Dec 22, 2008

3 Dads 1 Mom NGs!

I love watching Korean Dramas' NGs (bloopers) after watching the drama (especially if the drama have a sad ending - it lifted up your mood back). But there's something about 3 Dads and 1 Mom NGs that makes you smile like a loony person infront of your computer's monitor. It's full of laughter!

Look at the baby - how she stop crying when the director yelled "CUT!" ^_^

Bought the DVD of this drama already, the subtitles doesn't looks o great. Hmmm..when will I get to watch it ?????? I remember a comedy sitcom that I used to watch during my pre-teen days... maybe the title "Out of This World", its about this kids who was half human, half alien. She had this ability to stop time by connecting her two index together, the she was able to communicate with her alien father. Or maybe have powers like Hiro Nakamura (Heroes). Isnt it nice to be able to stop time, when you have a deadline, you dont have to rush, just stop time and you could do it leisurely... haha, it will make proscrastinate more!

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