Nov 12, 2008

Surgeon Bong Dal Hee (4)

I finished Yi San Vol.2 a few days after my return from Taipei trip. There was something wrong with the 3rd Disc, so I went to the shop to exchange it. Funnily enough, the salesgirl didnt bother to check for my receipt- just get me a new disc unfussily. Hmph! If I lost my receipt, then I'm sure they would ask for it. Gosh! I thought it was only up to Vol.3, but now I found out its up to Vol.4!!! Fudge, maybe by middle of next year, the last final Vol will be available here...maybe I should wrote something about it before I completely forgot whats in Vol I & II
Anyway, did I wrote before that along with Oh Pil Seung, I also bought another boxset? These from the cds shop in Kiulap (across Hua Ho), the nice saleslady there already memorize my face and said it's okay if it tooks me months to finish the dramas, if something wrong, I can still get an exchange. She also gives a further discount- unlike some other shops I know...

So anyhow, after Yi San, I started watching Surgeon Bong Dal Hee a week ago and finish it off last night.Its another korean medical drama, as nice as New Heart :) but much more funnier I think with Dr. Park antics.

Bong Dal Hee (Lee Yo Won) had to dropout from her second year residency at a hospital due to health complications, but now she's back on her feet and had to restart her residency again at the Han Book Hospital. She had to lie to her mother, saying she's studying abroad, for her mother forbids her to be a doctor - fearing it will jeopardize her life again.
At the hospital, her teamates were Dr. Park, Dr Jo and Dr. Lee (Like in Grey's Anatomy, its Meredith,Lizzy, Yang, George and ...). At first, she was the 'outsider' being she graduated from an unknown hospital and she's a bit older than the rest of them (so they presumed she's a bit on the slow side)- especially Dr. Jo. I know another key thing to predict who's gonna end up with whom in Korean Dramas; their soulmate would be the person who they met first (incidentally or not) before the other person -unless of course the other person is their childhood bestfriend or something; then that timeline is tough to beat, so that scenorio doesnt apply in this 'theory'

There's an attraction between her and Dr. Lee Geon Wook (Kim Min Joon) the head of General Surgery from the start. But will it come to fruitation? Dr Lee, just return back to Korea, he went abroad for a year after he divorced his wife Dr Jo Moon Kyung (Oh Yoon Ah) when he found out he was not the biological father to their 6 years-old son. Even after a year the wound is still raw and bleeding, in that he still cant even see the cute little boy he thought his son for years. Or will the relationship between him and Dal Hee is just 'platonic' in that they feel comf0rtable being with each other? He carries too much baggage with him...

Then there's Dr. Ahn Jong Geun (Lee Bum Soo), the arrogant, self-righteous cardiac specialist. He was actually adopted by Dr Lee Geon Wook's uncle (who was the chief doctor in that hospital too) ,until he was 12and then a tragedy happened and he was kicked back to an orphange. He change his name and made himself a successful and famous doctor through his own hardwork and dedication. So you could understand where the coldness come from. What was his motive from coming to work at the hospital? Pure or Evil? Anyway, he and Dal Hee don't get off to a good start, but as the two grow fond of each other as time goes by. I think the turning point for Dr Ahn was when he found out how passionate Dal Hee was in being a doctor in that she don't care if her life was cut short.

Thats the gist of the drama, but in between there's story of the patients and the doctors. Gotten so sad over the Dong Geun who had cancer. Remembering back, I used to be non-chalant when I read/heard about people who had cancer. Its the same illness, as the other illness - it leads to death. But now, hell I kinda understand whats the big deal about cancer is - the pain, suffering, helplessness, hopelessness. (Err...does this kid really have some kind of illness? Cause in the drama goodbye party, he still look sickly as in the drama...hope he will get better)

Back to good mood! Lets talk about the funny Dr. Park... I laughed when he was giving penicilin injection to Dr Ahn when Dal Hee walks in-at that time there's something undercurrent already between Dr Ahn and Dal Hee. He only tell Dal Hee its penicilin, so Dal Hee assumed Dr Ahn got syphilis through the normal means (lots of partners) while in truth he prick his finger with the syringe he just injected to a syphilis-infected patient. She asked him snidely if he wants her to buy for him a box of condoms, he tell her not to bother, he got boxful of supply already. Dal Hee exits the room in a huff! Out of her earshot, he scolded Dr Park and order him to tell the truth of the matter to Dal Hee ^_^

Yawn! I'm so sleepy now...all other of my favourite scenes flies off my mind... Will Dal Hee survive her residency? Will she ends up with Dr Lee or does he reconcile back with his ex-wife? What about Dr Ahn, is there space for him in her heart?

Lee Yo Won as Bong Dal Hee. Dont like her in Bad Love and Fashion 70s, but here she's very good. She's very beautiful too!

Lee Bum Soo as Ahn Joong Geun. I think what makes his look weird is his 'non-prominent' eyebrows - just didnt match with his thick black locks, big eyes and huge smiles. But what I like about him is his facial expression, you can guess the feelings he wants to potray just by the changes in his expressions.
Oh Yoon Ah as Jo Moon Kyung. Hmm...didnt notice her before in other dramas
Kim Min Joon as Lee Geon Wook. Like him in Damo, never got to finish Into The Storm... He look very manly except for the way he sit and use his hands when he's talking, so pondan-ish

Extended Cast:
Choi Yeo Jin as Jo A-ra. (It was nice not seeing her as a bitch from start-to-finish)
Kim Hae Sook as Yang Eun Jah (Dal Hee's mother)
Kim Jung Min as Bong Mi Hee (Dal Hee's sister)
Kim In Kwon as Park Jae Bum (He's very cute with his small, bow-like mouth)
Song Jong Ho as Lee Min Woo (Forgetable)

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