Apr 24, 2008

Capital Scandal (3.5)

The drama was set during the time Korea was under the rule of the Japanese empire. Na Yeo Kyung (Han Ji Min), old-fashioned, own a bookstore, part-time teacher and a nationalist at heart. Her father died in the revolution, so she also want to dedicate her life to liberate Korea. Through a mistaken identity she first met Seon Woo Wan (Kang Ji Hwan), comes from a rich family, the playboy of Seoul, a gossip reporter and someone who hate the thought of 'revolution' because his brother was murdered in the name of the revolution and he lost his bestfriend at the same time. Because of a bet, he need to win Yeo Kyung's heart and turn her into a modern woman. So because of that they get to know each other better and before they realised it, truly fall in love.

Cha Song Joo (Han Go Eun) was a famous 'gisaeng', she was sold into prostitution by her father at the age of 15. She would have committed suicide then, if the idealistic Lee Soo Hyeon (Ryu Jin) hadnt told to "live on" thats the best revenge she could do to those who wronged her; live on to fight another day. But Soo Hyeon coming home from study in Japan to be working for the Japanese's Security Branch.

I read from many blogs that this is a good drama, but I find it a bit boring :( hmmm...maybe the bad subtitles ruin the drama for me. I was excited when I came back from Miri with 3 new Kdrama boxset, 2 out of 3 of the drama that I already watched only have good subtitles the first halves, the other halves...direct translation! It boggles the mind trying to decipher what they are truly saying. Heo Jung Min, one of Woo Wan's friends was cute also. Like Woo Wan his colour shirt (complete with matching hat!) was so colourful from pink to purple, but nothing beats Woo Wan yellow shirts! It was so.....whats the word...I can only think of malay word "silau"

^_^ I hate Ryu Jin in Ballads of Seo Dong, but here....sigh! he was so dashing and charismatic here....

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