Jan 18, 2008

My Prized Collection

Among Korean dramas that I watched earliest was 'Autumn in My Heart', 'Winter Sonata' & 'Successful Story of a Bright Girl' and those didn't make an impression to me. If I managed to caught them on TV its okay, but if I miss it, its no biggie.

Then I incidentally watch a historical drama and I got hooked! Impatient to wait for a fresh episode every weekdays, me and my sister went in search of the dvds. So 'Jewel in the Palace' is the first of my collection. Then someone lend me 'Stairway to Heaven' and Korean Drama becomes an addiction...

1. Jewel in The Palace - 5 Stars

-->Simply lurve it! Have rewatched it 3-4 times.

2. Phoenix - 2.5 Stars

--> when I bought the boxset it seems it will be an interesting watch when spoiled rich girl falls for a common guy, but her family was against it. Then fortune reversal make him the rich ones and she the pauper. Maybe watching this drama directly after JIP make me dont like it as much, left disappointed...

3. Miss Kim's Million Dollar Quest - 1 Star

--> if it's not for Ji Jin Hee, I will not watch it from start to finish...so irritating!

4. Hotelier - 4 Stars

--> To run my own hotel...hmmm! Dream on......

5. Medical Brothers - 1 Star

--> bought it because of Jang Dong Gun. Never finish watching it

6. Spring Days - 3.5 Stars

--> bought it because of Ji Jin Hee, was so disappounted he didn't get his happy ending. Sure enough he taught her to cry while the brother taught her how to laugh...but if she didn't learn how to let go of her pain, she wouldn't be able to laugh right?

7. Truth - 1 Stars

--> another dissapointment :(

8. Save Your Last Dance For Me - 3 Stars

--> hmmm...have to rewatched again....someday

9. Love Letter - 2.5 Stars

--> bought it because of Ji Jin Hee, so I didnt pay Jo Hyun Jae much attention. Do I hate it because Ji Jin Hee didnt get his happy ending also???

10. Three Leafed Clover - 2.0 Stars

--> unmemorable

11. All In - 1 Star

--> what a bore!!!

12. Diamond Tears - 2.5 Stars

--> hmmm...would it help if the casts are popular actor/actress?

13. A Love to Kill - 2 Stars

--> love to resell

14. Sunshine of Love - 4 Stars

--> like the beginning, hate the ending

15. Resurrection - 2.5 Stars

--> I just realised I had so many dramas with vengeance theme...

16. Loveholic - 1 Star (MIA!)

--> hate the casts, hate the story. so it doesnt matter to me much thats it's MIA

17. Green Rose - 2.5 Stars (MIA!)

--> another drama driven by vengeance. passable only

18. Into The Storm - 1 Star

--> another bore. I bought the drama because the lead actor reminds me of the guy I had a crush on when I was in Uni. Have not finished watching it...

19. Seo Dong Yo /Ballads of Seo Dong - 5 Stars

--> slow begining, but once he grew up becomes Jo Hyun Jae, I couldn't stop!! I even sacrifice my lunch hour to watch the dvd on my pc

20. Jumong - 4.5 Stars

--> The most expansive of my collection so far. I had to buy the original...too impatient to wait for the un-ori. But it was worth it...

21. Only You - 2 Stars

--> hate the female lead, love the child actress. Only watch it to the finish because of JHJ.

22. Princess Hours - 4 Stars

--> I think it was meant for teenagers, but I do still like it...a fairytale story. Love the soundtracks

23. My Girl - 4 Stars

--> make me smile... ^_^

24. Snow Queen - 2.5 Stars

--> a bit slow...but ok lah...know from the start that it will be a sad ending

25. Hwangjini - 3 Stars

--> cry a bucket when the young master die, and the story after that goes downhill

26. Damo - 3.5 Stars

--> Fudge! The storyline makes me pondered, sometimes we are born in this world to suffer..

27. Man of The Vineyard - 4.5 Stars

--> Like the lightheartedness...

28. Emperor of The Sea - 5 Stars

--> lurve it! love this song too... makes me wants to learn korean language

29. Seoul's Sad Song - 1 Star

--> maybe I hate it cause the translation was so bad....

30. Tree in Heaven - 1 Star

--> Ewww...the female lead still looks like a child, maybe she need to wait until her looks matured to take such role

31. Couple or Trouble - 3.5 Stars

--> LOL!

32. Fashion 70s - 4 Stars

--> the storyline when they were children make me wish I had superpower and stop all stupid useless war! Love Jo Jin Moo

33. Something About 1% - 2.5 Stars

--> Kinda okay...but I still could not understand their contract...

34. Queen of The Game - 2.5 Stars

--> took me more than a month to finish it.....

35. 9 Ends 2 Outs - 4 Stars

--> they are so sweet ^_^ though when So Ae was dating the high schooler kinda gross me out

36. Coffee Prince - 5 Stars

--> love, love, love it!

37. Biscuit Teacher & Candy Star - 3.5 Stars

--> Sigh....Gong Yoo! Makes me think would I make more a difference if I become a teacher..... NOT! since I cant teach!

38. Yuhee The Witch - 3 Stars

--> When I was watching it I like it, but now thinking back, I cant remember wats so speacial about it....

39. One Fine Day

--> havent watch it yet...I think I need a time off from looking at TVs

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