Jun 19, 2008

Who Are You? (4.5)

A second drama I finished watching from mysoju. Its another story of spiritual possession, but this one much more interesting!

In a Korean tradition mixing Buddhism and Confucianism, the soul of a dead person is left on earth for 49 days before going to the afterlife. In this drama, it tells about those 49 days that a father has to make things right for his daughter, it tells about how we take for granted those loved ones around us and only known their values once they are gone, it tells about how we need to open our heart to find happiness and reason to live eventhough by opening it we might allow pain and suffering to get in also and how ill-gotten wealth would not guarantee the satisfaction that we wished for.

Cha Seung Hyo (Yoon Kye Sang) is a cold hearted corporate raider, he was sent to an orphanage when his father was sent to prison. Later on, he was adopted and lived in the States. Maybe because of his troubled chilhood he had this obsessive tendency to keep things neat, tidy, clean and perfect. He had an accident the same day as Son Il Gun (Kam Nam Gil) and was in a coma. After begging to the 'Reaper' to give him more time for the sake of his daughter, the 'Reaper' allowed Son Il Gun to inhibit Cha Seung Hyo body for 3 hours a day for the next 49 days. Son Young In (Go Ah Ra) was left all alone in the world after her father dies. The only person left to care for her were her two best friend the wheel-chaired-bound Yang Ji Suk (Lee Min Jung) and Kwon Yong Duk (Lee Un). Then there is her seems-to-be-knight-in-shining-armour Shin Jae Ha (Jin Yi Han, who comes to her rescue on her father's burial day.

I started to enjoy this drama when Cha Seung Hyo was being possessed by the spirit of Sun Il Gun. Yoon Kye Sang really is a good actor; I didn’t really think he was all that good-looking but he was so adorable, especially when he was performing the dance on the street, from then on that he started to get more handsomer and handsomer. Hmmm...It could be the amusement at seeing Yoon Kye Sang regularly transition from hard, snobbish stubborn businessman into kinda-dorky, good-natured old man character. It was so 'real' the way he can 'inhibit' both characters so well - both the smug man and the happy-go-lucky father. Go Ah Ra is okay, but I feel like the drama would be more umpph! playing by a better, stronger lead actress.
There are so many dialogues that I like in this drama such as when Sung Hyo confronts Jae Ha who took Young In to live with him, he asked "Are you always so helpful, or is it calculative?"
Jae Ha answered, "If you must have my answer, than I'm both. I am helpful but I am also calculative at the same time"
Seung Hyo : "You're pretty ambitious, arent you?"
Jae Ha: "We're human after all. I'm at least better than those who are solely calculative, am I not?"
Seung Hyo: "If being helpful is part of being calculative, that'll be a different issue. If you're intending to be calculative all the way then I hope you will also continue to be helpful till the end"

*It brings to mind the saying "Cruel to be Kind", would you rather being treated kindly by a person who wishes to benefitted something from you? When they get what they want, where will you be? or would you rather dace the hard-cruel-reality face on?*

Young In: “Why do you raise turtles? You could have dogs, or cats.”

Seung Hyo: “They’re quiet, and not bothersome. And they’ll live longer than me. If they try to run away, they walk slower than I do, so I’d never lose them. Even if they left, they’d go to the sea, and I’ll know where to look and wait.”
then in another scene...
Young In said to him : “I want to be by your side, instead of your turtles. I’ll live longer than your turtles. I’m eleven years younger than you, so I can live longer. I won’t leave you to be alone.”

Seung Hyo: “I’m someone who can’t hide things well, so I’ll talk frankly. You occupy my thoughts too. Yes, I keep thinking of you. But this is what I don’t like — it’s uncomfortable and annoying, to have someone appear and interfere with my space and my order of things. I’m really awkward at meeting and separating, leaving someone or sending them away. If I confused you, I apologize. Plus I’m eleven years older than you.”

Young In: “What difference does age make?”

Seung Hyo: “It makes a difference. Age is always an issue. I can’t handle you, and you can’t handle me. You should stop thinking of me, and find someone who suits you. Because I don’t think I’m right for you.”

*yup, AGE is ALWAYS an ISSUE, eventhough its just a number*

then, there is this scene when thay arrive at the orphanage when they are looking on at the children playing soccer (football), Young In said: “I feel better because they don’t look lonely.” But Seung Hyo told her not to judge so quickly : “You don’t know, they could be chasing that soccer ball trying hard not to be lonely.”

Young In: “Would you like me to be your soccer ball?”

Seung Hyo: “Why, so I’d kick you away? I already did that. Do I need to do it some more? Fine, whenever I see you each day I’ll kick you away.”
Instead of feeling insulted Young In recounter brightly, “So you’ll meet me every day?”

Seung Hyo : “What kind of woman has no pride like that?”

Young In : "I have a lot of pride but rather than protecting myself, isn’t real pride when I protect what’s valuable to me?”

*chehehee..so sweet, it makes me realised being prideful isnt just for oneself*

What disturbed me about this drama is when exactly Young In starts to 'fall' for Seung Hyo, when he's being kind to her (for which he was inhabited by her father) or when he's being rude and a jerk (the real him)? If at the time when he's being kind and caring, it means she falls for her father (ewww!!) and if at the time he's being a jerk - hell, how cud she fall in love with that kinda person? Is she into self-punishment??? Only, when she get to know him better then she could see that underneath the rough exterior hid a person who closed himself up to avoid pain.

I mentioned about Young In’s friends before, they are so adorable also. There is this scene when Sooki teases Yong Duk about still having lingering feelings for his first love (Young In) from way back. She mentions her own first love, an “unperceptive, thick-headed idiot,” which prompted Yong Duk to ask whether he knows the idiot in question. Sooki answers, “You know him well” and mutters softly, “Idiot.” Does that mean her first love was Yong Duk? They should have make a little more story about this sweet couple :(

Yoon Kye Sang (Yun Kyae Sang) as Cha Seung Hyo
Profession: Actor and singer
Birthdate: 1978-Dec-20
Height: 182cm
Weight: 62kg

TV Series
Crazy For You (SBS, 2007) - will watch on mysoju someday
She Is Nineteen (SBS, 2004) - yeay! my niece just bought the boxset

Go Ah Ra as Son Young In
Profession: Actress
Birthdate: 1990-Feb-11
Birthplace: Jinju, South Korea
Height: 169cm
Weight: 45kg

Jin Yi Han (Jin Lee Han) as Shim Jae Ha
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1980-Oct-10
Height: 180cm
Weight: 68kg

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