Jan 14, 2008

Queen of The Game

They say 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned'. She raised her son with hatred for the man who used and betrayed her and eventually lead to her husband's suicide. Shin Jun grew up plotting vengeance against the man who used to be his father's bestfriend. Therefore, when the time comes to put the plan into actions, he didn't hesitate to execute it even when he realised he was truly falling in love with the enemy's daughter, Eun Seul. However, his love was stronger than his hatred; because of her, he was willing to forgive the father - even shouldered the crime the father's hoisted on him.

It was rather 'weird' watching selfish parents who rather have their children miserable rather than themselves. Shin Jun and Eun Seul was like Korean's Romeo & Juliet - lovers who were torn apart by feuding family. It was a boring first half of the drama, because everything are so predictable and slowwwwwww.....

Things started to get interesting five years later when Shin Jun reappered with an amnesia. Even Jo Jin Moo looks more handsomer with a youthful-playful-carefree character, rather than his serious-bent-on-vengeance looks earlier. Eun Seul's father was catatonic because of brain aneurism, so the only person stand in their path to happiness was his mother - and his collegue, Joo Woon who was in love with him for years.
The love and loyalty Joo Woon had for Shin Jun turn into blinding hatred when Shin Jun - even with his memory lost - still choose Eun Seul. Sigh! Soulmates always recognize one another, even when one lost one memory, or in another lifetime, or whatever. Now, Joo Woon would do everything to ruin Shin Jun.

The conclusion....you have to watch for yourself, or else you wouldn't .... If you are a fan of Lee Bo Young, she was boring here, terlalu kontrol ayu, even menangis pun nampak not sincere enuff, she's better in Seo Dong Yo. Pil Seo's ex-wife appears more interesting... Oh! One more thing, Shin Jun wardrobe is so...whats-the-word....sissyish...even the coats are so ughhh! thankgod some of the female casts clothes are better...

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