Feb 6, 2009

Yi San Vol. 4 (3.9)

Please get ready with a box of tissue at your side! Sob! Sob! So many deaths... well, its predictable since this is the last volume.
First, I shed a tear for Dae Su, who sends Song Yeon to be the King's concubine. In that I hate Song Yeon a little bit, for not being overly concerned for Dae Su's feeling. Hmph! What did Han Ji Min intrepretation for her character, Song Yeon must be flattered by Dae Su's feeling for her; in one hand she feels sad for Dae Su, but on the other hand she also don't want him to stop loving her. Wouldn't any woman feels the same way?

For Secretary Hong...well, its nice that they potrayed him as not 100% evil, he's just plain human with first and foremost his own self-interest - but with a conscience. I like the 'bonding' and 'loyalty' between Secretary Hong and the "three musketeers" and between Secretary Hong and the king itself. These must be what friendship is between guys, its there just not verbally expressed, while friendship for the females gender; I don't know...if its most of the time consists of only gossiping then it's just superficial, won't last through time and tribulation.

The king did want to forgive Secretary Hong, cause he knows that his friend was 'just lost his way' then, and its his job as a friend to bring him to the correct path once again. But its not so simple, cause he's the king and his hands are tied. Ironic isn't it, to be a king and be so powerless to do a simple thing as lift a hand to help a friend?

And then it's time for Song Yeon to die... Didn't you asked yourself sometimes, did you cry because you feel sad for the dead, or did you cry because you empathized to the pain of those who are left behind? They wonder how could they lived on, but lived on they did - because lives go on... and the pain dulls. I hate this scene, hello!!!! the love of your life is dying in your arms, but you look elsewhere?!!!

Prince MunHyo, his son with Song Yeon only lived for 4 years. His succesor to the throne was another prince from his other concubine. This I got from wiki since I was curious whose son is it that becomes the king when he passed away.


Btw, the little princes are cute, can I adopt a korean baby please? Wakaka...

Well, its a nice drama, but the political skirmishes makes you wanna go argghh! enough already...if they edited these out, it will be much more less episodes, and can save me some $$$...

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