Jul 10, 2010


Because of the great review of Pasta, this is a cooking-theme korean drama that I wanted to watch and when I happen to window shopping (it's always never is just window shopping really!)at one of the dvd shop and saw the boxset and the subs is not so bad until the ends episode... I say what the heck; just buy it eventhough I got so many downloaded dramas yet to watch. Haha... If my former deputy director read the previous sentence who would be more likely to send me to Dewan Bahasa for writing so long a sentence.
Paste is the story of a young woman Seo Yoo Kyung (Gong Hyo Jin) aspiration to became an elite chef at La Sfera, an Italian restaurant. She started as a kitchen assistant and after 3 years finally had a chance to hold the pan when the chef promoted her, but alas the chef was fired before she was officially promoted and a new chef Choi Hyun Wook (Lee Sun Gyun) was brought in. It didn't help matter when the new chef was a chauvinistic pig who don't believe his kitchen hold a place for a woman. One by one he found reason to fired all the female chef with only Soo Kyung being the thisk skinned and stuborn one, still reporting for work in the kitchen. I really want to kick Hyun Wook ion the shin when he proposed to Yoo Kyung to start dating him after callously treated her like a foot mat in the workplace. I don't care that he's a widely recognised chef in korean and maybe other countries too, or the fact that he had betrayed and hurt by a woman before - that doesn't give him an excuse to be a jerk.

See, when he was learning the culinary arts in Italy, he had a realtionship with his fellow student Oh Sae Young (Lee Honey/Lee Ha Nui) but in a competition she cheated him and was named the winner. Oh yeah, Sae Young was a close friend to Kim Sam (Alex) who was really the invisible owner of La Sfera and who has a crush on Soo Kyung ever since she mischievously manage to get a job there

Anyway, after the females were fired the only remaining cook were Geum Suk Ho (Lee Hyung Chul), Jung Ho Nam (Jo Sang Ki), Min Seung Jae (Baek Bong Ki) and Han Sang Sik (Heo Tae Hee) and thus dubbed the Korean Team. Chef Hyun Wook who had prepared in advance for counter strike against his firing move, has brought in his chef team from Italy consists of Sun Woo Duk (Kim Tae Ho), Philip (No Min Woo) and Lee Ji Hoon (Hyun Woo) thus dubbed the Italian Team. The competition between these two teams torn not only the ignored Soo Kyung but also the new kitchen's assistant (who was brought in to replace Soo Jyung) Jung Eun Soo (Choi Jae Hwan).
So Hyun Wook was torn between professionalism and his personal feelings for Soo Kyung, Soo Kyung was torn between Hyun Wook and her secret admirer who as she later finds out to be Kim Sam. Then the rivalry between the Korea Team and the Italy Team, how will it end? Do I like this drama? Yeah, I remembered feeling happy after I watch this drama. Would have rewatched it if there is nothing nothing else to watch (is that possible?), Hyo Jin and Sun Gyun was adorable together though I wish Hyo Jin would just darken her eyebrows a bit, she seems a bit like Whoopi Goldbergh to me and then there is Kim Sam, who any sensible girl would fall for rather than the overbearing perfectionist Hyun Wook. He makes me wants to restart my obsession with cactus but unfortunatelt I have the opposite of green thumbs. Plants would florish better if I ignore them.
Oh yeah, I post the 2 pics below because I found it funny that the dorky Eun Soo has more muscular body than the three other handsome/cute Italian Team. And if you have watched My Girlfriend is a Gumiho would agree with me that No Min Woo should keep his hair like this.
I don't know who Alex was before this drama and now after watching this drama and a couple of We Got Married episodes I have a couple of his songs in my track list. Love his voice...

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