Apr 18, 2008

Bad Couple (4)

Kim Dang Ja (Shin Eun Gyung) is an orphan, her father had deserted she and her mother when she was still a kid. Her family is her two bestfriends Na Dol Soon (Byun Jung Soo) and Han Young (Choi Jung Yoon). She suddenly desired to have a kid of her own (with no string attached i.e. marriage) after she had to babysit for Dol Soon's daughter. Who wouldn't? Jo Yeon Doo (Kim Hyang Gi) is so cuuuuute, first notice her in Bad Love (she had big hair then). Anyway, since she couldnt have artificial insemination - the law says a single woman couldnt- she began her search for the perfect male with the perfect genes.
Now Choi Gi Chan (Ryu Soo Young) has it all, the looks, the brain, the manners, the good family breeding = 'perfect genes'. He is a University Botanic Professor who was so engrossed with his plants that even if a woman walks up naked infront of him, he wouldnt notice. So it was very funny the innovative, creative plots Dang Ja come up with, trying to seduce him. When mission accomplished, she then had to devise several stories to 'dump' Gi Chan who had really fall for her. She might consider marrying Gi Chan if his family wasnt so tradisional, that to marry him she had to give up her career. She sez she has dreams she has yet to fulfill. (Hmm...thats make me think, isnt it great that she has ambition and goals, something she could work forward to whereas...)
Gi Chan then consent to his parents wishes and got engaged to his childhood fren. That's when she found out that she had uterus cancer. (Is there no other terminal disease?!!). Doctor advise her to abort the baby and have an operation, but she wouldnt even consider it. (I dont know whats the point of her bringing the baby to the world when she's no longer in it. Wouldnt she worry who would take care of the baby then? But then to kill her baby so that she could live is also unthinkable.) Dang Ja try to win the reponsible-duty-bonded Gi Chan back without having to tell him she's having his baby and probably gonna die soon. Well, you can guess she did win Gi Chan back, but will she survive?
The drama also focus on her bestfriend Han Young's life; her other bestfriend life is less dramatic, with only slight money problems. Han Young's 'perfect' husband was having an affair with a young doctor and ask for a divorce. (Thus another reason for Dang Ja to disbelieve in men & marriage). You could understand why she beg and beg her husband to not leave her and her son; she was a dedicated housewife for 10 years. How could she go out and earn a living now? It was so frightful to be so dependent on another person!
Then Dol Soon & her husband come out with a plan to make her husband come back to her. Taste his own medicine and have an affair of her own. (Btw, she was way more beautiful than her hubby's mistress) She asked Seo Jung Soo (Yoo Gun) to be her faked lover. Yoo Gun is a perfect guy also; handsome, rich & successful and to top it off kind and understanding. He taught her how to live for herself, how to have fun and laugh again, he taught her how to be independent and got her a job. They ended up really falling in love with each other. The bad news is her husband mistress changed her mind, she dont want him anymore, so her husband dont want to divorce her anymore. It wasnt a hard choice for me, bye bye hubby...only thing is he's younger than her (sigh! so many of this in kdrama lately), but still that doesnt matter in this drama. (Haha..maybe I am materialistic, in Dal Ja's Spring I had my reservation because the guy has no job). The ending left me in a puzzle though, is she with her hubby back or Jung Soo? Yoo Gun look much better than in '1% of Anything' that I couldnt believe it was tha same actor at first.
Enjoy watching this drama though the last few episodes was so dragging. Its said that Lee Dong Wok was first cast as Prof Gi Chan but he pulled out. Hah! I dont think he's suitable for this role. Ryu Soo Young maybe not as good looking but he's simply perfect to play the "straitlaced" Gi Chan. In 'Story of a Successful Bright Girl' and 'Save The Last Dance For Me' he plays the bad guy so he doesnt smile and goofy arnd much. But his face really shines when he smiles, he would be perfect for toothpaste ads ^_^ I wish Eun Gyung didnt die her hair, she would look much better and younger with her natural hair colour. (Hmm...wouldnt it be nice to have bestfriends that you can be yourself; dont have to mind your words and acts - knowing that they'll be there for you as you will be there for them?). Oh, and can only come up with 5 of the 'septulates', who did i miss? There is the doctor, direct-marketeer, fortune teller, ahjumma in Gi Chan's house and the noodle deliverer...
No need to say more about the cutey Hyang Gi....Oh yeah, a friend of mine asked why I'm so addicted to Kdrama with its typical recurring theme such as love traingle/square. Hmm... I dunno, its just something...maybe its how the hero is just someone you want to fall in love with (and in love with you!). Like I said before my expectations of 'love' was high because of the novels i read but all this Kdrama notch it even higher! Btw, I was a self-proclaimed bookworm, couldnt stand having a novel unread nearby. But now I have 2 novels collecting dust...

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