Jan 28, 2008

Thank You - 4 Stars

Can there really a person as giving, as patient, as kind as Lee Young Shin (Gong Hyo Jin) ? Really? In this world? Hmm....

She got pregnant by a friend she love, but the guy slept with her because a bet he made with his friends. Heartless jerk, I'll say. He knew as a friend how hard her life already is- left as an orphan, caring for her Grandfather who has Alzheimer - why does he have to mess with her heart and life even more? To add salt to the wound, he knew she have a child- though nobody know who the father is, but everyone silently know it's him - but he didn't return to the island for 6 years after serving his 2 years in the army! And all he could say to her when he return, "Why didn't you ask me to stay? Ask me to stay and I'll give up everything." Hulllloooooo... does she really need to ask him? dumbo! jerk! bastard! moron! Bbabo! You should know your own reponsibilty!
So she raised her daughter by herself, took care of her ailing grandfather, support her brother's study and still with a smile on her face. When her daughter ended up having HIV because of a blood transfusion, she didn't sue the doctor and the hospital to kingdom come but walk quietly out of the hospital. She still show her cheerfulness to the world. I know wailing and pulling my hair out wouldn't solve anything, but still....at least that would make me human isn't it?

Dr. Min Ki Seo (Jang Hyuk) is an arrogant jerk who lost his passion in healing the sick after his father's medical license was revoked for a patient that end up dead. To top it off his girlfriend died of pancreatic cancer that he could't cure. He just lost his reason to live. Before his girlfriend died, she asked him to apologize on her behalf to the little girl that ends up having HIV because of her careless mistake. I don't think that at first he went to Canglu Island to fulfill her last wish, fate (or the writers) just meant for him to meet Lee Bom (Seo Shin Ae). With them, he learn again to be compassionate, to love and to laugh again.
I couldn't recognize Jang Hyuk from The Successful Story of a Bright Girl at first, maybe because he lost his weight after his 2 years stint in the army (in Wiki it stated he try to avoid serving!) but then the way he tilt his head arrogantly jolt my memory. Though I don't like him (coz he can't act humble), I wouldnt want Young Shin to choose Choi Suk Hyun (Shin Sung Rok) the jerk though...I didn't care how much he regret his past actions, or how he deep inside wants to be with Young Shin and Lee Bom and thus live in misery, it still stink if she choose him!
Well, just as the title suggest, the drama ends with everyone being thankful ^_^ Young Shin to Suk Hyun for getting her pregnant and giving her Lee Bom, Suk Hyun to Young Shin for not teaching Lee Bom to hate him and Ki Seo to Young Shin for giving him a miracle...
Gong Hyo Jin natural beauty shines through here, if only her make up was as light as this in Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy....then she and Gong Yoo would make a nice couple :)

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