Sep 13, 2008

Breaking Dawn

I had the book in my possession for four days before finally brave myself to start reading it, I dont know why I'm kinda hesitant then when I was so fired up to know the ending before... Well, anyway I like the ending of these series (unlike Harry Potter, hmph!). The book was told from two perspective; Bella and Jacob and then back to Bella. I like it better when told from Jacob's perspective :) Not that I hate Bella as from the previous three books, here she seems more tolerable.
Anyway the ending Bella, Edward and Jacob get their happy ending. Though I'm not overly content with Jacob's happy ending. "Imprinting" somehow steal someone freedom of choice; willpower, but hey all in all, I dont think there's a very satisfying happy ending for Jacob; for him to simply fall in love with another girl without the 'soulmate' syndrome will make him a fickle man.
The questions lingering in my mind was about the wolves pack. After all the troubles were overcomes, they remained two separate packs? Because of his 'object of imprintment' Jacob abandon his early plans to leave his village and his former pack, right? So one pack would have Sam as their Alpha and the other Jacob? What would become of Leah? Will she remain bitter and feeling left-out? or wont she found her own soulmate also someday?
Hmm...wonder what children would a half-vampire and a werewolf have? Opps! There are not werewolves; but shape shifters lah...If not because of the 'confrontation' at the ending I would not notice the difference between werewolves and shape-shifters. Werewolves doesnt change into wolves by will, only when there's full moon and when they can infected someone to become like them by biting, while shape-shifter its in the genes and cannot be transfered to another.

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