Jan 6, 2008

Coffee Prince

Go Eun-Chan (Yoon Eun-Hye) as the head of her family had to work 3-4 jobs a day to support them while Choi Han-Keol (Gong Yoo) being the heir apparent of a large company just didn't have anything better to do but have a good time. Circumstances brought them together, as he thought Eun Chan to be a boy, he hired her to pose as his gay lover to foiled his grandmother's match-making dates. Unhindered to mold her aimless-grandson, she told him to triple the profits of a dilapidated coffee house in 3 months or she takes away his privileges.

After some persuasion from Eun Chan -who desperately needed a job-Han Keol decided to take up the challenge. Apart from Eun Chan (who had to continue her masquerade since he only hired males), Han Keol also hired some helpers that enliven the coffee shops (and the drama) with their own live story and antics; the aloof No Sun-Ki (Kim Jae Wook), the smug-playboy Jin Ha-Rim (Kim Dong Wook) and the brawny-dunce Hwang Min Yeop (Lee-Un).

Working everyday together brought Han Keol and Eun Chan together, to the point where Han Keol was very agonized to think that he was attracted to a boy and in danger of falling for him. He tried to fired her but in the end rehired her back. So when Eun Chan finally confess her secret, he felt very betrayed.

Never heard of Gong Yoo before, but now I'm gonna watch out for every past drama/movie he's been in. There's something about his secretive smiles, the way his eyes teared up, the way he try to appear non-caring, the way he say Mul-la for "don't know"and the way he wakes up Eun Chan with a phone call and serenade a love song.....sigh!


My favourite moment was after Eun Chan's confession and this is what he have to say "I need someone who trust me, and even though the whole world laugh at me and call me an imbecile. I need someone who can tell me, Choi Han Keol just haven't the oppurtunity to prove himself; Choi Han Keol does what he puts his mind to; Choi Han Keol just havent found his way yet, but when he do, he'll be able to make something out of himself. I need someone who can trust me like that, not someone like you who deceives me even while we're in love. Who is afraid of being abandoned"

The way he delivers the line, make me root for him, whereas before I was like "Dude, get off your high horse! So she deceives you...big deal! Who has never told a lie in this life? She has her reasons - but now she comes clean..so get over it lah!" Hahaha.....

But really...does this really happen in real life? Its comprehensible for Eun Chan to fall in love with her boss, who is tall, handsome, rich and to top it off have soft heart underneath the gruff exterior. But for him to fall for a person who he think is a boy, but who is too pretty to be a boy, but won't be beautiful as a girl??? Won't any real man just think of a person as a bestfriend or a little brother if they are very fond of the person of the same gender?

There's talk about making the sequel for this drama but if it was without Gong Yoo's shy-goofy smiles, it wouldn't be worth watching. Gong Yoo will be serving his 2 yrs military service this coming Jan 14 :( I hope he won't be harass even more just because he's an actor and all. Sigh! Two years is a long wait for another drama from him...........

p/s: I had this love-hate relationship with Korean Dramas that I really really like, that make me wants to rush out and buy another boxset- immediately!, as soon as the shops open!, as soon as I get off from work!. To date, the drama that makes me restless and dissatisfied with life are Seo Dong Yo, The Vineyard Man, Jumong, Emperor of The Sea & this Coffee Prince...FUDGE!

p/p/s: I take back my earlier statement bout Yoon Eun Hye won't be beautiful as a girl. She might not be a dashing beauty- but with the right hair style, make-up - she's quite pretty. I don't drink coffee, but hmmm...maybe I should give it another try? Nah......

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