring my pc to Taiwan with me, and watch it at the hotel, by the time the 2 weeks is over, I'll finish it off for sure... Bringing the laptop? berat lah...and are you sure you wont fall staright to sleep at the hotel after tending the booth from 10-6, then rush to do some shopping before the shop closes, like you always did? Oh well, just finish Pil Seung, so I can finish 3 out of 7 dvds before wednesday, maybe 2 dvds at Taiwan, so left over 2 after I got back...sounds like a plan! and off I go to the cashier before I change my mind again. Haha...if there were other shoppers observing me, I don't know what they would be thinking watching me go back and forth the dvds shelf, taking the boxset out and putting it back. Now, its sunday, two more days to go and finish off already 1 dvd...I'm just a bit behind schedule ^_^ Its raining the whole day today, ideal day to curl under the sheet, in bed, watching tv and falling to sleep... cant believe its 7pm already! How times flies when you wish it wont.................

Busan born and raised Oh Pil Seung was running away from his creditors...to Seoul. Unbeknownst to him, in Seoul a young man life's was taken in a car accident, leaving an empire business without a heir. The grandmother 'fortunately' remember that her son had sired another son, albeit illegitimate and beforehand she wont acknowledged him and the mother. Desperate time calls for desperate measure; beggers cant be chooser - so off she sends her right-hand man to search for the long-lost grandson.
Pil Seung was stranded at Seoul Station, with no funds and the only friend he has in Seoul hang up the phone on him, because he still hold a grudge. So there he was countng his last cents when a drunken lady (Boon Soon Young) stumbled on him-scattering his coins everywhere- without an apology or even a glance back. When he halt and berated her, the table was turn on him, how can you reason with a drunk person? He was accused of stealing her bag, and together they were brought to the police station. What a coincidence! as it turned out, she was the sister of his friend, so he get to stay at his friend house after all. With her help, he get a job at the supermarket she works at. Pil Seung and Soon Young ends up being good friend.
It was here, while chasing Pil Seung for telling their workmates an embarassing story about her that she stumbled again with Yoon Jae Woong, the playboy, confident, tall and handsome Senior Manager of the head office of the supermarket. Jae Woong finally met a woman who resisted his charms and wouldnt spent a one-night stand with him, but how can Soon Young resist him for long when he pursue her so earnestly then?
The grandmother finally track Pil Seung and brought him to her house and get him installed in the office. She also alotted her deceased grandson's fiancee, Noh So Joung as Pil Seung assistant, to teach him the ropes so to speak. It shows how kind-hearted Pil Seung is that he didnt even think of holding a grudge to his grandmother who chases him and his mother away so long ago. He tried to learn as much as and as fast as he can, he tried to fit in although he know that some laugh behind his backs, he just put on a brave front and smile - for the sake of the grandmother. In the meantime, his heart is breaking too when he see the blossoming romance between Soon Young and his arch-rival Jae Woong, He was in love with Soon Young ever since their night sojourn at the police station.
But don't worry, Pil Seung you have the beautiful smart and talented Noh So Joung standing behind you. Close encounters with Pil Seung, getting to know him better, she falls in love with Pil Seung. Although feeling guilty at first for forgetting her dead fiance so fast to the point she quit her job, but she cant just sit idle and worrying about Pil Seung, so she take her job again. She said to Jae Woong there were many ways to love a person. See, Soon Young soon founds out that her feelings for Pil Seung runs deeper than mere friendship, she thought she was in love with Jae Woong just because who wouldn't??? and he was so pityful and emotionally insecure at times...
So who would Soon Young chose the charismatic Jae Woong or the free-spirited Pil Seung? Can Pil Seung rise up to the challenge to be the president of the company? Was he the true biological grandson or just a fake?
I would enjoy this drama very much if I haven't watch tons of other dramas before. So it was a slow drama for me, where there's no villain. Just normal people getting on with their normal lives, making daily decisons. If it was in real life, wouldn't it be nice if Pil Seung's assistant end up with Jae Woong? but if its drama, oh come on...what sappy 'everyone-lives-happily-ever-after ending ' tia ^_^

Ahn Jae Wook as Oh Pil-seung (DOB: 12 Sept 1971)

Chae Rim as Bong Soon-young (DOB: 28 Mar 1979)
Ryu Jin as Yoon Jae-woong (DOB : 16 Nov 1972)

Park Sun Young as Noh Yoo-jung ; Pil-seung's assistant(DOB: 21 Aug 1976)
Oh yeah, isnt the lady playing Pil Seung's step mom Lee Hye Sook? Soo Bin's mom in You Are My Destiny? The ajumma in My 19 Year Old Sister In Law? She was loud and abrasive there with big hair, but here she was more demure and subdued so I'm not sure....

