Jun 1, 2008

First Love of the Prince (3)

Kim Yu Bin (Sung Yu Ri) who was working temporarily as a sandwich maker cum delivery girl had a crush on her regular customer, the hardworking Cha Sung Hyun(Kim Nam Jin). Evertime she made a delivery she would steal admiring glances at him but being the wall a clear glass and all, he didnt notice her. Her luck changed when she win a lucky dram for a trip to highland resort in Japan. There she met Choi Gun Hee (Cha Tae Hyun), the heir to the worldwide chain hotel resort. He was a lazybum who didnt take his responsibility seriously. Sigh! A typical melodrama regarding a spoil rich guy who finally met a girl that wouldnt succumb to his order and charms.
Upon her return to Seoul Yu Bin found herself with 2 job offers; her dream job to be a tourist guide at Gun Hee's Bali resort and as Sung Hyun's secretary. She would have taken the tour guide job -although at first she would like to be close to the object of her affection-if Gun Hee didnt retract the job offer once he found out. But she was incompetent as a secretary and only lasted a week. Gun Hee's father found out about Gun Hee underhanded-childish act of unhiring Yu Bin, He offers the job back to her and as a punishment send Gun Hee also to Bali as tour guide. Clashes upon clashes with Yu Bin soon blossomed into endearment but Yu Bin only had Sung Hyun at heart.
Fate brought Sung Hyun to shoot a commercial of his company's product at Gun Hee's resort. After all the time Yu Bin gave him adoring glances and treatment, finally the serious Sung Hyun also admitted that he also had feelings for her. But the same night he wanted to introduce her formally to her mother, he found out he shared the same father with Gun Hee. Being the dutiful person he was, he decided to gave up Yu Bin rather than fight with his own younger brother. But no matter how much Gun Hee tried, he couldnt transfer Yu Bin affection from Sung Hyun to himself.
Its funny how Gun Hee tolf Yu Bin to gave up and forget Sung Hyun who drops her without a blink, while he himself couldnt stop himself from chasing after her. He was mad at Sung Hyun for stealing his woman, when actually he was the third wheel here. Who would choose a childish-irresponsible guy over a dependable and kind hearted one? Spoiler Alert!!! Obviouly, Yu Bin!!!!
Argh! After she get the guy she was so hung up on, she realised she's in love with Gun Hee and its not just gulty feeling only...blargh! She asked Gun Hee why he loves her so when she was no beauty (that's a lie!) and always ignore him and treated him badly. He answered her simply because its her. Hahaha....is that possible to love another for no apparent reason? There must be a reason for us to feel affection for another person be it duty-bound like blood relation or something...

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