Apr 9, 2007

1 Litre of Tears

Just finished watching the Japanese Drama '1 Litre of Tears'. After so many dissapointing experiences watching jdrama, I was kinda hesitated to watch it at first, but I remembered the great review I once read in someone's blog, so I decided to give japanese another try.

The end result? Wakaka... I got to work with a swollen eyes after watching till 3 am. No, the swollen eyes was not because I stayed up late! (Gosh! I stayed up late so many times - I lost counts - and it didn't alter my appearances. Only my alertness hehe....). I didn't remember in which episode or at which scenes that my tears just start coming out... this drama is really a tear jerker and maybe because it is based on a real life story, it jerks on your heart strings more.

The storyline is that a 15 years old girl finds out that she suffers from a non-curable disease called 'Spinocerebellar Degeneration'. Basically the disease would incure her bed-ridden, unable to move and unable to speak. But she didn't let that ultimate end to drag her down. She strive to live a normal llife as long as she can, when us common mortals would just cry and hide in our corner of the world. She kept diaries of her daily experiences and feelings until she can no longer hold a pen. Erika Swajiri is such a superb young actress, even when she smiles you wants to cry for her.

The supporting casts are great also. When I saw Ryo Nishikido as Haruto Aso at first, I was crestfallen because I didn't find him good-looking but he's kinda grow into you. I longed for close shot of him. Riko Narumi who played Ako (Aya's younger sister) makes me wants to be a better siblings, I remembered I cry hardest when she scolded her younger brother for not defending Aya when his friends were making jokes of Aya. You would've thought that she played the spoiled, spiteful younger sister till the end, but the loyalty and dedication she showed to Aya makes you wonder, would you be able to do the same?

This drama raised many questions to me. Would I be able to be strong and positive thinking as Aya? If I was her siblings, wouldnt I be spiteful because all my parents attention was on her? Would I be able to be that loyal, loving, supporting and dedicated for years? Or would I Just wish that she dies fast - hiding behind the reasons that she wont suffer more- so that I wont suffer more? If I was her bestfriend, will I remain her friend for long? If I was Haruto, knowing that not only she will die soon but her condition would get worse, would I choose that road and fall deeper into misery as I watch her suffer and dies? Would I really expose myself to that hurt? Take the happiness that I can have now, knowing for a fact that sooner or later, your heart would bleed? I dont know... I prayed I would not be tested...

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