Lee Hye Sook (DOB: 4 Sept 1962)

Oct 4, 2008

On Air (3.5)

Had finished watching this drama weekss ago, but fudge this was the worse fasting month for me. At work I had no time to read my personal email, or browse through the internet, the workload keep piling up!!!!! There were days I was still typing on my desk until the normal working hours when everyone had already left for home exactly at two :( I was running around with several tasks in my head. There's one day when one officer asked me about something, and I answered I'll check it later (My memory space is getting crowded these days). And that person reply back I shouldn't have to check it again, I should've KNOWN since I'm the fucking secretary of the committee. "Sesungguhnya aku sedang berpuasa" or else.... Haha as if! I'd still swallowed the retort back even if I'm not fasting. Its not that I dont have the backbone to be sarcastic back but I'm thinking of the long term, how uncomfortable the work environment would be if I just say what I please to those thoughtless people. There were times when I was too late to bite my tongue, I really regret what I say :( Kata orang, "Terlajak kereta boleh reverse or u-turn, terlajak kata...unless you have the power to erase one's memory...regret/sorry is useless"

Back to the drama, I feel its been a long time since I can't guess the ending of the drama; who's gonna end up with whom. So I was really addicted to watch the next episodes and the next until I reach half of the drama. Its about two successful women and the two guys; one down on his luck and the other just starting on his career - in short the women have the 'power' here, the one who did the rescuing ^_^
Oh Seung Ah (Kim Ha Neul) is a famous successful actress albeit the fact she really can't act well. Having enough of her abusive, controlling Manager, she went in search of another agency after her contract with him expires. But all the other agency are all the same, so she went to Jang Ki Joon (Kim Bum Soo), the agent who help her when she was just starting on the entertainment business. Jang Ki Joon's agency was just being declared bankrupt, and the only actors he got left was two unknown talents. When, Seung Ah came to him, it was a boost to his spirit as well as his agency.
Lee Kyung Min (Park Yong Ha) was a drama PD who got his first chance at being a director. Seo Young Eun (Song Yoon Ah) is a much sought after script writer who was divorced and has a young son. Kyung Min feels that all her scripts lacks depth and only cares about viewers rating, he asked her to make some changes, a complete overhaul to be correct. In response, she flew away to Taiwan and he had a hard time convincing her to come back and work with him on the drama.There are two scenes where I like the most ^_^ First, when Ki Joon shield Young Eun's face from the sun with his palms. How it rattled Kyung Min and Seung Ah 's feathers but they try not to show it - I said try, Kyung Min made snide remarks about how big Young Eun's face is but the two person didn't understand. Second, when they played 'Truth or Dare" and everyone not wanting to reveal the truth but prefer to drink the wine instead.
It is here that I was intrigued, did he fall in love with Seung Ah years ago when she came to him wanting to be an actress, and did she likewise fall for him too? Or was he in love with the suicide actress or just feeling guilty because he couldnt save her? Who's the person he said he was in love with for years?????
This drama tries to show behind the scene of a drama production. But is it really like this? They have the beginning and have an idea about the ending but didnt know whats in between? And all the actresses and actors can also influence the way the story goes? Wow! I dont wanna be at the writers' shoes.

Overall, I like this drama. but does it make me rush to my favourite shop to buy another set. No. Maybe the fact that I dont have time to watch it does affect it a bit. Didnt like Kim Ha Neul or Song Yoon Ah before but in this drama they kinda okay, adorable in fact for SYA, though KHN I still have reservation. The other two lead actors- never seen them before though I'm planning to watch Surgeon Bong Dal Hee somewhere in the future. What about the mix-blood Ricky Lee Neely? His korean might be better than Daniel Henney or dreamy Dennis Oh but he was not that handsome in a close shot and still look awkward acting...so I don't see him jump to fame too quickly. Another similarities they all three shared is their wooden acts...hehehe. But I would watch Dennis's drama if its interesting; wooden acts won't matter, he's such an eye candy ^_^

Lee Bum Soo (DOB: 03.01.1970)

Kim Ha Neul (DOB: 21.02.1978)

Park Yong Ha (DOB: 12.08.1977)

Song Yoon Ah (DOB: 07.06.1973)

Ricky Lee Neely (DOB: 19.06.1981) as Aidan Lee (Seung Ah's friend)