Nov 17, 2008

Yi San Vol 1 and 2

Also known as: Yi San - King Jeong Jo / Lee San, Wind of the Palace
Episodes: 77

The story so far...

It all started when Yi San was still young. His father, the Crown-Prince was imprisoned inside a rice box, in the middle of the scorching courtyard, without food and drinks. He was punished by the king who believed the rumours that his own son is organising a rebellion to kill him and take the throne. What kind of king - and his own father to that- would punish someone based only on heresay without solid proof? Furthermore, why would his own son, who he already crowned as his successor, was so in haste to take the throne that he know would soon been his? Isnt that already a tad suspicious?

Yi San, tries to smuggle some food to his father, and on the way meet Song Yeon; the palace maid and Dae Su; soon-to-be-palace-eunuch, who also was sneaking around at the palace. They agreed to help each other that night and a bond of friendhip was formed - without them knowing the real identity of Yi San. The Crown Prince asked his son not to have revenge in his heart, and not to hate his grandfather. He told his son to showed his grandfather the painting he paints of the three of them- then maybe, his grandfather will see the truth. But darn, the grandfather only took a glance at it. The Crown Prince died.

Yi San survived the palace to adulthood, after all the schemes to eliminate him also. Though he was crowned as the Crown Prince by his grandfather, he's still didn't manage to win his grandfather's heart. So living in the palace was not a guarantee of happiness, he was walking on egg-shells, don't know who wants him deads and missing his two bestfriends who had to run away.
Then, the three friends was reunite again when Dae Su and Song Yeon came back to the city and managed to get a job in the palace. And the culprits behind all those schemes was revealed one by one. Even Yi San was surprised to find the person who were honey-mouthed and always kind to him was the ones out to get him, his grandfather's daughter and wife (the queen). But does it really take a brain surgeon to find that out? Just think who will benefits the most with him out of the picture. Not his two young half-brothers, or is it half-uncles...I forgot already.
At first I thought Princess Hwu Wan was the king and Queen Jeong Sun's daughter, but i was wrong. She was the King daughter with another woman. The old king married Queen Jeong Sun when he was 66 (! kubur kata mari dah oooi...) and she was barely 15. It seems they don't have any offsprings. So she was young and barely experienced the world when she was confined to life in the gilded palace, and the king was busy running the nation that he cant spare her enough time- thus making her power hungry.
Hmmm...I watched many historical korean dramas already, and I dont think the king has absolute power in everything. There's the noble and other ministers that could forced the king hand. But then everyone desires to be king.... I dont understand...why asked for headache?

The picture above shows Princess Hwa Wan (the king's daughter) and her adoptive son who helped her cooked up all those schemes. Lady Kyeon (Yi San's mother) and Yi San's sweet and understanding wife Crown Princess Hyo Eui ( I believe she helped Yi San and Song Yeon to be together- wouldn't any man just love to have a wife like that?)

Hong Gook-young is the man who helped Yi San to claimed the throne, his very loyal and smart advisor but I believed he betrayed Yi San at the end because of power-greed also. (I read Wiki before when I first heard about Yi San the drama - so I remembered bit and pieces. Now I try not to spoil the ending by rereading it again). Anyway, doesn't he look like Song Il Gook (Jumong) here? I didn't notice the similarities in New Heart...

What else do I remember in Vol.2... Hmmm...Yi San and Song Yeon finally realised their true feelings of each other (thanks to his mother's scheming to separate them - haha...sometimes good intentions do backfire!). Then just as all the bad people get punished, the King has dementia and sometimes forget things...fudge!

Lee Seo Jin as Yi San / King Jeong Jo ,
Han Ji Min as Seong Song Yeon ,
Park Eun Hye as Queen Hyo Eui,
Lee Jong Soo as Park Dae Su

Extended Cast:

Jo Yeon Woo as Jeong Hu Kyeom
Lee Soon Jae as King Yeong Jo,
Kyun Mi Ri as Lady Hye Kyeong,
Sung Hyun Ah as Princess Hwa Wan,
Kim Yeo Jin as Queen Jeong Sun,
Han Sang Jin as Hong Guk Young, Lee Ip Sae as Cho Bi,
Lee Hui Do as Park Dal Ho / Uncle Park,
Maeng Sang Hoon as Eunuch Nam / Nam Si Cho,
Park Ji Bin as young Yi San,
Lee Han Na as young Song Yeon,
Kwon Oh Min as young Dae Soo,
Lee In Sung as young Hu Kyeom.

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