Mar 31, 2008

Memories in Bali (4)

I think I received many recommendation to watch this drama; from vcds' vendors to bloggers' recommendations, but since the lead actor is Jo In Sung who stole the girl from Ji Jin Hee in Spring Days and actress is Ha Ji Won, who I am not a fan of ( there is no emotion you can see from her face except anger and maybe hurt; when her eyes tears up) and then the boxset cover is also a turn-off... So I finally bought it when I saw it was sold at a reasonable price at some shop.
Its a story of two underprivileged souls and two upper class children who always get what they want. Yeah, rich kids have their share of misery too but its hard to sympathize with them when they have so many materials things ^_^. Anyways these two upper class couple were forced to get engaged, Jung Jae Min (Jo In Sung) didnt change his playboyish-couldnt-care-less-lifestyles eventhough he was engaged to Choi Young Joo (Park Ye Jin). Still in love with her ex-boyfriend, Young Joo flew to Jakarta in search of Kang In Wook (So Ji Sup). She's realistic that she could never marry In Wook so she decided to have one last fling maybe before she got married. But Jae Min spoils her plan by chasing her to Bali, there with the tense undercurrents he guessed that In Wook was not just a coincidental meeting and more than a friend. He hired Lee Soo Jung (Ha Ji Won) to be their tour guide in Bali. By the end of the day the two guys were in a fight over Young Joo and each of them found their way back separately to Seoul.
In Seoul, Soo Jung hard on lucks try to use her 'connection' with Jae Min to get a job, but he hardly remembers her and were not willing to help. In Wook after being recalled back to headquartes, ends up working under Jae Min and being Soo Jung's neighbour. Young Joo decides to break her engagement, and be with In Wook, but Jae Min's mother threatened to hurt In Wook if she didnt marry Jae Min.
Being neighbours brought In Wook and Soo Jung closer, while Jae Min becomes more attracted to Soo Jung with each encounters. I was at first rooting for In Wook because of So Ji Sup's sad eyes, but Jo In Sung's charming-self-satisfied-smirk cannot be taken lightly either. I like both the male actors, when they cry you just want to cuddle them up and comfort them. But the female actress just don't move me. You might say that is because we are of the same gender, but I had watched so many dramas, and 'feel' for the female also. Here, the females are too greedy, they want to keep both men for themselves. At times, if I can I would like to slap some sense into Soo Jung, 'make up your mind!'...although, I was a bit undecided myself whom to choose - In Wook or Jae Min, but thats because I hate to see either man get hurt, while Soo Jung seems to have selfish reason... and Young Joo's said to marry her, but continue his affair with Soo Jung, but when he does, she reports back to the family. Urgh! I think her pride got hurt where the two men who previously fight for her, now ignore her and was fighting for the other girl. Well, I also dont get it what did In Wook and Jae Min saw in Soo Jung...
I'm still feeling restless with the ending of the drama, but I dont know what ending could be satisfactory... I gave the drama a 4 because of the male actors ^_^

Love the OST...I have a thing for sad Korean song hehehe......

REMEMBER OH HYUN RAN * an dashi itgo jinetdon sesangul mannajyo jamshiItgo jinetdon nunmulgwa mannajyo negeNomu hengbokhetdon kumul kajin gojyoIruji mothal kuderankumulNan ta ijoya hanayoNe maumul dahedoKude ijone gieNomunado bujokhandeNan na kanjolhi parajyoNa saraon kiogulModuda irhoborigilNan ije honja issodo honjaga anijyoIjen kude opshido kuderul nukijyoNege sumul shiltemada millyodunun kudeNaye gasume salgo innundeNa ta ijoya hanayoNe maumul dahedoKuderul ijone gieNomunado bujokhandeNan nan kanjolhi parajyo na saraon kiogulModuda irhoborigilwoh..Wo wo oh oh ohNan ta ijoya hanayoNal borigo boryodo dashi nuntumyon negeChaorunun kude indeNan na kanjolhi parajyo na saraon kiogulModuda irhoborigilwoh

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