Dec 25, 2007

9 End 2 Outs

Who say that a guy and a gal can't be just friends? Meet Byun Hyung Tae (Lee Jung Jin) and Hong Nan Hee (Soo Ae), two steadfast loyal bestfriends. They had been friends for as long as they can remember in their 30 years. Hyung Tae works at a successful advertising agency, hitting on any beautiful females that pass by - the ultimate romeo-casanova-kind-of-guy. While Nan Hee works at small publishing company as an editor; it is just a stepping stone towards attaing her long life goal - to be a published author.

They make a pact that by the time Nan Hee celebrate her 30th birthday, and they are still single and no other prospect to marry, they would marry each other. However, when the time comes, they laugh it off....
Circumstances, make them share a house together. Eventhough, they have their similarities, they still get on each other nerves, living in such close quarters. Not enough though, to ruin their solid friendship. Hyung Tae was there through the ups and downs of Nan Hee's romantic liasion with a 22 years old baseball athlete, and when the affair ended -help her go on with her life and continue with her writing. Just like Nan Hee was there before, when Hyung Tae's great-love walk out of his life. She was there to pick up the pieces, and prod him to stand up again.

Spoiler Alert!!!!!!!!

Fudge! It turns out that they were each other first love! They keep it hidden, buried it so deep inside for fear it would ruin their friendship. They would rather remain as friends, and forever be part of each other life. Because the thought of life without the other....even thinking of it couldn't be beared.

A weekend getaway craziness, unleash the hidden feelings, making them want to take the risk that their friendship could become something more. But the return of their second love, makes them take a step back. What if it doesn't work? Then the friendship that they treasured so much would come to a stop...they would be wary of each other presence and sooner or later drifted apart. Would they rather take a chance again with their 'second love'?

For me, I would not even consider giving the 'second love' another chance. She walk out on him, for godsake. And him, who does he think he was giving her ultimatum...and now he want her back- forget the previous ultimatum? Huh! Bleh Blah.......

Oh yeah, Im Yoon Ah (You Are My Destiny) debuted her acting career in this drama I think, here she was this pesky teenagers who had a crush on Nan Hee's young-baseball-player- boyfriend

p/s: I have a new resolution for the incoming 2008, I would replace 'damn/darn/shit' with 'fudge'. cute when DW said it....

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