Apr 14, 2008

The Time Between Dog and Wolf (3.8)

Lee Soo Hyun (Lee Jun Ki) met Suh Ji Woo (Nam Sang Mi) when they were still kids and living in Thailand. His mother, an NIS agent (National Intelligence Service) was murdered infront of his eyes. Thus her collegue, adopt him and brought him back to Korea. Kang Min Ki (Jung Kyung Ho) didnt mind having a brother in the household, he didnt hold a grudge even when Soo Hyun always excel bettter than him, he preferred his careless-worryfree lifestyles. They both grew up to become NIS agents; brothers, and best friends.
Soo Hyun and Ji Woo was brought together again when the beautiful Ji Woo caught the attention of playboy Kang Min Ki. The big hearted Kang Min Ki step back again when Ji Woo chose Soo Hyun over him. A mission made Soo Hyun faced his mother's killer and fueled his need for vengeance. When offered as an undercovered operatives to infiltrate the gang, he didnt hesitate to take up the offer and faked his own death.
When he finally gain the trust and get close to the man who murdered his mother, he found out that the man was Ji Woo's biological father, and Ji Woo was in danger from his gang's rival. For two years, Ji Woo was unable to let go of his memories and just when she was finally accepting Min Ki's sincerity, a man who was twin-ringer for Soo Hyun came and save her life. Soo Hyun's was hurt trying to save Ji Woo and come out with an amnesia. Thus, he truly became the gang leader's second righthand man.

Sigh! So many times Ji Woo was so foolhardy and put Soo Hyun's life in danger. I dont know if that is the reason I dont like the actress so much... she's not really a beauty, she just got the right facial features, and the body to go with it.... ^_^ While watching it, I thought to myself, one of them has to die, Soo Hyun or Min Ki, but kesiannnnnn if Min Ki, but if Soo Hyun, it's not fair jua, him being dealt the worse card throughout his life.... Sigh! and I hate Lee Tae Sung (Sangshik), hate him in '9 ends 2 outs', hate him here... however, the gang leader's first righthand man; 'giraffe' and his second wife; Oh Ming characters seem interesting.
The title of the drama was based on a painting, 'Time Between Dog and Wolf' (a black blob resembles a dog/wolf head on a blood-red background. It sorta tell the story of when its dusk and everything was red, and a man saw a shadow that he couldnt tell if it's his dog come to get him or a wolf. I think the hidden meaning is, it's a time where you can't tell good or evil, there's goodness also in evil, and evil intention in the good; nothing is black n white, there's shade of gray in between...maybe lah.....or maybe it's just simply you cant tell physically whether a 'thing' is good or evil... apperance can be deceiving...

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