Apr 5, 2008

Dalja's Spring (4)

Oh Dalja (Chae Rim) was 32 going 33, had never fall in love or even go out on a date. The later part I found to be over reaching; she's beautiful, had stable career, warm personalities (though a bit of a klutz), how could she never been asked out on a date???!!!
Mrs Go: Lower your standards, then you'll find the right man. Dalja: Its not about standards, its about feelings. Mrs Go: Watever! Feelings will only ruin your life. Men arent that special, they're pretty much alike. Dalja: I cant marry the first man I saw on the street. I waited too long and too hard.
It all started as plot for revenge when her playboy collegue dumped her for another collegue. She hired a young man Kang Tae Bong (Lee Min Ki) to pose as her lover. She said her pride was more important than love (Hmm...I dont know if I agree or disagree with that, they said "pride comes before a fall") . Later, her big heart turned the victims of her vengeance into her bestfriends, confidants and advisors. Then enter Mr.Eom Ki-Jung (Lee Hyun Woo), a successful, stable, handsome, calm and collected as "possible" and Tae Bong become her dating coach. Her bestfren raised a very to-the-point question, "If he's so perfect, he got the look, career, manners, why isnt he married or have gf yet?". You know, the familiar phrase nowadays in single woman lips, '...all the good man are either already taken or gay' - so you better look beneath the suface if a guy is too good to be true, there might be skeletons in the closet that drives other women away.... ^_^
Nearing the end of their contract, Tae Bong confess he was starting to like Dalja too. Dalja who was a confirmed spinster before, was now torn between two men. If you were in her shoes, who would you choose? A man with a stable future and kind, however you are not attracted to him and sometines he bores you with boring nonsense facts or a younger-than-you guy; who you dont have to act coy to, just be yourself; he was fun to be with, sometimes sprout out wisdom; however he had no job to speak of at the moment and were crashing at your house? To me, its the 'younger' part that turns me off; I shudder to think of 1 year younger, but 6 years younger????
Kang Tae Bong called her materialistic. Dalja called herself, realistic. She rather prefer safety rather than adventure. But Dalja's know her own mind (or heart), unlike the previous Kdrama I watch, she didn't juggle the two men, she made her choice and stick with it. That's make me like her character more. Chae Rim is just so cute with her round eyes, pert nose and nice smiles. Though many dont like her big curly hair, but I think she looks better with it rather than with her lanky straight hair. I love her wardrobe from her trenchcoats to her bags, and I really really like her necklace especially when she paired it with her small pearl strings.
Lee Hyun Woo looks good for a 42 year old man, and he's so sweet when he 'accidently' splash some wine to Tae Bong's ex-girlfren to gave TaeBong and Dalja some time. Though Lee Min Ki is soooooo cute, but he looks so much like a teenager that it really look like he was walking with his older sister, standing beside the baby-face Chae Rim. Mi Seon Joo and Shin Sae Do sorta grows on you, ....even the formidable Ms. Kang (their boss), she sang 'I'll Survive' at Dalja's farewell party ^_^
Chae Rim as Oh Dal Ja (1979-Mar-28)
Lee Min Ki as Kang Tae Bong (1985-Jan-16)
Lee Hyun Woo as Eom Gi Joong (1966-Mar-06)
Lee Hye Young as Mi Seon Joo (1971-Dec-22)
Gong Hyeong Jin as Shin Sae Do(1970-Apr-10)

As I watched episode by episode, I thought this script must be written by a woman, and surfing wiki proves my insight was right. I love many of the conversation here, it was simply right on. Anyway, I think Natasha Bedingfield's Soulmate is right for the drama....

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