Apr 11, 2012


So yeah, I hate April mostly, cause when the budget of the new financial year comes in; begins another routine dreadful worksssss which make a huge affect after a leisure half of March. This year it seems worse cause I'm acting for a colleague who's on leave, preparing a presentation for the 16th and then I'm preparing for the logistics for another trade fair in June. I don't know which to do and finish first. I don't like multi tasking. I rather finished one job first and then start another. But now, I have to deal with whatever seems urgent at the moment :(

Then there is the fact that I seems like a 'therapist', everyone keeps pouring out their heart and woes to me. Today, of all day...got to layan my bestfriend from high school, who says she's getting old and the pool of good husband material are decreasing. It does not help also that she keeps falling for the wrong person, which mostly consist of men who wants to fools around, wanting only the relationship of FWB (Friends with Benefit). I told her to ditch her latest fall, though so far he seems the cutest (of all her conquest), he's not gonna change his mind after reaping 'all' the benefits from her, to wants to commit. She said she can't, she melts everytime he speaks or smiles at her. Urghhh! I told her to fall for her bestfriend instead that I keep seeing she or him upload pictures of them together in FB, and she laughed bittterly, he's gay. Well, I'm out of advice then. She asked me to find her a boyfriend ^.^ sure thing I said, but it will be 'leftovers' for I will only pass her the guy that did not pass my 'checklist' hahaha....as if there were many.

Then, there is this colleague who is several years younger than me and forever and always keep on searching for her Mr. Bujang but keeps going back to her Mr.Already Married and Have a Family. The relationship finally ends (I hope so!) when he was posted in outstation and she was giving him a surprised visit when he was admitted at the hospital there. What a shock it was, while she was attending him with love and care in the ward, later comes a local lady who asked who she was. The guy, told her - just a colleague from back home. He's having an affair there also! My colleague held her smile and tears until she was out of the hospital. So yeah, my other colleague tries to set her up with other men but she does not seems interested... and today, she sheds tears again as someone told her about the incident where some person who is related to the guy bad-mouthed her when it was all in the past and she never bad-mouthed that person or being mean to that person. I told her the best revenge is be happy. And don't let her happiness depend on another person. Be happy whether she meet or not her soulmate. But she said, she must get married to gain happiness or else she'll be forever thinking of what she don't have. Hmmm... does that mean to take whatever comes your way, even if does not fulfill all your requirement (I'm not talking about perfectness, but heart), won't that bring dissatisfaction and worse misery later on?

After the talks, got back to my work with minor gossip interruptions, but later this night it got me thinking, why am I not like them? worried about old age and my singledom? Should I be worried? But then, I'm not ready to commit to all those responsibilities that comes with commitment. Haha... at the moment I just want to show off someone with me when the occasions calls for it, if not he's not to bother me. If only, there's a lot of actor for hire around here...