Feb 13, 2009

Fireworks aka Exhibition of Fireworks (2.5)

I really wasn't planning to watch this drama, but a collegue at work lend it to me, so what the heck since I'm tightening my purse not to buy anymore boxset for the time being and Kang Ji Hwan was in it, what the hell...got to suffer through Han Chae Young then.
But heck... I don't like her so much that I stopped at episode 2. It just wasn't right she was the lead heroine, but I was rooting for the second one. I need to take a breather and clear my head first from any thoughts of her. After a few days, I continue watching....

So the story was Shin Na Ra, almost hitting 30, unmarried and living with her boyfriend of 10 years, Seung-Woo (but practicing abstinence!) and had no stable jobs. Her boyfriend just got back from overseas business trip, and on this trip he fall in love and sleep with another woman. But he feels so beholden to Na Ra who had supported him emotionally and financially all those years that he said he would still willing to marry her (asshole!). Na Ra kicked him out of the house. That's good for her right? but fudge, after a few days she doing anything to win him back again...what-the-hell?...but he had changed his mind, he really love this girl and wanted to be with her.
To make the story short, she met In Jae, whose mother is rich and famous but he prefer to be independent and his almost-sister-in-law bring him back to mother's fold. The almost-sister -in-law was none other than the girl Seung Woo falls in love with, Mi Rae!. Na Ra practicng 'keep your friends close but your enemy closer' finds herself working in the same beauty-care (cosmetics) shop as Mi Rae and In Jae. Na Ra and In Jae becomes close and make a pact to become "couple of convenience", someone to be there for you whenever you need a partner for a drink, watch a movie together and hear you complains whenever you have a bad day - witout any emotional entanglement or attachment. Just when they might be something more to their relationship, In Jae found out that his almost-sister-in-law, Mi Rae is also in love with him. He was willing to see her get married again to another man, but when she confessed she had the same feeling for him also, that his brother was actually the 'replacement' for him, he cannot give her up. So Na Ra's man was again stole by the same person, she and Seung Woo was left in the lurch.
I don't want to write more about the storyline, just enough to say I would have given up watching if it wasn't for Kang Ji Hwan. Hate the Mi Rae character, so...selfish! and so self-righteous! She was in love with In Jae since she was young, but In Jae was busy living life, rebelling, trying to outshone his perfect-brother in his mother's eyes; so when In Jaeng (In Jae's brother) falls in love with her, she decided not to wait for In Jae anymore and just accept it. Then In Jaeng died, since it's the right thing to do - she showered In Jae with sisterly affection. But she can't get over her real feeling forIn Jae, and her guilt over In Jaeng, so she slept with and agreed to marry another man. What kind of woman is that, so centered on herself, and trying to forget one mistake by doing another....argghhh! It was good that Na Ra give back as much as she got. But Na Ra is also one thing, one day she was scheming to get her boyfriend back and then the next she fall in love with another guy. The two guys character also was no better... In Jae realised that he's not really in love with Mi Ra, but decided to marry her still out of pity sake. Seun Woo...well just for being Seung Woo. Seung Woo was played by Yoon Sang Hyun, the guy who was married to Na Young(Eugene) in Three Dads and One Mom... he's like superman in a way; when he's wants to play a nice dorky guy he donned his spectacles, but for a mean character minus the spec ^_^

And oh yeah, a short bob makes Park Eun Hye's face look fuller, she should just stick with her hair all pulled back and tied. Don't wanna say much about Han Chae Young's looks...wonder why she was called Korean Barbie? Is it because she got the fuller figure on top although she was skinny or is it really her face?

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