May 15, 2009

Star Trek : The Future Begins (5)

Was watching this movie with my sister and brother last Tuesday night. I was not expecting much since I'm not a Star Trek's fan; went along cause I didn't want to dissapoint my brother. So I'm not familiar with all Star Trek lingos - wrap, thrust, Klingons, Federation etc etc... but surprisingly the story was easy enough to understand even for an alien of Star Trek like me.

The beginning of the movie when the USS Kelvin (if i'm not mistaken) was attacked and Captain George Kirk send his heavily pregnant wife to evacuate the starship via shuttle craft, I was sms-ing with a collegue so it's just "hmmm....this wife of his look familiar tapi sapa ah?" and then when she was going through labour and the camera was focused on her face then its clicked! Those eyes... Dr.Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) from House M.D. Then in the middle of the movoe where they are introducing scene by scene the Enterprise crew members, I recognised another face instantly from House. He was just a guest star for the TV series but I remembered him being the masochist that was "disinherit" by his parents because he embarass them. I'm into House M.D these days, bought the dvd for Season 1 and 4, the part where he's just starting with new teams. I don't know which character intrigue me more, Wilson? Cameron? Kutner? 13?
And well, who wouldn't recognise Zachary Quinto from Heroes? He is really suitable as Spock. I hate Sylar in Season 1 of Heroes for there he's just a simple serial murderer. But then in the following seasons he started to have humanity beneath his evilness, so getting interesting. If no more Zachary Quinto in the next Heroes's season I might stop being follower...
So all and in all, maybe its the simple storyline that I like combine with interesting characters with their slapstick dry humour. It made me tempted to search for all Star Trek movies or TV series that gotta to do with USS Enterprise.

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