May 17, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You

Bought the dvd somewhere around last week but hasn't got the inclination yet to watch it until today. This multiple-couple-love-life story is not my kind of thing, it's just not too deep, for they had to divide around 1.5 hrs to tell 5 different stories.

Well, the movie started with the narration of how the female of the species lies to each other and themselves to avoid stating and seeing the painful truth since the moment they are born. Owh...if you haven't seen this movie but planning to, don't proceed any further - cause spoiler ahead!!!!

First Story: Anna (Scarlett Johansson) bumped into Ben (Bradley Cooper) at the supermarket and sparks fly, the problem is he's already married. At first I like him, cause no matter how much he lust after the beautiful sexy Anna, he summons all his will power to resist her. But a man's will power is not that strong to resist a sexy girl who's also into him. Get this, he said he was never ready to marry Janine (Jennifer Connely) in the first place, and was forced between marrying her, or breaking up with her. Hulllloooooo! You can't dance and you blame it on the uneven floor? If you think she is not the person you wanna commit your lifetime to, then break up, move on, are your backbone so weak that you allowed yourself to be forced? So whose fault was that?
I also don't get Janine who can forgive her husband for cheating on her, but she can't stand it when she found out the lies about the cigarettes? Well, maybe the lying was the last straw that drove her to ask for divorce.
And this Anna-b^*%# she knows he's married and yet she's willing to break another's heart just so she can have her happy ending. She said “What if you meet the love of your life? Are you suppose to let that pass you by?” If he's already married or committed to another person, YES!!!! Serve you right to be hiding in the Ben's office's closet when Janine drops by to 'surprise' her husband in her attempt to salvage her marriage.
Second Story: While in her secret affair with Ben, Anna is also 'dangling' Conor on the other hand, her spare part whenever her love life is brining her down. So when Conor wants to get really serious, then she tells him she's not into him as he was with her so they break-up, but both are happy just to remain friends.
Third Story: Meanwhile, Anna's friend Mary (Drew Barrymore) is a newspaper editor who also helps Conor promote his real-estate business. She goes on many dates but all ending unsuccessfully. After Anna and Conor end their relationship, Mary runs into Conor having coffee and introduces herself to him as he had only ever spoken to her over the phone and never seen her in person. They both hit it off, and begin dating.
Fourth Story: Another girl that Conor (Kevin Connolly) dated before but wasn't interested in because he was still hanged up on Anna, was Gigi (Ginnifer Goodwin). He said he like her and promised to call her but never did so Gigi tracks him down to his favourite bar. There she met Alex (Justin Long) the owner of the bar and Conor's bestfriend. She begins getting dating advice from the romantic and promiscuous Alex. Alex tells Gigi that Conor simply wasn't interested in her since he hasn't called, otherwise he would have definitely made a move. He also tells her that she should stop thinking that she is an exception to this rule, and to stop obsessing over every "sign" that she might pick up on during a date. Gigi proceeds to go on several unsuccessful dates, often calling Alex during dates for advice. Gigi starts believing that Alex is interested in her because he is so willing to take a call from her (even when he's busy at work, or is with a girl). So when Alex invited her to his house party and she ended up being a co-host she becomes more sure. Alex was surprised when she jumped his bone then and there....and very frustrated, she was not listening to his dating advice at all. He wasn't interested in her romantically, and if he was he would've pursued her. So Gigi stops contacting him from that night then he realised he got it bad for her. Men are just dumb, they just don't know what they want until its gone. So he went to apologize to her and tell her that she is his exception (Schweeet)
Fifth Story: Beth (Jennifer Aniston), is living with her boyfriend Neil (Ben Affleck),with whom she has been with for seven years. Although Beth wants to get married, Neil does not believe in signing a piece of paper to say you love someone. When her younger sisiter are getting married and listening to Gigi's theory about relationshiop, Beth becomes upset and starts thinking about her relationship with Neil. She arrives home and asks Neil if he'll ever marry her; when he doesn't respond, Beth breaks up with him. Neil moves out to live in his boat while Beth goes home to see her family and to be a bridesmaid at her younger sister's wedding. During the reception, Beth's father has a heart attack. So during her time of need -when all her sisters husband do are watch football, make a mess, and are not concerned at all about their father in-law - Nick showed up and be there for her. Beth realised then being married doesn't guarantee anything. Its the commitment that the person you are with that matters, not the marriage certificate. So Beth went to him and tell him she wants him back in hislife marriage or no-marriage. But Neil ended up kneeling down asking her to marry him anyway, telling her that for him to be happy then Beth needs to be happy (Schweeter!)

I know its already obvious but I wanna state it anyway, I like story 4 & 5. Hah! I know it goes against my determination that to be happy, then don't let someone else be a factor to that... but now that I reflect on it, is that really possible? Wouldn't that make you selfish and coldhearted?

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manoula said...

Love it. Excellent movie, story, cast.